Top 2 Solutions If Remote Desktop Connection Is Greyed Out

The “Remote Desktop” or RDP connection feature on Windows 10 allows you to take control of a remote computer over a network connection that can be over the internet or the local network. This feature is one of the steps you need to follow to configure additional settings when connecting to another Windows 10 computer. This feature is also mainly useful for managing service providers, IT professionals, and technical support representatives to assist users and client machines in working remotely. In this article, you will learn how to fix the issue if Remote Desktop Connection is greyed out.

remote desktop connection is greyed out

Continue reading if you want to know more about this issue and how to solve it quickly.

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What Is The ‘Remote Desktop Connection Is Greyed Out’ Issue?

The first step towards enabling Remote Desktop in Windows 10 is to check some settings to access RDP on a Windows machine. First, you need to check if you have turn on Remote assistance on the computer or not. Next, you need to check whether ‘Allow remote connections to this computer is enabled or not. At this stage, sometimes you may encounter a few issues on the computer.

remote desktop connection is greyed out

If this option appears as not available or ‘greyed’ out, you cannot proceed with establishing a remote connection with the computer under consideration. Written below, you must go through the steps to resolve this issue, start a remote session, and allow remote connections from a network.

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Best Fixes For The Issue

To ensure the “Allow remote connections to this computer” option is selectable, i.e., it is not greyed out, you are required to make changes to some settings to the computer. You can do this in any of these two ways:

Using Group Policy

This is the best and simplest method to rectify the issue. Follow the steps carefully.

  1. Press Windows key + R.  Type gpedit. msc in the
  2. This will open the box for the ‘Local Group Policy Editor.’local group policy editor
  3. Go to Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.administrative templates
  4. Choose ‘Remote Desktop Services’, then ‘Remote Desktop Session Host’ and ‘Connections.’ remote desktop session host
  5. Double-click on the ‘Allow users to connect remotely using Terminal Services.’ Click ‘Enabled’ and then ‘OK.’

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Windows Registry

One thing to remember here is that making any modifications to the Windows Registry is risky and can cause irreversible damage to your OS if done incorrectly. Therefore, it is always advisable to create a restore point or back up the Registry before making any changes.

Creating the Windows Registry Backup

The Windows Registry is also an essential database with crucial, machine-specific settings and information. These include applications, preferences, system users, connected devices, etc. Your Windows OS will constantly refer to the Registry to open a program or when installing new software or hardware. For this, checking the values of specific keys is essential.

The Registry can also create a backup of Windows in many ways. However, the System Restore option offers the quickest and easiest method.

System Restore option in Windows 10 and the older version is a built-in tool to allow you to revert the state of your device to a previous point. You create a restore point where the agency makes a backup of system files, system settings, installed applications, and the Registry backup. Here is what you need to do:

You can now follow these steps to create a backup of the Registry with the System Restore option on Windows 10:

  1. Click ‘Start’ on Windows bar
  2. Find ‘Create a restore point.’create a restore point
  3. Go to the “Protection Settings” section and choose the system drive you are working on.
  4. Click on “Configure” to open the box for System Protection 
  5. Select the Turn on ‘System Protection’ option, click ‘Apply,’ and then ‘OK.’create restore
  6. After the previous step, you must click the ‘Create’ button to create a checkpoint.
  7. Confirm a name for the restore point, which is a description to identify the restore point. Click on the Create button. Then, click on ‘Close’ and ‘OK.’

This creates your Windows restore point before making any Registry changes.

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Modifying The Windows Registry

Now we will get back to our task of solving the ‘Remote Desktop is greyed out’ issue.

  1. Press the Windows key + R to open the ‘Run Application’ dialog box. Type Regedit and press
  2. This opens the Windows Registry Editor.registry editor
  3. In the console that pops up, navigate to the below-given location. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Servicesregistry
  4. A box will open where you must select ‘Terminal Services’ in the left pane. Here, to the right side, you will find fDenyTSConnections. Double-click on that to change its value.

There are two options for the ‘fDenyTSConnections’ data value, 0 or 1.


  1. 0 – This option enables users to make remote connections using the Remote Desktop/ Terminal Services feature.
  2. 1 – This option does not allow users to make remote connections using the Remote Desktop/ Terminal Services feature.
  3. Input 0 in the data field for ‘Value’ in the Properties window to allow remote connections. Click on ‘OK.’

Now, you need to reboot the computer. Once done, go to the tab under System Properties>> Remote. That’s it! You will find that the option for Remote Desktop is normal, and you can select it now. 

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The remote Desktop feature is very helpful and is necessary for many circumstances, let be in professional or personal life. But if the remote desktop connection is greyed out it is very uncomfortable and causes many problems. Few modifications can rectify the error. Hoping that this article has given you a good knowledge about solutions to the issue.

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