A Complete Guide On How To Fix Showbox Not Working

Streaming videos, movies, shows, and music has become a trend in this digital world. The number of streaming platforms offering their services has also grown manifold. One such streaming service is the Showbox app, designed specifically for Android users to provide free streaming services. This article explores technical difficulties arising in the app and gives methods to resolve Showbox not working.

Given its free online service and lesser constraints of not needing an account to log in, Showbox has become quite popular. It is this feature, however, which makes Showbox vulnerable to bugs and viruses. This may lead to Showbox not working and usually display errors such as inability to find a server, server not working, inability to play a video, and so on. Here we shall look at the best ways to solve these issues.

Solutions If Your Showbox Not Working

Let us now fix your Showbox to have the most seamless and error-free streaming experience!

Downloading Error

Showbox is an app that you cannot download from Google Play Store. No Android user will be able to access Showbox there; hence, one must use an APK and download it directly from the internet.

downloading error

Finding the right APK from a website is important. A big reason for Showbox not downloading could be that the APK file in your device is corrupted, or you have not given the necessary permissions for this file to make changes on your device. Ensure you install a virus-free APK file and turn on permissions for this installation.

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Loading Error

After successfully downloading Showbox, it may still happen that Showbox won’t load or Showbox won’t open. This is one of the most common problem faced by users, and there are multiple ways in which you can resolve it.

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Device Reboot

A simple yet effective way of countering Showbox not working is to restart your Android device or turn it off and power it on again. A reboot works on basic processing files, and any file, if corrupted, will be replaced by a new file or eliminated safely in the process of rebooting.

device reboot

Rebooting can also help in clearing cache to some extent, as well as bug removal.

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Clearing Cache (From Showbox App)

As Android constantly runs an app, it accumulates cache files. Sometimes, these files can slow down the app and cause hindrance. Wiping/deleting these files is the ideal way of dealing with this problem.

clear cache

  1. Open the App settings on your device and look for Showbox.
  2. Upon locating Showbox, press the “Force stop” option and confirm this action.
  3. Now press on the clear cache (in the storage section) and wait till the cache files are deleted. If the number of files is large, repeat this step 1-2 times to delete the maximum cache files.
  4. In the same storage section, press “Clear data” and confirm this action.
  5. Relaunch Showbox and check if the app works.

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Clearing cache (From The Device)

It may happen that bugs or glitches from other third-party apps on your device interfere with the working of Showbox. It is painstaking and difficult to identify the single app from where such a problem emanates. In such a scenario, wipe the device cache data using these steps:

clear device cache

  1. Power off your phone, and now use only the volume and power buttons.
  2. The volume button key and power button key need to be long pressed together.
  3. On forming the Android logo, let go of the power button key and hold the volume key for some time.
  4. Wait for a list of options to show up. With the help of the volume buttons, you can scroll through the options available and make a selection with the power button.
  5. Find an option that says “wipe cache partition” or “wipe cache.” Press this option and wait for the ache to clear.
  6. Restart your device.

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System Update

One of the problems with Showbox is the fact that it is not available on the Play Store. A user must always download an APK for Showbox installation. Downloading the right APK from a trusted source reduces the chances of bugs corrupting the file and also installs the latest version.

Installing the latest version or updating the existing version helps in the identification of problems in the functional files and their subsequent elimination while the updating process is on. Try to install an APK which is the most recent and compatible with your Android.

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If being unavailable on the Play Store was not enough, many sources of Showbox have also been blocked by certain ISPs. This blocking makes it difficult for Showbox to fetch data and finally leads to Showbox not working.

use vpn

One of the way to overcome this problem is to mask your IP address and protect your identity from blocked sources. You can do this by using a VPN which is known to make your network connection anonymous.

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DNS Setting

In a non-conventional way and a method that is a bit complex, you may try altering your Android’s DNS settings to make Showbox work.

  1. Long press the Wi-Fi icon on your device and explore Wi-Fi options.
  2. Find the option saying “Modify networks” and find the Static.
  3. On finding the Static, enter one of these values and check which value helps your run Showbox. Click here to understand better how to fix DNS and Wi-Fi settings.
  4. Values:
    1. DNS1:
    2. DNS2:
    3. DNS1:
    4. DNS2:

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The Showbox Website

If all attempts made to reverse Showbox not working do not yield any results, the best option is to switch to the Showbox website.

showbox website

You can do this by launching your web browser on your phone or any other system and going to the website www.Showbox.space.

For website access, however, an account needs to be created.

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How do I fix a video playing error?

The best way to fix your video playing issue is to wipe out all cache data present on your Showbox app using the steps mentioned above.

Which are good sources for downloading the Showbox APK file?

While there are many sources to choose from, APKPure and Aptoide can be sources that you can download from. However, these APKs are so dynamic that there is no complete surety of any source.

How do I prevent Showbox from hanging constantly?

The reason for hanging could be multiple tabs open on your device or a weak internet connection. Close all other tabs while streaming on Showbox and ensure that your network has a stable network. Switching to a high-speed VPN network can also help.

Why I am not able to update my Showbox?

Since Showbox is an APK, update options may not always be available to ensure seamless streaming. In such a scenario, go back to the website from where you downloaded the APK and re-install Showbox again with the latest version available.


This sums up our quest to rectify errors occurring in the Showbox app and find suitable answers as to why Showbox is not working. The competition between streaming platforms in the current times is cut-throat, and relatively free apps such as Showbox are under constant threat, which causes the app to have persistent technical difficulties and declining quality in terms of the user interface. Despite all this, Showbox is still the favorite streaming platform for users across the globe, and people make all sorts of changes in software to access content on Showbox, which is free and without any strings attached. You can connect Showbox to your Firestick to enjoy its services on a bigger screen.

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