The Default Gateway Is Not Available | Top 4 Fixes

A default entrance could be a router on a network node within the laptop networking system that behaves as a forwarding hop to the other networking system once not any next-hop IP address as per the routing table an information packet to the destination host. The default gateway is the access point to the other network when one network wants to communicate or send data packets to another network, including the alternation of IP address and subnet masks of the system and network topologies. An error ‘the default gateway is not available’ might occur. The default gateway is not available windows 10 keeps happening.

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

If the IP packet at some point of the node does not notice the acceptable set of rules and routes to be followed to deliver the packet to the destination address, it’ll opt for the default entry for the additional process of the route.

In these small offices, your home network router, which will link up the LAN network to the Internet, behaves like a default gateway for all the network components. The default gateway is itemized by a site of a particular configuration which is known as the default route.

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Fixing The Default Gateway Is Not Available

The following are the fixes for the default gateway is not available:

Method 1 Remove McAfee Programs From PC

The reason for showing that “the default gateway is not available” is the McAfee security program installed on the PC. 

  1. To resolve Windows 10 default gateway not available problem, go to your PC’s control panel, enter the program, and then go to the program and features option. Removes McAfee the default gateway is not available
  2. Then, from this option, add or remove the program option, select McAfee, and completely uninstall it. 
  3. After uninstalling the program, the issue will be resolved to make the system virus-free and install some other security product.

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Method 2 Reverse Image Search Reset The Wi-Fi or LAN Adapter

By disabling and facultative the Wi-Fi from the network and web sharing menu, can you fix the default gateway is not available problem?

Some of the steps concerned square measure as follows.

  1. Right-click on the network caption
  2. Select open network web settingswifi settings
  3. Go to the option in “modification your network settings.”
  4. Choose from the menu modification adapter settings by clicking on that.
  5.  WITH the LAN affiliation device, then you’ll be able to select it.remove device
  6.  Then right-click on that prefer “disable “options.

Choose the “change “choice and shut the menu when it’s in enable mode to fix default gateway not available.

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Method 3 The Default Gateway Is Not Available Then Change The Network Adapter Drivers

Update the most recent version of the network adapter drivers on the computer. If obtaining the caption that “default entryway isn’t accessible. “this can be one in all the answers; however, it doesn’t mean that it’ll, sure enough, resolve the default gateway not available windows 7 issue.


Download the motive force computer code from the hardware manufacturer’s documented website and install it into the device.

Some of the steps square measure as follows

  1. Go to the device manager of the computer
  2. Expand the network adapter choice by right-clicking to the captiontask manager
  3. After increasing it, the version of the motive force, presently victimization, displays wherever to pick the updated driver computer code choice from the discourse menu.
  4. Select the choice and so hunt for mechanically updated driver’s computer code.

 The appropriate computer code. If the machine-driven search doesn’t get any appropriate result, then manually hunt for the updated computer code and so transfer it to fix default gateway not found.

Method 4 Modification Of The Network Adapter Drivers

It is one in all the processes of fixing “the default entryway aren’t accessible to issue.” within the method. We’ll exchange the network device drivers with another completely different set of drivers antecedently put in within the system.

Some of the steps square measure as follows:

  1. Go to the device manager of the computer.device manager
  2. Expand the network device choice by right-clicking on the caption.
  3. The version of the motive force that’s presently victimization will be displayed wherever you’ve got to pick the updated driver computer code choice from the discourse men
  4. From the two choices choose “browse my laptop for driver computer code.settings
  5. Go to the option “let Main decide from the listing of drivers of computers.”
  6. Uncheck the choice of show-compatible hardware.

If a present victimization network adapter is Broadcom 802.11b within the device manager before, then choose the Broadcom 802.11f network device and the other way around.

If this can not fix a retardant, then you can modify the adapter with another set of network adaptors further on to fix the matter.


Hope the above solutions helped resolve the default gateway is not available error. If you have any further queries, please leave them in the comments below so that we can solve them for you.

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