Since Windows 8, Microsoft has included the Advanced boot options to troubleshoot the windows crash and some common problems arise intermittently. Windows 10 has now most commonly used windows and that to have improved “Windows 10 advanced boot options”. This article explains to you “what is advanced boot options” and how to use them on your Windows 10, Windows 8.

What is advanced boot options menu in windows

There are many situations where you can’t boot your computer. In some scenarios, the computer won’t work/perform as expected. This may cause due to corrupted boot sectors, corrupt drivers, incorrect driver installs, incompatible programs or virus. In these cases, Advanced boot options come handy to recover your PC/fix the problems.

These advanced boot options can only be accessed while restarting/turning on the PC so that you can fix problems, restore backups from the recovery options.

Windows 10 advanced boot options have improved a lot and capable of doing some great things so that you don’t need o go to service center for most of the software related problems.

Features of Advanced boot options

let’s check some features of advanced boot options windows 10/8

1. System Restore – Basically windows creates a system restore point periodically or before installing any new software. If some problem arises and you cant boot into the system, you can use his advanced boot option to restore your PC to previous best state.

2. Command Prompt– Do various task, clear the windows discs, fix problems and much more using command prompt window.

3. System Image Recovery – This option is used to recover your windows using system recovery image. This method requires you to already have recovery disc available. You can create system image recovery drive using this method and then use it to recover your PC at any time by accessing this option.

4. Startup Settings – You can access various options from here. Booting your PC into safe mode, enabling debugging mode, disable driver signature verification, etc. can be done using this windows 10 advanced boot options.

5. Startup Repair – This tool launches automatic system repair program, that tries to repair some problems automatically. This program is built in and may take more time to analyze and repair the problems.

6. Go back to the previous version – This option of windows 10 advanced startup options lets you uninstall windows 10 and roll back to the previous version. This option works only if you have upgraded your computer (e.g – windows7, 8). Also, the upgrade should not have 30 days old and windows old files are still present on your computer.

These options are enough for home users to repair and recover your PC to working condition. Microsoft has done a great job by adding such things and continuously improving them.

Now that you know the importance of these options let’s know how to access this windows 10 advanced boot options menu.

 How to access windows 10 advanced boot options

Accessing advanced boot options don’t require any special skill. But remember that you can access these settings only while booting/starting the PC and cant access them from a booted system. So all we have to do is to create a situation where these options show up while booting up the PC.

Accessing advanced boot options windows 10 have  3 ways to do it. Note that all these options can be activated only if your PC can boot. To access these options when your PC cant boot, skip this section and read below section.

Pro Note – Remember that if you have enabled bitlocker , you need to disable it to acess advanced boot menu.

1. Boot into Windows 10 advanced boot options by pressing Shift Key and restart option

This option is very simple and straightforward.

  • While the system is running go to menu from Windows logo at bottom left.
  • From the menu, click on power option.
  • Now press the SHIFT button from the keyboard click on restart option.
  • PC now restarts and goes into advanced boot options screen.
  • Click on Troubleshoot options from the displayed menu.
  • From the next menu click on advanced options.

Now you are in Windows 10 advanced boot options and ready to use.

2. