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This error message is typical when the computer’s virtual memory configures to a custom size that is too little, and more memory is necessary. This occurs more frequently when working with video files, particularly huge files, or scanning large-high-quality photographs. This article will explore all details of the issue of virtual memory low.

virtual memory low


Virtual memory settings for business computers are adjustable at the IT level, and any modifications made may be undone following a restart. Contact the IT department at your business or a nearby IT service to confirm. Memory management is very important for smooth processing in your device. So, read this article to know how to fix memory management errors.

What Is Virtual Memory?

There are two different forms of memory in your computer: RAM and a hard drive or solid-state drive. Your operating System and your images, music, games, documents, and other files, are all stored on your hard drive. Program-specific data is kept in RAM and serves as a working storage area for open applications and information, but it is also considerably faster and more volatile.

virtual memory

The aspect of operating systems is virtual memory (OS). Memory management is under its control. Hard drives are logical memory (RAM) in the virtual memory where they live. Therefore, we can temporarily expand the size of Logical Memory using Virtual Memory in the same way that Physical Memory expands. The computer’s logical memory will appear to the user as though all the programs are operating there. Virtual memory allows the entire hard disc to be useful as logical memory to enable the user to run any number of programs.

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Causes Of The Error

Typically, two factors lead to this error:

1. You don’t have enough RAM

2. a computer program on your System is a glitch and leaking memory.

Fixes For The Error

To fix the problem of virtual memory low, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1

It’s not too difficult to fix this mistake, mainly if your computer’s RAM is the cause of it. If so, all you have to do to improve computer performance is install extra physical memory. You can raise the page file’s sand size if you can’t do it right away; this is how you do it.

  1. To access the Properties menu, right-click My Computer. If you are running the version of Windows 7 or Vista, select the advanced tab (or the Advanced system settings link) and then select “My Computer” from the menu. The Properties
  2. Click on the Performance section’s Settings button after choosing the Advanced tab (or Advanced system settings link if you’re running Windows 7 or Vista). The window will change. Click the Advanced System tab. Locate the virtual memory security.
  3. Change the page file size manually or use the System controlled size option. Click OK.
  4. You must first find the offending application, though, if the issue is brought on by it. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard to launch the Task Manager, then select the Processes tab to carry out this action.keys
  5. Then choose Columns from the View menu. Click OK after selecting the Virtual Memory Size checkbox. The Task Manager will now display the current amount.

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Step 2

Each application’s virtual memory usage will now be displayed in the Task Manager. The processes will be sorted from most significant to most minor based on how much virtual memory they are utilizing if you click on the VM Size column name twice. You can tell which process is the most hungry right away. The next step is identifying the program executing the strategy; some, like firefox.exe, are very clear. Download a Process Explorer application if you don’t know anything about processes. You only need to launch the.exe file; it doesn’t need installation. This application is a much more complete substitute for Task Manager.

task manager

Once it’s open, select Columns from the View menu. Next, select the Process Memory tab. Then choose the Virtual Size checkbox on the Process Memory tab. Click OK. You may sort the outcomes just like you can in Windows Task Manager. Every process will contain details about the program that is powering it. Hover your cursor over the concerned process if you require further information. You can attempt to fix the issue now that you know which software is causing virtual memory. Try updating the software first because updates typically fix errors like that. You will have to try removing and reinstalling the application if that doesn’t work. If that doesn’t work, contact the software support team and look up that specific program issue online. 

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Alternative Methods To Boost Virtual Memory

After adjusting the paging file size, you must consider boosting your RAM. If your computer is running slow, then only by increasing the total amount of memory available to the System through RAM upgrades can you expand your virtual memory? Your system speed may also increase, and the virtual memory issue will rectify.


There are innumerable written and video instructions to guide you through this process, many of which are available specifically for your device. PC Part Picker is a fantastic starting point when attempting to identify compatible RAM. Download a RAM Booster to avoid this kind of error.

Download: RAM Booster


Memory is necessary to download and save all the necessary files and documents on your PC. But due to continuous downloads and shortage of space, you may face the error of virtual memory low. Hoping that this article has helped you to rectify this error. Tired of the Error “There Is Insufficient Memory Or Disk Space, Word Cannot Display The Requested Font”? Click here to know the fixes.

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