What Is TrustedInstaller.exe? Should You Disable It?

TrustedInstaller has an extension of .exe, which means that it is an executable file. Executable files can sometimes act as trojans or maybe a trusted software. So, now we will look into the authenticity of this software. TrustedInstaller.exe is software that is commonly mistaken for a virus. But on the contrary to this belief, it is a genuine Microsoft process that takes good care of the computer system. Unfortunately, even if this is a popular and secure software, there are many instances where it can be corrupted by malware. In this case, the software becomes a trojan that can greatly harm your system.

what is trustedInstaller
What Is TrustedInstaller

But we have to be careful while using trustedinstaller.exe. This to be malicious when corrupted by some cyber-criminal. It may so happen that to breach your security, someone might try to hijack this software. This may compromise the security of the whole system and make it highly vulnerable. In such cases, this software may also take screenshots of the system processor may produce some popups where a user might enter some important credentials. Thus it is important to check the authenticity of this software.

Some Ways To Check If Trustedinstaller.exe Is Corrupted

  • There have been many instances where reports are that trustedinstaller.exe is making the computer unusable. Unfortunately, this is not how this file works, so if you face such an issue, then the software has been corrupted, or it is some virus under the alias of TrustedInstaller. 
  • One other way to make sure that the software is genuine is to check its CPU load. If it is taking a higher CPU load, then it means that the software is corrupted! Moreover, this file uses resources only while updating Windows or after the completion of the process.
  • Another way to check the authenticity of this software is to check the location. This file must always be located in C:Windowsservicing. So if you witness the presence of this software at some other location other than the one specifies, then it is surely a corrupted file.
search in windows servicing
Search In Windows Servicing
  • A corrupted trustedinstaller.exe is very harmful. It may gain access to the microphone or web camera of the system without the user’s knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to check the protection of these input devices and allow only trusted software to access them.

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Completely Ensure The Authenticity Of TrustedInstaller.exe

One of the best ways to ensure that your software is not a virus is to run a system file check. Here is a step-by-step process of how to do it!

  • In the search box of windows, type cmd. Then right-click on the file and select the option that says “Run As Administrator.”
ype cmd.exe and run as administrator
Type cmd.exe And Run As Administrator
  • In the command terminal, type sfc/scannow. This will run a process and then restart the computer system.
go for sfc/scannow
Go For sfc/scannow

Another method to secure your PC is to run a Windows Repair System restore. To run this, you must have a checkpoint saved when the PC was running fine. This process will restore the PC to the same point. These are the steps that should be followed to run the Windows Repair Restore Process.

  • In the Windows search option, type “System Restore.” Then you will have to select “Best Match.”
  • Then a Wizard will open where you have to select the option that says, “Choose a different restore point.” Then click on Next.
choose a different restore point
Choose A Different Restore Point

Now the PC will be securely restored to a state which was previously created. It is recommended to create these restore points. It will be easy to restore the computer from the attack of any malicious virus in the presence of such checkpoints.

After the process is done, click on Finish. This may restart your PC, but it will surely be restored to a good condition.

Following the steps mentioned above removes any malware that may have infected the file. So now trustedinstaller.exe is safe to use and is cent percent authentic.


TrustedInstaller.exe is a vital component of Windows Resource Protection, and this belongs to the Windows Modules Installer. This is important software that belongs to almost every version of Windows since the release of Windows Vista. This file has a size of around 100 – 200 KB. The main purpose of this file is to install or modify the Window updates or the other components of the system that may have a higher impact on the computer system. 

Trustedinstaller.exe is important software that is quite useful. So usually, you don’t have to uninstall trustedinstaller.exe. This software is not even noticeable, and manually changing or editing the location may abruptly stop the running of some applications. So it is advisable not to touch this file as it may lead to bigger problems!     

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