Top 4 Ways To Fix If Keyboard Is Typing Backward In Windows 10/11

Many people have recently noticed that their Windows 10, 11, or other devices’ keyboards are typing backward. Almost all professionals moved to Google Docs and Teams for official paperwork and meetings after the outbreak. These users also mentioned that Google Docs was typing backward.

my keyboard is typing backward in windows 1011

When you’re on the verge of submitting something or giving a big presentation on Teams, these mistakes can be pretty aggravating. If you’ve arrived here because of the same issue, don’t worry; we’ve addressed everything in the article below. As the keyboard can sometimes type backward, we can also experience a few weird and difficult errors like Gboard stops working. Read this article to avoid such issues and make the experience with your device smooth.

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Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards?

Your device’s keyboard may be typing backward owing to malfunctioning or incompatible drivers. Some customers noted that altering their region settings let them type backward. The techniques to fix the error can be found in the next section.

4 Ways To Fix Keyboard Typing Backwards

At first glance, determining the cause of the keyboard typing backward issue can be challenging. As a result, follow the underlying fixes in the given sequence to recognize and resolve the problem quickly.

Restart Your Windows Device

No matter how serious the situation, the first step should always be a system restart. Many technical issues or flaws rectifies by restarting the computer. For several customers, restarting their Windows PC solved the problem of typing backward on the keyboard.


Disconnect the USB or the connection if the keyboard is connected externally to your device (in the case of the wireless keyboard). Check whether reconnecting the keyboard fixes the keyboard typing backward Windows 10, 11, or lower device issue. If this doesn’t fix the Windows 10 keyboard typing backward problem, move on to the next step.

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Update In-App Keyboard Settings

Some users have noticed specific issues with their applications, such as typing backward in Google Docs or typing backward in Teams. The keyboard problem can be isolated to a single app. Check and refresh the app’s display settings.

Take, for example, the procedures below to update Google Chrome‘s keyboard settings.

  1. Open Chrome and type ‘about:/flags’ into the search box at the
  2. Find the Force UI Direction option and choose left to right from the dropdown.flag
  3. Restart the browser after making these modifications.

Examine your device to see if this resolves the Windows 10 typing backward problem. If the remedy doesn’t work, look for extensions that might interfere with your keyboard’s usual operation. Sometimes users may face problems with keyboard keys, especially with the Enter key not working properly.

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the browser to open it.
  2. Select Extensions from the dropdown menu under Settings. Examine the installed extensions and disable any that you believe are causing the keyboard to type backward.

Also, do the instructions below to restore Chrome’s original settings.

  1. Open Chrome Settings and select Advanced from the dropdown settings
  2. Scroll down to the Reset & Clean-Up area, where you’ll find the option to return the settings to default.

Apply the adjustments and restart Google Chrome to see if the backward writing issue on your Windows device resolves.

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Change Your Keyboard Typing Direction

 The Windows operating system can switch between left-to-right and right-to-left typing modes. You may have accidentally changed this setting if your keyboard is typing backward.

  • Press CTRL + right SHIFT for right-to-left typing,
  • And CTRL + left SHIFT for left-to-right typing.

Backward typing on your keyboard is a common problem, and as you can see, it’s more likely to be caused by incorrect system settings than by a virus or defect. The above fixes can be done in any order. 

Change Your Device’s Region Settings

Some customers changed their location where the native language is backward. Follow the steps below to update your device’s regional settings and correct keyboard typing backward:

  1. Open the App by typing Control Panel into the search field. Select the region part and expand it. To open the Region settings window, click on Region.control panel
  2. Go to the Location Tab and double-check that the home address you entered is right. To implement the changes, update it with your current location and click OK.

To see if the keyboard typing backward repair worked for your Windows device, restart it and type. Continue to the following step if the problem persists.

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Few languages write backward, by default or by mistake, your setting could have changed to that language. This will give rise to keyboard typing backward. Here, in this blog, I have shared some ideas for fixing the backward typing in windows 10/11 on the keyboard hope you like all pictures.

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