Why Won’t It Let Me Add My AI On Snapchat?: Issues And Solutions

Snapchat has introduced its innovative chatbot, My AI developed in collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. However, some users are still puzzled by the question, “Why won’t it let me add my AI on snapchat?” If you’re among them, worry not! Accessing this feature is straightforward. Read on to quickly add this personalized AI bot to your Snapchat in just a matter of seconds.snap

My Al bot is a built-in feature of the Snapchat app, so just updating the app directly through the Play Store is a simple solution. Consider deleting and reinstalling the program from the Google Play Store for Android or the program Store for iOS if updating reveals any issues. Then, Re-login with your existing username and password to restore access.

What sets My AI apart is its impressive level of personalization. Users can give their chatbot a distinctive name and select a custom wallpaper for the chat interface, making the experience truly unique. So make sure to fix it ASAP with these methods.

10 Easy Solutions for Snapchat AI Not Responding

Let’s provide a comprehensive solution to the query, “Why won’t it let me add my AI on Snapchat ?” Here are ten simple fixes catering to both Android and iOS users. Follow these steps sequentially to address the issue effectively.

1. Check for System Updates

Sometimes, outdated systems can slow down apps and hinder new feature displays. To rectify this on your mobile device:

1. Access the device’s search app function.search

2. Now go to the “Settings” app on your device.settingss

3. Scroll downwards to go to the “System” option.system

4. In the “Advanced” section, locate “System Updates.”updates

5. Check the last update date and refresh to find new updates.recent updates

This method proves helpful in resolving system-related malfunctions affecting the Snapchat app. Open Snapchat afterwards, and you’ll spot “My AI” prominently on the Chat screen.

2. Clear App Cache:

Temporary files linked to Snapchat might prevent the incorporation of new features. Address this by clearing the Snapchat cache on your phone, eliminating these temporary files.

Snapchat’s advantage lies in its in-app cache-clearing feature, setting it apart from apps that necessitate device settings access.

 For iPhone Users:

– Launch Snapchat and access your Bitmoji icon.pro

– Tap the settings icon for settings.settings snap

– Scroll to find the “Privacy Control” tab privacy

– Then click on the “Clear Data” option.

– Proceed to Clear Cache and confirm the action.

For Android Users:

– Open Snapchat and locate your Bitmoji icon.profileee

– Tap the settings icon to access account settings.

– Select Account Actions and then Clear Cache.cache


The above process resolves the issue. If there is still any question of “how to get Snapchat AI,” then just update the Snapchat app and straightforward both the system’s and the app’s cache files.

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3. Update the Snapchat App:

Understanding that My AI is Snapchat’s latest addition, automatically activating if present in your app confirms the significance of updating. To ensure accessibility, verify by updating your Snapchat app on iPhone or Android using the provided links below.

For iPhone: Update via the App Store

For Android: Update via the Google Play Store

If you prefer manual updating to solve why won’t it let me add my AI on snapchat, follow these steps:

For iPhone:

– Access the App Store > Your profile picture > Locate Snapchat > Select Update.iphone

For Android:

– Open the Play Store > Your profile picture > Choose Manage apps & device > Locate Snapchat > Tap Update.android

With an updated Snapchat app, inspect the Chats screen for confirmation of My AI bot visibility.

4. Remove App from Recent Apps and Restart Device:

Address the Al malfunction by these steps:

1. Navigate to the home screen through the home button or swipe up based on device navigation.

2. Finding the “recent apps” button, often represented by a square icon (Android) or swiping up and holding (certain iPhones).recent

3. Swiping through recent apps and removing Snapchat by swiping it sideways or upwards.

4. Returning to the home screen.

5. Pressing and holding the power button for the power options menu.power off

6. Select “Restart” and allow the device to restart.restartt

7. Waiting for the device to restart entirely.

8. Now, search and open the Snapchat app from the home screen. search app

These steps ensure access to My AI within the Snapchat app’s Chat section.

5. Subscribe to Snapchat+ Version:

If the methods above are insufficient and you’re still pondering, “Why won’t it let me add my AI on Snapchat ?” consider subscribing to the Snapchat+ version.snap plus

Although My AI is available for all Snapchat users at no cost, some gained immediate access through Snapchat+ membership. Alternatively, if you choose not to subscribe, other methods remain available. Please continue reading to find your answer to the query of adding My AI to Snapchat.

