Control panel is the important tool in every device. Windows operating system also can be tweaked using the control panel. But with Windows 10, the opening control panel is not a simpler way. In Windows 7 and previous versions, Control panel can be opened from a start menu, but it’s not a case in windows 10. Since there is no direct option displayed to open control panel from the start menu, you might have wondered where is the control panel in windows 10. Don’t worry; your windows 10 still has control panel, its just windows have decided not to display it directly and let users do some extra work :/. This article tells you the top 5 easiest ways to open Control panel in Windows 10.

5 easiest ways to open control panel in Windows 10

Following 5 methods on how to open control panel in windows 10. You can follow any method to open the control panel in windows 10. All the methods are tested and working fine.

Method 1: How to open control panel in Windows 10 using the search

First things first, it very simplest way to open control panel.

  1. On your computer, just press Windows logo (usually at bottom left).
  2. Now click on the search bar and type “control panel.”
  3. A search result appears on the windows. Here, just select “control panel” option.

That’s it; you have already in the control panel.

Method 2: How to open control panel in Windows 10 using Run tool

This method is also straightforward method to open control panel in windows 10.

  1. First of all open Run tool by pressing Win + R key from the keyboard.
  2. Now, type following command in the tool and press Enter.
    control panel
  3. Now, the control panel opens in the new window.

Method 3: Use the command prompt to open control panel in Windows 10

Alsmot all the settings can be executed using the command prompt. Therefore, the command prompt is a just-a click answer to your query of Where is the control panel in windows 10.

  1. At first, you have to open a command prompt or Windows Powershell.
  2. To open a command prompt, open a run tool by pressing Win + R key and type cmd.
  3. Or to open Windows Powershell, press Win+X key, and select Windows Powershell.
  4. In the opened command windows/PowerShell windows, just type –
    Control Panel
  5. Press enter after typing above command and control panel open in new windows.

Method 4: Use the Windows start menu to open control panel in Windows 10

The older way to find any installed program or windows tool is a window start menu.

  1. Open a Start menu by clicking Windows icon ( usually at bottom left)
  2. Now, scroll down slowly and look for the option “Windows System.”
  3. Expand that option and then click on Control Panel.

That’s it; you have opened control panel in windows 10.

Method 5: How to open control panel in Windows 10 from windows files in C drive

Still wondering where is the control panel in windows 10? here’s the classic way to open it/

  1. Open a C drive on your computer and go to the path mentioned below –
  2. Now, find the option “Control.”
  3. Click on the control option, and that’s it.


Control panel is something a control center of the Windows. Unfortunately, Windows 10 has no direct way to open the control panel, and most of the things are covered in Windows Settings. If you ever got a question like Where is the control panel in Windows 10?, then this article tells you the answer of this and explains the methods on How to open control panel in windows 10.

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