Uplay Connection Lost? Try These 4 Quick Fixes!

Uplay is a Ubisoft’s game distribution service where you can easily purchase, download and play games. Like other launchers like Steam, Origin, or Epic, it is also a hub for game communities. However, it comes with are errors like ‘uplay connection lost’ about which we will discuss later in this article.

uplay connection error
Uplay Connection Error

Uplay pc is a portal to all of Ubisoft’s game titles available for the PC. Furthermore, users can earn rewards, buy third-party titles, and communicate and connect to other gamers on this software. World-renowned games such as Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy, Assassin Creed, For Honor, and more can be found on this gaming platform. However, users sometimes encounter Uplay PC Windows 10 connection issues when opening the gaming portal. If you face difficulties connecting to the Uplay servers on Windows 10, like uplay connection lost, then the below fixes may help you.

How Do I Fix This Issue?

Software conflict-Sometimes if Windows Firewall is not up to date, it will cause problems showing ‘uplay connection lost’ when you open Uplay.

Turn Off Windows Firewall

If you update your firewall and the problem persists, you will need to try turning off your firewall when you run Uplay.

Here is what you got to do to turn off the Windows Firewall:

  • First, locate the Windows Firewall icon on the bottom right corner of your computer in the taskbar and click on it.
  • Click on the Firewall & Network protection section.
open windows firewall
Open Windows Firewall
  • Then, open the Public (non-discoverable) network option located in the middle of the windows.
open public network
Open Public Network
  • Locate the Windows Firewall option and turn it off.

Users may have other antivirus programs installed on their computers. These programs can also prevent them from entering the Uplay servers. To know more, Click Here.

Therefore, it is advised to properly configure these applications for Uplay to run without restrictions on the local network. If you utilize Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) programs, it is also recommended to shut them down. These applications can interfere with the network of your Ubisoft games. Click Here to counter problems with Malware.

Offline Mode And Proxy Settings

Your Uplay program might be configured to start offline every time you open it and shows issues like ‘uplay connection lost.’ Also, there are proxy settings on Windows 10 that can cause connection problems for the Uplay gaming platform.

To fix these problems, users should try these steps:

  • First, you will need to open Uplay.
open uplay
Open UPlay
  • Second, click on the menu icon, which should be located on the top right side of the Uplay Windows.
  • Click on the settings option once the menu is opened.
uplay settings
Uplay settings
  • Locate the Always start Uplay in the Offline Mode option and uncheck it.

You can also click on the Change proxy settings option below if you think your settings are not configured properly.

Background Programs

Open start by clicking on the windows icon on the left side of your taskbar or by clicking on the start key on your keyboard.

  • Type in Run and click on the application that shows up from the search.
open run
Open Run
  • In the Run Windows, type in msconfig in the open line
run msconfig
Run msconfig
  • Press enter.
  • If it is not selected, click on the general tab located in the System Configuration window.
system configuration window
System configuration window
  • In this tab, you will need to select the ‘selective startup’ option.
  • You should see a checkbox with ‘Load startup items’ next to it. Uncheck this box.
  • Click Apply, then Ok. You will have to restart the pc for the settings to take effect.
restart pc
Restart PC

Connection issues on Uplay PC Windows 10 could be caused by other applications running in the background. Therefore, before you start a game from Uplay, shutting down background applications may help the game run better.

If this solution fixes the connection issue, then one of your programs that loads on startup is restricting internet access to Uplay servers.

You will want to locate this program and prevent it from loading on Windows startup.

Restrictive Network Configurations

Network and ISP administrators sometimes place restrictions on your networks that may cause Uplay PC Windows 10 connection issues. In this case, you will need to contact your administrators to resolve the issue.

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