Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Error 5 Easy Fixes To Solve

Unexpected kernel mode trap are not so fun and always come up when they don’t even expect them. It crashes the computer system and takes away the user’s work along. This blue screen error is one of those which kind of frustrates the user, and most of the time, he/she doesn’t know how to deal with it or fix it.

This article guides the users in fixing the unexpected Kernel trap error in Windows in the easiest way possible.

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What Is An Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Error?

So, one needs first to know what an unexpected kernel mode trap error is.

kernal mode error

It is mostly related to the system memory or the system drivers, and the error is accompanied by the stop code: 0x0000007F

Why Does This Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Error Occur?

The unexpected Kernel Mode error can occur because of some fault present in the computer system’s RAM module, which can give write or read errors periodically. In such cases, scanning the memory of the system and replacing the RAM can be the solution.


This error also occurs if the device drivers are corrupted or outdated.

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Ways To Fix Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Error

Here it goes :

Method #1 Reboot The Computer

Desktops run into system errors from time to time which does not require distinct solutions. The most effective way to resolve this error is to restart the computer. Rebooting the system resets all the system processes, meanwhile, removing a certain error.

reboot pc

Hence, if a user comes across a kernel-mode trap, the terrorist is very effective to restart the system before handling it with any other means. Having Windows 10 boot issues? Click Here.

Method #2 Testing The System’s RAM

A faulty RAM can be a trigger for this error. If the unexpected kernel mode trap error occurs. In case this error occurs after the user has just plugged in a new RAM, the user should shut down their system, remove the RAN memory and restart to check if it is fixed.

unexpected kernel mode trap then ram

If the problem is taking place because of a fault in RAM, the user should check the RAM by using Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. The following step is to be followed:

  1. Click on start.
  2. Search for Memory Diagnostic tool in the search box.

search windows memory diagnostic

3. Choose or right-click on the Memory Diagnostic tool.

4. Click on Run As Administrator.

unexpected kernel mode trap then run memory diagnostics as administrator

5. To begin the Diagnostic process, the instruction provided is to be followed by the user.

I suppose the Diagnostic does not return any result. In that case, the user can also go for the Easy Recovery Essentials feature of Automated Repair to check the user’s CPU, RAM, and HDD altogether.

Method #3 Test New Hardware

It is most reasonable that a user’s new hardware gives rise to the error if it has been recently installed and the error occurs.

test new hardware

This can be effortlessly fixed by restarting the computer after removing the newly installed hardware.

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Method #4 Update Drivers

There is another method for unexpected kernel mode trap problem. A user’s desktop operating system maintains all the driver updates. However, there are times when the updates might crash, and the user might receive faulty updates, or the drive could be degraded for any unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, a user can update his/her driver manually.

update drivers.

Search device manager in the starts the menu and look for the best match and select it. Then, go down the list and look for a yellow error character. If the user does not find anything, the reason for the error might is not the faulty drivers. If you face a problem with Printer Driver: Click Here

Method #5 Disable Caching From BIOS

Attend the subsequent steps to open your BIOS menu and disable cache memory to see if the kernel-mode trap error occurs later:

  1. Reboot the computer.

unexpected kernel mode trap then restart your system

2. Press F2 or Del key to enter BIOS setup.

3. Head to the advanced menu.

4. Select cache memory.

disable cache from bios

5. Ensure its complete disability.

6. Press F10 to save & exit.


7. Select yes.

Usually, it is not very tricky to sort out the unexpected kernel mode trap. The steps mentioned above are sufficient to resolve the problem in a PC. Updating drivers and examining hardware problems will fix the error for most users.


The error might take place even after following the mentioned steps. The user’s computer might face the error continuously if not prominently examined. It may not be enough, but overruling the desktop components might not be a good thing to do. Trying out the reinstalling windows option for windows users could help remove of help as it removes any software or hardware problems.

A user must ensure that he/she must reboot their PC at the very beginning to cut out all the unnecessary steps while managing the error. The first step taken to fix the unexpected kernel mode trap is the reboot option.

We hope this was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments section below if this article was helpful to you.:)

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