How To Fix: Unfortunately Gboard Has Stopped Working

Facing issues with your Android device’s Google Keyboard? Here are a few things you may do if, unfortunately, gboard has stopped working.

Gboard, or Google Keyboard, is the most popular and extensively used keyboard application on all Android systems. Even though it is dependable and secure, there may be a few snags from time to time, and you may receive the “Unfortunately Gboard has stopped” warning. Don’t be concerned! We’ve got your back!

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As previously mentioned, because Gboard is a multi-platform application available on various smart devices, we may not be able to identify all of the probable explanations. And depending on your device, you might want to look around a little more. But here’s a more general solution –

Force Stop And Restart

If your app is misbehaving, force-stopping it is a simple fix. The most typical causes are a corrupted cache or an in-app problem. We can force stop a running program, preventing it from accessing its cache files. When we relaunch the program, this will effectively remove all of the operating and temporary configurations of the keyboard and reinitialize it. To force your app to close, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go in Apps & notifications > See all apps.

apps &notifications

  • Select Gboard, then tap Force Stop.

force stop

  • Now, open any app to use a keyboard and check if your Gboard is working fine.

If this does not help, consider rebooting your device before proceeding to the next step. Rebooting brings all running processes to a halt, so it will be determined if a conflict causes the problem.

Disable and then Re-Enable Gboard from your Keyboard’s Settings

This is another method to use when unfortunately gboard has stopped working. Bugs can occur if you use numerous keyboards and move between them regularly, be it for emojis or writing assistance. This is the case if you have an older smartphone. You should disable and enable the Gboard keyboard from the keyboard settings to resolve any conflicts. To do so, follow the steps here carefully.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select System > Languages.


  • Then select Virtual keyboard.

virtual keyboard

  • Select Manage keyboards.

manage keyboards

  • Disable and re-enable Gboard.
  • Now, open any app to use a keyboard and check if your Gboard is working fine.
  • If not, then again open the Virtual Keyboard setting. Now disable all the keyboards and then re-enable Gboard and check if it is functioning well.

Please remember that you won’t use this feature if you don’t utilize several keyboards.

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Clear The Cache and Data

A faulty cache is frequently the source of many bugs. This is because your applications rely on data from the store to function, and if they are unable to access it, they will display an error message. Furthermore, if the problem with Gboard is limited to a single app, deleting the cache and data for that app may help.

  • Open up Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps.

apps &notifications

  • Select Gboard.
  • Tap Force Stop to kill the application.

force stop

  • Select Storage & cache and tap Clear cache.

clear cache

  • Now, open any app to use a keyboard and check if your Gboard is working fine.

If emptying the cache doesn’t work, try deleting the data files for the Gboard app. Some files may have been corrupted due to a bad backup, and thus, clearing the data will aid in the removal of any such data. You won’t lose any data because your Gboard data is synchronized to your Google account and will be recovered instantly.

Perform the same procedures as before, but this time choose Clear Storage. If the problem remains, go to the step mentioned below.

Update Your Gboard Application

If the method mentioned above doesn’t work, try to reinstall the app or update it to the latest version available on the play store. First, go to the google play store, search the google keyboard and click on update.

  1. Open play store on your device.
  2. Now, Open manage apps and devices.update gboard
  3. Select g board in the apps list.
  4. Click on the update.

Reinstall The Gboard App

  1. Long-press g-board app
  2. Click on uninstall, then select yes.
  3. Now open the play store on your device.uninstall and reinstall gboard
  4. Then search g-board.
  5. Click on install, wait for the installation, and open the app.

Clear Temporary Files

Suppose the above two steps don’t work for you. In that case, you must run out of space, or your RAM must lack memory, so try clearing temporary files or uninstalling some unnecessary apps and make some space accessible so that background processes and programs or apps can run smoothly, or maybe your G-board starts responding again.

  1. Go to your file manager.
  2. Clear the temporary files and cache stored on your device
  3. You can also uninstall the apps which you don’t need or do not use anymore on your device.clear temporary files

Delete unnecessary photos, videos, documents on your device so that your device can work more smoothly. Sometimes updating your device’s Android version can also help to let your device work more smoothly and fix bugs.

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You can also download any cleaner or booster apps that clean your device junk regularly so that it can function more smoothly.

Download Mirror Apks

Another way of fixing this error is to install a light version of the g-board. Many sites provide apk for almost every app out there on the play store, so you can download and install them externally on your device. These are also called mirror apps.gboard

  1. Download the mirror apk on your device, the lighter version of the previous app.
  2. Install and reboot your device and check compatibility.

Reset Your Device

Your data means photos, videos, and all apps are safe in the aforementioned methods, but make sure that you back up data in this method. We will reset your device and make it look and work like stock or a new machine in this method.

Ensure Backing Up Data Before Resetting Device

  1. Open settings.
  2. Search backup and restore.
  3. Back up all the files’ photos, videos, etc., before factory resetting your device; make sure to store the backup in a hard drive to copy it later.
  4. Click on factory reset your device.
  5. Wait for Android installation, and your device will look like a stock phone.

This method is the best way to solve any problem in your device, fixing all the bugs and memory-related issues. Try to prefer this method to solve the G-board problem.restart your device

The methods in this article above will solve 99% of the problems related to Unfortunately Gboard Has Stopped Working. If any issues still arise, we recommend using any other keyboard with a lite interface that can work properly on your device without crashing or hanging your device. Some Google apps are not much optimized for every android device. That’s why they create problems with lite devices. Some of the keyboards which you can use for free and hassle less are-

  1. Microsoft SwiftKey
  2. Tenor keyboards
  3. Grammarly keyboard

Make Sure Your Gboard Is A Default Keyboard

Also, you can try to make G-board your default keyboard app in case any other default keyboard is being used in the background.set gboard as default

In the case of IOS devices, if G-board is creating bugs, you can rely on the topics mentioned above, follow them as instructed, and try to update the latest IOS version and G-board versions. We have noticed a spike in G-board errors after releasing the newer iOS version, and that’s why the board is not optimized for them, so we recommend you update everything on your phone till the latest version.

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Send Feedback To Developer

Now, the last way to fix this error for the future and everyone is to send feedback to the developer or the respective company.send feedback to gboard You can complain about the issue on the app and the play store or for iOS devices; you can give your valuable feedback on the AppStore to the developers so that the app can be optimized for every device.

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In this article, you learned about the methods to solve Unfortunately, Gboard Has Stopped Working issue. We hope this article has helped you. Follow the steps correctly, and your problem will be fixed.

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