This Device Cannot Find Enough Free Resources That It Can Use [Solved]

The Laptop Device status box’s properties windows for the Device show the error message “This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12)”. A hardware conflict occurs when two devices are given the same I/O port, even when other possible causes exist.

this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use 8

This Device Cannot find enough free resources to use (Code 12). Other errors in terms of what causes them and the approaches that can be taken to fix them, can also be found in Device Manager and are similar to the one being discussed in the article.

Without further ado, let us dive right into our article.

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3 Best Ways To Fix ‘This Device Cannot Find Enough Free Resources That It Can Use’

Below are some of the ways to fix it, if the device cannot find enough resources that it can use.

Multi-GPU Cryptocurrency Miners

As systems are not accustomed to such unusual setups, miners with many GPUs in their rig frequently encounter these problems. Before a user posts a solution, you can do this quickly after you access your computer’s BIOS settings, they are almost ready to give up on mining. Follow the guidelines listed below carefully.

  1. Select Shut down from the Start Menu’s Power Button to turn off your computer.this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use 1
  2. Click the power button to restart your computer, then try pressing the BIOS key as the system boots to access the BIOS settings. On the boot screen, the BIOS key is typically visible and says, “Press __ to enter Setup.” There are additional methods for the message.
  3. Change it from Automatic or Disabled to 3.5GB once you’ve found the proper selection.
  4. Above 4G Decoding is the second setting you should change. On occasion, it is immediately below the Peripherals tab. In other circumstances, you should look in the Boot or Advanced tab. Additionally, it is also available in various other locations and configurations. this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use 3
  5. There is no set location for the TOLUD (Top Of Lower Usable DRAM) option within the various tabs of the BIOS utilities provided by multiple manufacturers, so you will need to find it there.
  6. After looking around for a while, select and set this option to Enabled wherever you find it.this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use 6
  7. Select Exit Saving Changes under the Exit section to leave the current window. Make sure to check to see if the machine is working correctly once more.

There may be some cases when your system shuts down randomly, and you may not be able to restart it or proceed further. If you encounter this kind of issue in between, then check this article.

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Alternative Regedit Fix for Multiple GPU Setups

For Bitcoin miners who are running Windows 10 and have multiple GPUs in their setup, there is a registry fix that can address this exact issue. It’s simple to add; if you do it correctly, it should immediately solve the problem.

We recommend you look at this article we have prepared to back up your registry to prevent other problems from occurring since you will need to add a key to the registry to complete this solution.

On your Windows computer, type “Regedit” into the search bar, the Start menu, or the Run dialogue box to launch the Registry Editor tool. Browse to Using the left pane navigation, go to the following key in Registry Editor.

this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use 4

Depending on the architecture of your Windows operating system, choose New >> DWORD (32bit) value or QWORD (64bit) when you right-click on the empty right side of The PCI key is the last key selected in the address bar on the Registry Editor interface. Rename the key by selecting it with the right mouse click and then clicking.

HackFlags- the name is a requirement as the key’s name. Once more, right-click it and select Modify from the context menu. Set the Base option to Hexadecimal and enter 600 under the value data. Restart the computer and then speculate if the issue still exists by clicking the OK button.

There are some cases when your window start or restart button stops working. In this case, you can refer to this article.

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Update Bios

Some users claim that switching to a new operating system was so difficult for them that some of their devices weren’t able to recognize by the system. Some users experienced significant difficulty getting the computer to remember their external graphics card. Even after it did, they began to experience code 12 issues with their PCI to PCI Bridge devices. By updating BIOS to the most recent version, they were able to fix the problem.

By entering “info” in the search bar or the Start menu, you can learn what version of the BIOS utility is currently on your computer.

  1. Just below your processor model, find the BIOS version data. Copy or rewrite anything to a text file on your computer.
  2. Get ready for the BIOS update on your computer. The laptop’s battery should be in charge, if not 100%. Plug it into the wall just in case you’re updating the BIOS on your computer. this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use 5
  3. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) when updating a PC to prevent the computer from shutting down in the middle of the update that is going on due to a power outage.
  4. Observe the guidelines we’ve written for various desktop and laptop brands, including Lenovo, Gateway, HP, Dell, and MSI.

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This Device is unable to find enough usable free resources. Network adapters, display adapters, and sound cards are frequently made in use while exhibiting.

The way that will work for you heavily depends on the situation where the problem arises. We will make sure to make that clear in the method’s description. We wish you luck and believe you can find a solution.

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