What is Qtcore4.dll and How to Fix Its Errors?

Developed by Nokia, Qtcore4.dll is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file, referring to critical system files of the Windows OS. It primarily contains a set of procedures and driver functions, which Windows may apply.

Use of Qtore4.dll 

Qtcore4.dll file, also known as the C++ application development framework., is commonly associated with Qt4. It is a vital component, which ensures that Windows programs operate correctly. Thus, if the qtcore4.dll file is missing, it may negatively affect the work of the associated software.

What is Qtore4.dll is the missing error mean?

Multiple reasons may cause qtcore4.dll errors. These include Windows registry issues, malicious software, faulty applications, etc. Dynamic Link Library files exist outside of software programs. Therefore, they sometimes might cause problems and come up with error messages. Numerous reasons can cause these error messages; however, Windows will show them because it cannot correctly load the.dll file, and users struggle to fix this error. QtCore4.dll errors usually occur during the startup of the operating system, a startup of the application, or while trying to perform a specific task. Sometimes these issues might arise because of incorrectly shut OS or even malware infection. The .dll can be replicated or even replaced by a virus, such as a trojan or a worm because it is an executable file, just like .exe.


Thus, it is crucial to make sure that no malware is affecting your computer. For that purpose, you should restart your machine in Safe Mode with Networking and run robust security software, such as Reimage. If you used the computer scanner and did not find any infections, please proceed with the following QtCore4.dll error fixes. Error messages related to the qtcore4.dll file can also indicate that the file has been incorrectly installed, corrupted, or removed.

Other common qtcore4.dll errors include:

  • “qtcore4.dll is missing.”
  • “qtcore4.dll error loading”
  • “qtcore4.dll crash”
  • “qtcore4.dll was not found.”
  • “qtcore4.dll could not be located.”
  • “qtcore4.dll Access Violation”
  • “The procedure entry point qtcore4.dll error”
  • “Cannot find qtcore4.dll.”
  • “Cannot register qtcore4.dll.”

How to fix Qtore4.dll missing error?

We have listed some ways to get rid of this error

Reinstall the application related to QtCore4.dll

The QtCore4.dll file is related to Dell Application For Reinstalling Cyberlink PowerDVD DX 8.2 Software. Therefore, reinstalling the application might help.

  1. Click Start and type in Control Panel into the search box
  2. Go to Programs and then choose Programs and Features
  3. Find a QtCore4.dll-associated program (e.g., Dell Application For Reinstalling Cyberlink
  4. PowerDVD DX 8.2 Software) under the Name column
  5. Right-click on it, press Uninstall, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Clean your Registry entries

Sometimes, various file error messages might be related to problems in the Windows registry. Because multiple programs share the same file, some of them might leave invalid registry keys. In such a case, cleaning Registry entries can bring the best results. We do not recommend manual Registry modification as IT professionals should only perform the process too complicated.

clean your registry entries
Clean your Registry entries

So, If you are not one of them, run a Reimage Registry cleaner which will fix everything automatically.

Repair QtCore4.dll related errors using System File Checker

System File Checker is a built-in scanner in your Windows OS. Once run, it checks for errors connected to QtCore4.dll and attempts to download and replace it from DLL Cache in %WinDir%\\System32\\Dllcache\\.

To begin,

Rrepair qtcore4.dll related errors using system file checker
Repair QtCore4.dll related errors using System File Checker
  1. Press the Start button and type Command.
  2.  Hold CTRL+SHIFT and press Enter.
  3. Command Prompt Window with a blinking cursor will open.
  4. Type SFC /scannow and press enter.
  5. After the scan is complete, restart your computer.

Manually Register QtCore4.dll file

When software that uses QtCore4.dll is installed, it should register the file automatically. In some cases, this procedure fails, and users get the “QtCore4.dll not registered” error. therefore, To fix that, manually write the QtCore4.dll file using Microsoft Register Server.

  1. Click the Start button and type in Command.
  2. Hold CTRL+SHIFT and press Enter.
  3. The Command Prompt Window should show up.
  4. Type in the following: regsvr32 /u QtCore4.dll. And hit Enter.
  5. Further, type in regsvr32 /I QtCore4.dll and press Enter again.
  6. Now, Close down the window and restart your computer.

Make sure Windows is up to date

Windows should be updated automatically. So, In case your updates are set to be downloaded manually, follow these steps:

make sure windows is up to date
Make sure Windows is up to date


  1. Press the Start button and then pick Windows Update.
  2. Click on Check for updates.
  3. If updates are available, press Download.
  4. Restart your machine after the process.

Repair your Errors automatically.

Qtore4.dll resolved
Qtore4.dll resolved

To conclude, these are the ways that will help users find the best solutions for eliminating their errors. If you don’t want to struggle with manual repair techniques, and please use the automatic software.


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