There Was A Problem Connecting To OneDrive | Easy Methods

OneDrive, the Microsoft Cloud service, is one of the most commonly used platforms. As free cloud storage, it allows users to store and protect data. It facilitates the user to share the files and access the data on all devices. Usually, this cloud service is used on Windows 10. However, the platform is quite confusing for users as it stores the files in two sets of books.

That is, it keeps the files on the web and computer. Most users find this the most confusing because some users find only a few files on the cloud. This article will act as a guide if there was a problem connecting to OneDrive.

there was a problem connecting to onedrive

Moreover, there has been a continuous query about connection to OneDrive. We find this problem when we try to upload files. It displays an internet connection issue to the PC or signing in. Even though there is an internet connection, this problem wouldn’t be solved after trying to sign in. Sometimes this could happen because of the system upgrade.

The common reasons for this are improper sync-location, windows10 bugs, interference by malware protection applications, internet issues, file corruption, etc. There are specific methods to tackle this problem of connection to OneDrive, as there are various issues for disconnection. One must also note that it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the issues, and hence one needs to do the following methods one by one until the problem is tackled. Internet is just so much important but it doesn’t always run smooth, right?  While using chrome many users notice that they receive the error “Your connection was interrupted”. No need to worry as you can simply read this article to fix this error in no time.

Fix Problems Connecting To OneDrive

Here are some genuine solutions if you’re having a problem connecting to OneDrive:

Disable Your VPN Or Firewall

If your firewall begins arbitrarily blocking genuine connections, you may experience connectivity troubles. When OneDrive is blocked, the “There was an issue connecting to OneDrive” error message may appear.


Your next actions are dependent on the sort of firewall you are employing. Whether using a standalone firewall, you can temporarily disable it to check if OneDrive begins functioning correctly. Please see the manufacturer’s instructions if you are uncertain about how to disable your firewall.

Another option is to add OneDrive to your firewall’s allowlist. As a result, OneDrive connections will not be monitored, avoiding any potential restrictions. Connection issues are very common. Similarly, while playing Uplay connection loss error can occur which can be fixed easily.

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Change The Internet Properties Settings

Incorrect internet settings can harm OneDrive. The Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) settings, in particular, can make the difference between regular and obstructed OneDrive connections. You can try turning on TLS to see whether this is the case. Use the Search menu to find the Control Panel and then click the app in the results.


Ensure the viewing mode is set to Category, and select Network & Internet once you’re in the Control Panel. Select Internet Options on the following screen. The Internet Properties window will appear. By putting “inetcpl. cpl” into the Run box and clicking OK, you can get to this point quickly.

Switch to the Advanced tab in the Internet Properties window to see various connection settings. Check that the following options have ticks underneath them as you scroll down:

  • Use TLS 1.0.
  • Use TLS 1.1
  • And use TLS 1.2

To save the changes, click Apply, then OK. After that, restart OneDrive and see if it can now back up your files without any issues.

Reset The Network

Suppose the “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive” error persists despite your troubleshooting efforts. In that case, you may be dealing with a larger connection issue, with the OneDrive error serving as a symptom.


Resetting the network is a good solution. Due to this action, all your connection settings will be reset to their default values. Even if you can’t locate the source of the OneDrive problem, you’re more likely to solve it this way, especially if it’s caused by a network fault or a misconfigured configuration or if malware has changed some connection settings.

Use Your Computer Without A Proxy

Your proxy settings, like a VPN, can interfere with your OneDrive connections.

If you’ve set up a proxy service manually, disable it in Settings and see how it affects OneDrive:

  1. Select Network & Internet from the Settings
  2. In the left-hand window, select Proxy.internet
  3. Toggle the “Use a proxy server” Toggle to Off under Manual Proxy Setup.server

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Reset The OneDrive App

Restarting the app may be the best solution when a native Windows program stops operating, such as Microsoft Store, Photos, Maps, or OneDrive. When it comes to OneDrive, this can help you fix the error “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive” on Windows 10.

To reset the OneDrive app, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Win Key + R, open
  2. Click OK after pasting “localappdata percent MicrosoftOneDriveonedrive.exe /reset” into the Run box. The app will be reset as a result of this action.
  3. To relaunch the app, use the Search menu to look for it and then launch it. Another option is to use Run and type “localappdata percent MicrosoftOneDriveonedrive.exe.”paste
  4. OneDrive will restart after the reset, ensuring that the error does not recur. Try the final solution listed below if OneDrive is still not working properly.

Reinstall OneDrive

The final way to fix the “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive” error is to reinstall OneDrive. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to Programs & Features in the Control Panel.cp
  2. Locate OneDrive under “Uninstall an application.” (Uninstall OneDrive by clicking on it. To uninstall the app, follow the wizard’s instructions)
  3. Now navigate to the official OneDrive page in your browser.onedrive
  4. Install and run the software on your PC.

Official Site: OneDrive

Try backing up or downloading your files using your OneDrive account. Hopefully, the problem with the connection has been resolved.

We hope the solutions in this article have helped you resolve the “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive” error on Windows 10 and restore access to your OneDrive files. 

Update OneDrive

Sometimes, users turn off the automatic update of OneDrive. In such a situation, one must check if it is turned off and then turn it on manually. To do this, go to the official website of OneDrive and download the recent version, which is apt for PC.

Use Different Profile

Creating a new user is helpful. To do thisedit

Start> Settings> Accounts> Family and Other users> Your Family> Add someone else to this PC> add user name with a password and click Finish.

Other way: Start> Settings> Accounts> newly added account> Change account type> Administrator.

Update Windows To The Latest Version

Many bugs that older versions can’t predict can be predicted by Windows10. Hence it is good to update to

  1. Open the ‘Run’ dialogue box and type this “ms-settings: windows update.”ms
  2. This leads to Settings which can update Windows.
  3. Click check for updates. This gives the list of updates to be installed. Update all of them. Then restart and check OneDrive.

Unlink PC From OneDrive Account

This issue arises when sync location is not used in the local hard drive. OneDrive doesn’t support sync location to an external USB or hard drive.

Procedure to unlink PC is

Open OneDrive> Settings> Accounts> select unlink this PC> unlink account> Restart after the process.

Uninstall Third-Party Security Services 

These hinder the ability to sync local files across the cloud. To uninstall third-party security services.

  1. Open Run dialogue boxrun
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl”. Enter> Programs and featuresapp
  3. Here one can find the list of installed applications. Find a third-party security service among them. Then uninstall it. Later restart the PC.

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Enable cldflt. Sys Driver

The connection issue arises when the cldflt. The sys driver isn’t running. To enable it

  1. Open the Run dialogue
  2.  Type “cmd”.
  3.  On the keyboard, click Ctrl+Shift+Enter.cmd
  4.  In cmd admin terminal type “cd %systemroot%\system32\drivers” and click Enter.
  5.  Type “sc query cldflt” in the current location and click enter.
  6.  At service name, go for ‘state.’ If the state value is not 4, the problem lies in the cldflt—sys driver. If so, type “sc config cldflt start=auto.”restart
  7.  Then restart the system.

Use Another Cloud Service

There are many other free cloud storage services that one can switch to other than the OneDrive. 

We open our applications, software, and every necessity in the browser, including OnDrive. But isn’t it problematic if the browser is starting on its own? Then it’s time to fix it.


Due to many factors, there can be many glitches in the OneDrive program. At the same time, there are various solutions as well to rectify the issue. This article has attempted to address possible solutions to connect to OneDrive successfully. Hoping this article has helped you to reach your desired goals.

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