How To Fix “Wifi Connected But No Internet On Windows 10”

Before starting, let’s go over what occurs on your network when you connect to wifi but don’t have access to the internet. To succeed, several fundamentals of home networking must first be explained. This article will explore the issue wifi connected but no internet on windows 10.

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The router is a device that manages your home’s network connections. Your router connects wireless devices. Your router connects to a modem, which connects your home network’s traffic to the internet.

When your computer displays error messages such as Connected, no internet access, or Connected but no internet, it means your computer is properly connected to the network but cannot access the internet. It is understandable when the internet gets cut but it’s confusing when wifi is connected but it doesn’t have internet access.

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Method To Solve The Error ‘Wifi Connected But No Internet On Windows 10’

If your Windows 10 device loses wifi signal strength and says “No Internet Connection” yet other devices connect properly, the DHCP Server likely failed to assign a valid IP address to your Windows device. Following are the steps that make up the solution:

  1. Select Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi from the drop-down
  2. Select your network’s SSID from the drop-down menu (the name of your wifi network, e.g., Home wifi)
  3. Choose “Private” as the Network Profile.
  4. Select IP Settings from the drop-down menu and click Edit.
  5. Switch from DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to Manual.
  6. Switch between IPv4 and IPv6.Run as Administrator Command Prompt
  7. Enter the command ipconfig /all into the command prompt.
  8. Select DHCP Server from the drop-down menu. By highlighting the number with your mouse and pressing Enter, you can copy it.
  9. In the IP Address area of the Settings window we opened in step 1, paste the number you copied from Command Prompt. After you paste the number, it should appear like this:
  10. Remove the last digit, which in my example is the red 1.
  11. Fill in the blanks with any number between 5 and 30.
  12. Paste the following number into the Subnet Prefix Length field:
  13. Paste the exact number you copied in step 10 into the Gateway field. It’s in my case. In the Preferred DNS field, paste this number:
  14. Paste this number into the Alternate DNS field: \s15. Save the file.

If the internet doesn’t work, go back to step 12 and try again. This time, attempt a number higher than you chose in Step 12.

This is the easy way to fix if wifi connected but no internet on windows 10.

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3 Alternative Methods To Solve

If you’ve already tried the procedures written above and that didn’t work, this should cure your problem. If the problem persists after you’ve tried everything else, try these approaches until one of them works.

Method 1

Using Command Prompt, reset the Network Adapter and DNS.

  1. Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator command prompt
  2. Type the following commands one after the other, pressing enter after each one:Winsock resetipconfig /releasenetsh int IP resetipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /renew
  3. Exit Command Prompt and restart your computer.

If the issue remains, move on to Method: 2.

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Method 2

Device Manager can be used to reset the network adapter.

  1. Press the Windows key + X. Go to Device Manager.device manager
  2. Network Adapters That Are Open.
  3. Select Uninstall device from the context menu of your network adapter. UNCHECK the box in the pop-up window. Delete this device’s driver program.
  4. Select the Uninstall option.restart
  5. Restart your computer

It should automatically restore your adapter. If it didn’t, repeat Steps 01 and 02 until it did. Then, select Action > Scan for Hardware Changes from the top menu options. This will fix the issue wifi connected but no internet on windows 10.

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If the issue remains, move on to Method: 3.

Method 3

Drivers for your network adapter need to be updated.

(This is intended for advanced users only; proceed at your peril.)

  1. Press the Windows key + X. Go to Device Manager. Network Adapters That Are Open. (Write down the manufacturer and model of your network adapter, including the numbers and letters. Writing them down on a piece of paper is a good idea.)device manager
  2. Type what you copied from Step 04 into the search window on Bing or Google.
  3. Your Network Adapter manufacturer should be at the top of the list. If you have a Qualcomm Atheros network adapter, navigate to rather than any other website.device
  4. Locate the Downloads page; most manufacturers have it on the Support page.
  5. Determine the model of your network adapter (the numbers and letters after the manufacturer’s name, for example, Atheros 954xxx).
  6. If a new driver is available, download it.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY DRIVER WITHOUT THE EXACT MODEL NUMBER AND LIST OF LETTERS. If one of the numbers is changed (for example, 955xxx instead of 954xxx), do not download it; installing the incorrect driver will permanently damage your hardware. If you’re unsure, I recommend consulting with a professional.

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Additional Trick

Assuming you’ve discovered the correct driver, you’ll need to update your network adapter’s driver now that the download is complete. Take the actions outlined below.

  1. Press the Windows key + X. Go to Device Manager.device manager
  2. Network Adapters That Are Open
  3. Select Update Driver in the context menu of your network adapter.
  4. A new window will appear. Select Look for a driver on my machine. Click the Browse… button in the next window.
  5. Go to the website where you got the driver and look for it. Select the option.restart
  6. Restart your computer.

Also, check your wireless icon in the lower right-hand side tray connected to the Internet through a WiFi router but can not get to any web page. You’ll most likely see a tiny yellow triangle, and you’ll see a ‘no internet secured’ message when you click on it.

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Internet is essential for the PC to work properly. But, sometimes it does happen that the wifi would have successfully connected, but it shows no internet. It becomes troublesome if this happens. We are hoping that this article will help you to rectify this issue and use your internet with ease.

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