6. Manually Add My AI Bot:

Resolve the “how to get AI on Snapchat” issue swiftly:

1. Open your phone’s web browser.chrome

2. Visit this link.

3. The My AI chatbot will launch within the Snapchat app.ai

4. Initiate a conversation with My AI.a i

Adding the chatbot makes it visible alongside other conversations in the Snapchat app.

7. Search for “My AI” in Snapchat App:

Manually add My AI to your account through the in-app search feature. This benefits users who previously had My AI but accidentally removed it from the Chats screen. Follow these steps:

1. Open Snapchat app.app

2. Tap the search icon within the app.search

3. Enter “My AI” and press enter.

4. Select the My AI chat from the search results to reintroduce it to your Chats screen.my ai

8. Log Out and Re-Login:

At times, logging out and signing in again can address in-app problems:

1. Launch the Snapchat app.

2. Access your Bitmoji icon.

3. Tap the cogwheel icon for settings.snap settings

4. Choose Account Actions.account actions

5. Opt for Log Out.

6. Confirm by tapping Log Out in the prompt.log out

9. Reinstall the Snapchat App:

Resolve the “Why don’t I have my AI bot?” issue :

1. Quickly search for the Snapchat app on your home screen

2. Press the app and wait a while for the options to display.

3. Select uninstall or remove the app.delete

4. Confirm uninstallation.

5. Visit the Google Play Store on Android or the app store on IOS.pplay store

6. Search for the app and tap its listing.

7. Select install or download.download

8. Wait for installation to complete.

9. Find the app on your home screen or app drawer.icon

10. Contact Snapchat Support:

You would have solved the problem by now: “Why won’t it let me add my AI on Snapchat.” But in the rare scenario where the above methods prove ineffective, reaching out to Snapchat support is a viable option for assistance. Here is information on how to use the Draggan tool in AI; you can check this out if you are interested.

1. Open the Snapchat app.

2. Access your Bitmoji on the top left of the chat section.bitmoji

3. Now, go to the settings icon in the top right.

4. Scroll down to find the support panel with options like “I lost my Snapchat streak,” “I need help,” “I have a concern,” and “I have a privacy question.i lost my streak

5. Select “I need help.”i need help

6. Choose “My AI” from the provided shortcuts.

7. Access FAQs regarding the Snapchat AI feature.

Patience can also be essential, as feature availability can vary. The troubleshooting suggestions outlined earlier are likely to provide a resolution for persistent difficulties.

How to Access the AI Bot on Snapchat:

Now that the malfunction is resolved, the question, “Why won’t it let me add my AI on the Snapchat app?” is no longer relevant. Dive in without fear and swiftly utilize this personalized AI bot.

My AI’s distinctiveness lies in its remarkable personalization, allowing custom chatbot names and interface wallpapers. The rollout of this exciting feature commenced right after the announcement.ai bot

Here’s how to use Snapchat AI through your phone:

– Search Snapchat > Open > Go to Chats > Tap My AI on top of the list > Interact.

Treat the bot as a personal assistant, asking for jokes, pickup lines, or random facts.


Which Version of Snapchat has AI?

In the beginning, when the al feature was developing, it was only available for premium users, but since June 2023, it has been free for all Snapchat users. You can find the latest version of Snapchat on Google Play Store.

How Do I Enable Snapchat AI?

To enable Snapchat AI, ensure you have the latest app version. Since this feature is accessible to all, it will automatically be added to your Snapchat app by updating it. If not, be patient, as Snapchat may gradually roll it out.

Is My AI a Snapchat Plus Feature?

No, My AI on Snapchat is not exclusive to premium users. After successful trials with Snapchat+ members, it was made accessible to all users in April 2023. The feature offers an interactive chatbot experience to everyone.

Is the AI feature Only for Snapchat+ Users?

No, My AI on Snapchat is not limited to premium users. While initially launched for Snapchat+ subscribers, it's now available to all users, providing a personalized chatbot experience.


Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Snapchat support through the app’s settings for persistent issues. Utilize the range of methods provided to effectively address the query “Why won’t it let me add My AI on Snapchat ?” and unlock the personalized AI bot feature for an enhanced Snapchat experience.


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