We Couldn’t Complete The Updates Undoing Changes | [Fixed]

There might be several reasons as to why the message “We couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes” error occurs; here are a few reasons as to what or how this windows couldn’t complete updates error is triggered:

  • Updates are usually not completed if the files aren’t downloaded correctly in your system. It means that it cannot download the files in the system smoothly.
  • This error can also take place if the system files are corrupt.
  • Another reason could also be because the user restarted or switched off the device while the update was going on.
  • Even after the update has been downloaded, it needs adequate disk space for installation. Lack of enough disk space may also result in this issue.
  • If the windows update is interrupted by installing files, i.e., if the PC is forced shutdown during the building, the update will not continue and corrupt system files.

The windows 10 couldn’t complete updates issue is frustrating when you can’t find a solution to it, but to help you all out, here are four simple solutions that can instantly resolve your issue.
First of all, if the computer is in an endless reboot loop and the sign-in screen isn’t appearing, the best way to proceed is to boot the computer in Safe Mode. It may vary from system to system:

safe mode
Safe mode
  1. A functional system selection screen will appear while rebooting the computer if a computer runs with two or more operating systems. Click “Change defaults or choose other options.”
  2. In Windows 10 operating system, press F8, F9, or F11. It varies from system to system; otherwise, press the power button to turn on your device, and when the Windows logo does appear on the screen, press and hold the power button until it switches off. Try repeating this process a couple more times (say three), and on the fourth attempt, you will see a prompt message saying that Windows is “Preparing Automatic Repair.”
  3. In the “Choose an option,” the next step is to troubleshoot and click on Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.
  4. After your device reboots, choose option 4 to enable Safe Mode.
  5. Now, once your PC boots in Safe Mode, follow the steps below. As we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes affects the computer differently.

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Fixes For We Couldn’t Complete The Updates Undoing Changes

Here are few solutions that we can try one by one until we can resolve we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes issue.

Run The Windows Troubleshooter

The most basic solution before trying anything else can be using the windows troubleshooter. It is a built-in feature that scans and detects possible issues that we could prevent from updating the OS. It attempts to fix the problems as it finds them automatically.
The tool is quite adequate and can also be used to fix the “We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes” Windows Update error.
Follow these steps to use Windows troubleshooter:

  • Click on the Windows Key or Start.
  • After this, type in Troubleshooter and click on Troubleshoot Settings.
run troubleshooter we couldn't complete the updates undoing changes
Run troubleshooter
  • After clicking on Troubleshoot settings, it takes you to the Troubleshoot window. Now on the right pane, search for Windows Update and click on it to highlight additional options.
  • Run the Troubleshooter, and it will then find the errors.
  • After the above step, check the results of the scan and apply the solutions, if any.

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Delete Recently Installed Updates

As mentioned above, this might not have downloaded windows files correctly, or the Windows update was interrupted during installation.

If that’s the case, try deleting the problematic Windows update files with the help of the steps below:

  • Click the Win + I keyboard shortcut and select the option update & Security > Windows Update.
  • Then, click the “View update history” option.
  • Then choose the Uninstall Updates option, and look for the problematic updates and uninstall them.

This should fix the windows 10 we couldn’t complete the updates issue

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Restore Your System

In some cases, if the other solutions do not work out, then restoring the system to a point where it used to function appropriately will work out just fine.
In the case of this error, it will resolve the “We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes” error. As you can’t access the sign-in screen, you will have to run the system restore from the Advanced Options screen.

  • Then get to Safe Mode. Once you get to the Troubleshoot screen, choose Advanced Options > System Restore.

On the System Restore window, they will ask you to input your account’s password to proceed.

system restore we couldn't complete the updates undoing changes
System restore

Click Next.

  • Choose the appropriate restore point.
  • After you find the restore point, click Next.
  • Confirm and click on the option Finish to begin the process.

Reset Your Computer

  • The last option, if everything else fails, is to reset your PC to factory defaults.
  • Boot the computer to Safe Mode. After that, get to the Choose an Option screen, select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.\
Reset PC we couldn't complete the updates undoing changes
Reset PC
  • You can choose whether to keep your files and follow the prompts to finish the process.
  • After your PC resets, we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes don’t turn off your computer.
  • Updates should install without running we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes error message.

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It is tricky to solve “We couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes error.” But with the help of one of the above solutions to windows 10 couldn’t complete the updates, it will fix the issue and use the Windows Operating System without any problems. Remember not to shut down or press on any buttons when the windows are updating, as it will cause errors and stop the download.

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