How To Stop Your Computer From Sending Automated Queries?

In recent times, users have been facing the problem of sending automated queries. The issue mostly pops up while using the Google search engine and users are unable to continue their activity due to this error. In this article, we will focus on the steps to resolve this issue using simple methods. Wanted to Know What Is A Modern Setup Host? click here!


What Are Automated Queries? 

Automated queries can be defined as a set of requests sent to a device (a computer, tablet, phone, etc.) that is said to be produced by malware, virus, or even infected computer software. This set of requests is usually a result of multiple unusual activities from an IP address, leading to sending automated queries.

Sending automated searches is against the terms and conditions of the company. As a result, Google made it very clear that they will block any activity that points towards automated searches. automated queries

To stop web scraping, Google detects automated searches and poses restrictions on further activity on its search engine. Web scraping, in easier terms, means the extraction of data from a web page. After detecting any strange activity, Google bails out a ‘Recaptcha to determine if a device is automatically sending the searches or not. 

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Stop Your Computer From Sending Automated Queries

These are some solutions to stop your computer from sending automated queries.

Method 1 Download Antivirus/Run Antivirus Scan

Downloading antivirus software is the first step towards solving this issue as it is believed by many to be the main cause of the problem.antivirus

After downloading an antivirus, scan your computer and disks completely and restart your computer. Scanning the computer is usually a long process, so make sure you do not interrupt the scan. Below are a few antivirus software that are highly recommended :

  1. Avast Free Antivirus
  2. AVG Antivirus
  3. Microsoft Windows Defender 

Hence you solve a lot by sending automated queries. Know about AntiMalware here

Method 2 Stop Your Computer From Sending Automated Queries By Changing Your Browser 

It is suggested that if you are facing this problem, then you should change your browser. Most of us are using Google Chrome or Firefox, but if you face this issue, you should switch your browser for the time being. Then, if your new temporary browser is not showing any problems, it becomes clear that it was a browser issue. 

Here are some free browsers available online for download – 

  1. Opera
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Safari


If the problem persists even after changing the browser, we suggest you try the next step. 

Method 3 Stop Your Computer From Sending Automated Queries By Deleting Your Cookies And Reset Your Data

Sometimes internet cookies can be the root cause of sending automated queries problems. Hence, clearing the cache and the cookies and a complete reset of your browser helps solve this issue. Performing this task is extremely simple. You perform a google search, ‘how to clear cookies and reset data on XYZ web browser’ (XYZ being your preferred browser), and will direct you to any page with simple instructions. A brief example is given below as to how to clear the cookies in Google Chrome 

  1. Open Google Chrome google
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Open settings and then open ‘Privacy and Security advanced option screen
  4. Click on clear browsing data and select all the options cookied delete
  5. Click clear data
  6. Reboot your browser

I would suggest a full reset of the web browser is a better step than deleting just the cookies and clearing the cache. 

Method 4 Change Your Network 

The problem can also arise from the ISP, and changing to a different network can stop the sending automated queries. If the problem stops after connecting to a different network, then the problem was with the ISP. change your network

Note – Please wait for an hour or more to check if the problem reappears or not, as it takes time for a new network to pop up automated queries. Are you facing steam network error? Click Here.

Method 5 Reset Modem/Router

As noted above, the problem can arise from the internet connection. Therefore suggestion is that you switch off your modem or router and let it stay powered off for nearly 30-45 seconds.reset router

Then, connect your modem or router back to power and wait for 2-3 minutes before using the network. After that, see if the issue continues to exist. 

Method 6 Disable Or Uninstall Any VPN

It might be possible that if you are trying using any website and it might not work due to VPN, sometimes CAPTCHA does not work if your VPN is on, so in that condition, try disconnecting your VPN and then try connecting again. Then, it will resolve the problem of sending automated queries.disable vpn

Sometimes, it might be possible that the VPN on which you are connected install some viruses(unknowingly) in your system and start creating some issues and can also format all your data from your computer


Performing the above-given activities will give you a positive result and will hopefully erase all the issues. The mentioned steps are also helpful in clearing any unwanted or infected data on your browser. A complete antivirus scan would do the same for your entire computer.

If the problems still exist after performing all the above steps, you should take your computer to a support center and get professional help. It is advise that you solve this issue as it could be a serious threat to your computer. Do make sure that after performing all the steps, you have restarted your computer.

Hope this article helped and you have enjoyed browsing again without any issues! 

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