How To Solve Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point? [Guide]

The computer is one of the best inventions by humanity. It shows how humankind has evolved over millions of years. Speaking of computers, Microsoft is one of the largest companies dealing with operating software for computers. The Microsoft Windows, in the operating system that the company had produced. This article specially deals with a problem with wireless adapter or access point. 

wireless adapter problem
Wireless adapter problem

There are a lot of versions for the Windows Operating System. There are also Windows 7,8, and 8.1, and Windows Vista. Just like the saying “Nothing is perfect in this world,” Windows is also not perfect. It has been working a lot, but there are a few flaws. One of them is the problem with wireless adapter or access point.

It’s not that the people who use Windows Operating System have to bear with the problems. There have been a lot of ways to solved the problems mentioned above. A few of them have been listed below with the whole procedure. Facing boot issues with Windows  10? Click Here.

Ways To Fix This Issue

Each of the solutions has been instructed separately, with the procedures being numbered for the readers.

Update The Wireless Driver

The first method to solve the problem with wireless adapter or access point is by updating the wireless drivers.

Searching and downloading drivers by following the manual can be a hectic and tiring process to begin with. Therefore, the user should use Driver Fix. 


It is a tool that is mainly used to download and install the drivers needed to fix the problem. However, people dealing with technologies have reported that this is the best method to solve the problem as it does not involve work.

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Switch To A Wired Connection

The second method to solve the problem with a wireless adapter or access point is by switching to a wired connection.

The thought of using a wired connection in a laptop kind of feels childish. But, it is better than not being able to connect to the internet. This is only necessary when the wireless network is not working. So, the first that is to be followed is connecting the laptop with the LAN cable.

prefer wired connection
Prefer Wired Connection

If the problem lies with the Wi-Fi connection, connecting to the internet should not be a problem. It is a not so sure solution like the first one, but if something is related to the internet connection, then it is highly suggested to keep a LAN cable by the side. 

Disable Antivirus

The third method to solve the problem with wireless adapter or access point requires the user to disable or remove the antivirus software.

Antivirus software is very important software that needs to be installed on a computer. It protects the computer from all kinds of viruses. But, unfortunately, the method in which antivirus software is developed can cause it to stand in the way of the wireless connection and cause the “Problem with wireless adapter or access point” error. The only way to fix the problem, in this case, is to disable or remove any third-party antivirus software from the computer.

Disable antivirus
Disable antivirus

Due to these issues, some antivirus manufacturers have already started looking into these problems as many cases with the particular problem have been reported.

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Delete The Wireless Profile Of The User

The fourth method to solve the problem with wireless adapter or access point requires deleting the wireless profile of the computer user.

delete current wi-fi profile
Delete Current Wi-Fi Profile

This process is required to “cmd” in the Windows search bar and selects the Run Administrator, which helps open the Command Prompt. The command “netsh WLAN delete profile name=” WirelessProfileName” should be typed and pressed Enter. The command replaces the Wireless Profile Name with the original name of the user’s wireless connection. After this, reconnecting and reconfiguring to the network will fix the wireless adapter problems.

Check Password Entered

The fifth method to solve the problem with a wireless adapter or access point requires the user to check whether the password he or she entered is correct or not.

It is very important to protect a Wi-Fi network with a password. Unfortunately, entering the wrong password is not so uncommon. It happens with most of us.

check for incorrect password
Check For Incorrect password

Sometimes we press the wrong key or forget the password while logging in to a Wi-Fi network. In this case, the most logical thing to do would be to log out or disconnect from the network and try to reconnect again with the correct password.

Use Command Prompt

The sixth method to solve the problem with wireless adapter or access point requires the user to use Command Prompt.

command prompt
Command Prompt

First, start the Command Prompt as an administrator. Then the following lines should be entered there:-

  • First, ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • netsh Winsock reset
  • netsh int ip reset

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The problem with wireless adapter or access point is nothing to be afraid of. Many users have suffered from this problem and have solved the problem without breaking a sweat. Leaving the ways mentioned above, there are a lot of others ways to fix the problem. If you know any, leave them in the comments below. 

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