System 32 Error In Windows 10 Operating System Fix It Here

Have you ever encountered the System 32 error in Windows 10 ? And you’re probably wondering what went wrong. What exactly does System 32 Error mean? We have answers to all of your questions in this article.

It’s very annoying when the system keeps throwing the System 32 error. Let us investigate why this error occurs. System 32 is a critical file on your computer that can be found in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. It is a vital part of the Windows operating system that stores important system files.


The System 32 Folder contains all of the critical operating system files that your Windows OS requires to function properly.

The directory contains a wide range of file types. When you delve deeper through the folder, you’ll notice that DLL and EXE are two of the most common types. DLL files are shared library files used by Windows applications, including utilities built into Windows and third-party applications you install. We can refer it as the “brain” of the Windows Operating System.


The EXE files in the System32 folder are Windows system utilities. Aside from that, the SYS files which are in link with the Hardware drivers are present in this folder, which your system requires in order to properly interact with its hardware. Even the system-wide Windows Registry files are usually present in this folder, C:\Windows\System32\Config folder.

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The Causes For The System 32 Error In Windows 10

Let us know some of the possible reasons behind the occurrence of System 32 error.

1.Corrupted Registry

Examine the Windows registry for corruption. The most common cause of System 32 errors is a corrupted registry. corrupted registry

which can cause the computer to stop working. Config. nt, autorun.inf, and svchost.exe are among the most commonly affected files.

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2.Problems Regarding Hardware

Check for hardware problems. When you replace or add hardware, it is possible that it will be incompatible with your current computer setup, causing problems with the operating system. recovery

It can result in the System 32 error, or you may notice multiple kinds of sounds during the computer’s booting process.

3.Download Only From Trusted Sites

Examine your system for corrupted system files that you may have downloaded from the Internet. When you update your system files via the internet, you may encounter the System 32 error in windows 10. download safely

Some websites that promise to provide full versions of software contain corrupted files or even Malicious software that cause lethal damage by uploading viruses to your computer.

4.Check The Presence Of Malware In Your System

Examine your computer for malware and other malicious software. Malware can be the possible reason behind it, which causes your computer to behave in unexpected ways. The majority of malware infiltrates your computer via spam emails, spyware, and adware.


Let us now move on to the part where we will solve the problem. I could have stated the solution first, but that wouldn’t work because the user could make the same mistake again, so I tried to convey all of the information about the System 32 Error in windows 10 first.

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Easy Recovery Essentials To Fix System 32 Error In Windows 10

The following are few methods to fix the error

Method 1 Using  Its Built-In Automated Repair Feature

This one is a bit long, but it is totally effective.

Using its built-in Automated Repair feature, Easy Recovery Essentials can automatically repair many errors like this.

system error

Easy Recovery Essentials can be acquired from this page. Take notice of your Windows version(7,8,10) while downloading EasyRE.

The image should be burned. Carefully follow the steps for burning the bootable ISO image, as generating a bootable CD is tough. 

  1. Start your computer using the Easy Recovery Essentials CD or USB you generated.
  2. Once EasyRE is launched, select the “Automated Repair” option and press the Continue button.
  3. EasyRE Residenceautomatic repair
  4. In Easy Recovery Essentials, select “Automated Repair.”
  5. After EasyRE has detected the drives on your system, locate and choose the drive for your Windows installation from the list, and afterward click the Automated Repair button to begin the repair procedure.
  6. Select the drive that corresponds to the Windows installation you’re attempting to repair.rebooting
  7. After the process is complete the EasyRE will provide its findings. To restart your computer and test the changes, click the Restart option.
  8. As your PC starts up, the “\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM is missing, or corrupt” problem should now be fixed.

Follow the above steps to fix System 32 Error

Method 2 The Last Known Good Configuration Solution

Rebooting a machine into “Last Known Good Configuration” mode requires it to use a stored version of the Windows registry that was in place the very last time it successfully booted. If the most recent registry backup is available and in excellent form, this should resolve all registry-related boot issues.


The following are the steps for restoring a PC to a former state:

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Wait for the BIOS to finish POST (the screen that displays the manufacturer’s logo and/or system information).
  3. Begin hitting F8 continuously until a list of boot options appears.
  4. Select the “Last Known Good Configuration” option.last known good configuration
  5. Wait for the computer to boot up by pressing Enter.

Method 3 System 32 Error Use The CHKDSK Software Examine The Disc File System

The problem can occur frequently because of faulty registry. So, using CHKDSK to check and repair the Windows file system may be a viable option.chkdsk

Here’s how to use the Windows XP Recovery Console to perform CHKDSK:

  1. Insert into the CD Drive the Windows XP installation CD.
  2. Reboot the machine and select the CD drive.settings
  3. To access the Repair Console, press R when the Windows Options menu appears.
  4. Enter the Administrator password here.

Type the following command when the Command Prompt appears:

  1. chkdsk C: /rchkdsk
  2. Restart the computer.

Follow the above mentioned steps to fix system 32 error in windows 10.


This was a complete guide about system 32 error in windows. Before installing any software or updating any existing software it is always advise to check its compatibility with your computer.

I hope the solutions provided help you to resolve the system 32 error in Windows 10. That’s all there is to this Error. Follow the steps, and you can resolve this error.

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