Stop Avast Browser Opening on Startup

 Viruses are an imminent threat not only to humans but also to computers. We use vaccines while they use Anti-virus. These help our computer be safe while browsing by keeping our domain away from harm’s way. This article tells you how to stop avast browser opening on startup.

avast secure browser (stop avast browser opening on startup)

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But they have a major issue of running on the frontend and occupying RAM space to check every time you log in, even when there isn’t a threat. This also makes us late to start our needy work and makes the system run slow. This essay is about one of that antivirus browsing software called Avast.

The Beginning, Rise, and Usage

Avast has been a leading cross-platform solution company in providing privacy, security, and protection against illegal websites, hackers, and computer viruses to people worldwide using the internet. It was launched in 2015, and it also once became the leading seller in 2017. It is still a competitive performance in the software platform by updating itself to counter various threats.


Even though it is a protector against threats, it has also become a nuisance in the middle of work by launching itself unnecessarily along with Startup. Thereby, it also interferes with booting, opening certain sites, reducing the computer’s processing speed, and delaying our work being done. Here is how to stop avast browser opening on startup.

Options To Change

These are the changes you have to make to resolve your problem.

Altering Browser Settings

There are several ways to stop an Avast browser from opening the startup menu. The most effective and easy way is to do it by changing the browser’s settings.

  1. Open up the Avast Secure Browser.
  2. Once the browser has opened up, click on the More button (three dots) in the top-right corner of the browser window.
  3. Click on the Settings option.
  4. Now, in the Settings menu, click on the startup option found on the left-hand side.alter browser settings
  5. Once there, disable the Launch Avast Secure Browser automatically when your computer starts the option.
  6. Disabling Avast Secure Browser Auto-Start Feature
  7. After doing this, you won’t get to see Avast Browser on Startup anymore.

Disabling on Task Manager

You can prevent Avast Browser from starting during the Startup by disabling it from the Task Manager. After you disable their startup status, the apps won’t automatically launch on Startup. This process is easy to do. Follow through the instructions given down below;

  1. First of all, open up a Task Manager window by right-clicking on your taskbar. taskbar
  2. Click Task Manager from the menu that appears.
  3. Once you have launched Task Manager, switch to the Startup tab to see a list of all the startup apps.
  4. From the list that is shown, choose Avast Secure Browser. Then, you’ll either click the Disable button at the bottom-right corner or right-click on Avast Secure Browser and select Disable from the menu.choose avast secure browser
  5. Now, the app’s status must have changed from Enabled to Disabled.
  6. That’s it. The app won’t be starting on Startup automatically.

Uninstalling Avast from the Control Panel

The final way is to uninstall the app. Control Panel features a list of all apps running on your system, and removing it from here erases it from your computer. Follow the instructions given down below;

  1. Open the Control Panel.control panel
  2. Proceed to Programs and Features.
  3. Find out the Avast icon and click on it.uninstall avast browser
  4. Go to the Uninstall option at the top and click to remove it. That’s all, and this takes care of the browser.

Use Autoruns to Stop Avast Browser Opening on Startup

Instead of uninstalling, you can use a third-party utility known as Autoruns to prevent Avast Secure Browser from starting on Startup. Sysinternals of Microsoft develop autoruns. This allows users to get in-depth information about the different processes and apps that start running automatically when you boot up your system. The Autoruns can disable the startup functionality of Avast Browser with a couple of simple clicks. Follow the instructions listed here:

  1. Download the Autoruns application. Once you have downloaded it, install it.autoruns for windows
  2. From there, right-click on either Autoruns.exe and choose the Run as administrator option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once the Autoruns utility has launched, switch to the Logon tab.right-click on autorun (stop avast browser opening on startup)
  4. A list of all the apps starting on Startup on your system will appear.
  5. Now, Uncheck Avast Secure Browser from the list. Now you can use the app usually without problems during Startup

Using Alternative Apps

It’s best to stick with avast. If there is no other way and push comes to shove, you can go on with other secure browsers such as;

  1. Mozilla firefox
  2. Edge, etc.mozilla firefox (stop avast browser opening on startup)

These are inbuilt browsers present and owned by Microsoft, the largest used OS worldwide. They are safe to use because of the inbuilt antivirus software Bitdefender that comes with Windows OS.


The conclusion is, Avast’s a great choice amongst other browsers even today. The excess conditions and taking more control over our browser preferences by restricting a few sites due to security issues and showing alternative locations to browse are those that make it worse. But it is still worth it if used by changing it to our preferences. I hope this solves your question as to how to stop avast browser opening on startup.

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