Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected | 4 Fixes

We all are accustomed to common issues of PC, and one of them is Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected. It keeps coming once in a while and burdens our free time or money behind it.


The notification that we get reads ‘Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected’. It usually means that the operating system cannot access the Windows folder due to some bad registry in the Windows system.

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Fix Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected In 4 Ways

Many problems occur with the Windows update, and in the following article, we would first discuss the kind of issue that we face commonly.


Then we will discuss the four easy ways that can help us fix the potential Windows update database error that keeps on coming and put a stop to it finally.

Some Major Problems Are:

  1. Windows Update Database Error 0x800f081f is a common yet major issue that we come across. Here the update error comes with an error code.
  2. Repair Windows Update Database Corruption Failed is a common issue for PC users. Reports mention that the repair fails every time.fix
  3. Windows Update Database Error Registration is Found Corrupt, or Windows Update Database Error is Missing- a common issue again but can be solved in a minute using solution procedures provided by us.
  4. Sometimes Windows usage databases cements, and users often report this issue.
  5. We often see the update service not running appropriately for Windows Update Database Error. This is when the PC is unable to run the operation at all in the system.laptop
  6. Many PC users vastly report Windows Update Database Error Code 80072ee2 on the PC. It comes with an error code on the PC.

Below given is a list of solution procedures that you can use to make it error-free.

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Method 1 Potential Windows Update Database Error Then Refresh The PC

Refreshing the PC when a potential Windows update database error detected pops up can help clear the error. The steps for that lists as:

  1. First, you need to open the settings app
  2. Now, left-click, or you can also tap on the General option. Refresh your PC
  3. Scroll to the option that reads ‘Refresh your PC without affecting the files’ in the given list.
  4. Click on the Get Started option now.
  5. After that, you it can ask you to follow some instructions to complete the process, which might take half an hour.
  6. Once over with it, you can reboot your device.restart-computer
  7. Try checking for error now.

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Method 2 Running The Troubleshooter

This is another great process to eliminate the potential Windows update database error detected when it pops up. It takes a few easy steps:

  1. Take the mouse pointer to the right corner top of the appearing screen.
  2. The charms bar will open up. There, click on the Search option.control panel
  3. When you get the search box, type ‘Control panel‘ on it. On seeing the icon click it.
  4. Left-click on the feature of Troubleshooting that would appear there. Running the troubleshooter
  5. On the left side of the screen, a ‘ View All ‘ option will come up. Click on that.
  6. A list of options will be shown to you now, among which you need to choose the Windows Update option.windows update
  7. After that, you’ll see a ‘Next’ option on the lower side of the screen. Left-click or tap on it.
  8. Follow the instruction that would come up on the screen. After completing, reboot the system and check for the error again.

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Method 3 Potential Windows Update Database Error Then Perform A Cleaning Boot

If you’re still wondering how to fix Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected. Then often people see third party applications interfere with the operating systems, thereby creating problems. Hence, the error text shows in the system. You can follow these steps to solve the issue.

  1. First, press the Windows key + R and enter “misconfig” misconfig
  2. Press enter after that or click the Ok button.
  3. Now, click on the services tab that is present there and see if the hide all Microsoft Services is disabled or not. If not, then disable it. how to clean boot
  4. After that, scroll to the start-ups tab and click on the open task manager.
  5. On the screen, you’ll see a list of start-ups applications.
  6. Now, right-click on the first application that you see in the tab and tap it. It must be disabled. You must repeat this step in each case.
  7. settings
  8. Lastly, to save the changes, click on system configuration Windows and tap Ok to save the made changes.

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Method 4 Restarting Windows Update Service And Renaming The Affected Files

Disabling the Windows Update can sometimes dissolve the error. You can follow the steps below.

  1.  First, you need to open the command prompt as an administrator.
  2.  On that command prompt page, you have to enter the given below commands:
  1. net stop bits
  2. ren
  3. net stop cryptsvc
  4. net stop wuauserv

Once you do everything necessary, you can restart the PC. This concludes our list of Potential Windows Update Database Error detected 2023 fixes list.

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I hope this article was helpful to you. Feel free to leave us your feedbacks which will make us to strive more to provide you awesome content.

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