Page Fault in Nonpaged Area | 4 Easy Fixes

Out of all the errors like application was unable to start, or error while playing a video or music file, we encounter during our work in the digital field, the most frustrating one is the Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error. First of all, we need to know what a non-paged area is and how error occurs there.

What Is The Nonpaged Area Error?

The non-paged area is an area of memory that stores data which is very important for the functioning and operating of a system. Due to its need in the operation of the system, it can’t exchange data between RAM and files constantly. That is why this data is stored in the RAM itself.

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We need to know what page fault is. Sometimes, when the system cannot find the stored data in RAM or at the place expected, an error occurs. This error is called the page fault in nonpaged area on windows 10. Such an error comes with an onscreen message which reads- “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We are collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart it for you.”

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 4 Ways To Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Error

Troubleshooting this kind of error is very difficult, but we can use some tips to get ourselves out of this problem. If you’re wondering how to stop code Page Fault in Nonpaged Area, we bring to you a list of possible fixes for the error.

Page Fault in Nonpaged Area then  Check The RAM

The first thing we can do is to check the RAM, whether it is clean or not. For this, we will have to disconnect our PC from the power source and open the side panel of it. From there, we can take the RAM out and clean it if covered with dust or unclean in general.

check ram

We can also check if it is connected properly or not. After doing all this, we turn the PC on again to check if it shows Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error. If it still shows the same, we can check each RAM stick one by one and repeat the turning on the process; if at some point the page fault in non paged area error disappears, we know which RAM stick was causing the problem.

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Check The Disk For Errors

We can diagnose and fix windows 10 Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error by diagnosing our hard disk for errors. Checking the hard disk is one of the few things every PC user should do from time to time. For this, we can use the built-in Windows tool for disk diagnosis. We can run this through the command line. First, we open the command line by right-clicking on it and running it as administrator. Then we type the chkdsk C: /f command in the command prompt and press enter.


We can use any drive name instead of C, depending upon which one we want to diagnose. This command detects the error in the hard drive and repairs the issues in it. Then, to repair the physical issues, we also run the “chkdsk C: /r” command, which can also run along with the above command by typing “chkdsk C: /f /r.”

Then, we restart our computer to see if the error is disappeared or not.

Page Fault in Nonpaged Area then  Undo Recent Changes

We generally install new software or connect our PC to new hardware by undoing recent changes, making some changes in the memory and dislocating the files, sometimes causing the Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error.

undo system settings

To fix this, we uninstall the software recently installed and undo recent changes made by them. After doing this, the issues created by them will no longer persist. If this method is not able to fix the BSOD Page Fault in Nonpaged Area, then we can use another method.

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Disable Automatic Paging

We disable automatic paging, as it can be one of the reasons for the error. For this, we follow some simple steps.

advanced system settings

  1.  We go to my computer and right-click on it.
  2. From there, we select properties and go to advanced system settings.
  3. There, we find performance settings, and we go to the advanced tab.
  4. Here, we select change and uncheck the option for “automatically manage paging file size for all drives.” page fault in nonpaged area then performance settings- page settings
  5. After this, we click on OK and restart the computer. 


I hope these methods helped you fix the Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error in your system successfully. This issue is not such a big issue that you can’t solve. One needs to follow some simple steps to fix this error in his/her PC. If these solutions are not working, you can reset the RAM to finally eliminate that blue screen of death, i.e., Page Fault in the nonpaged area error screen.

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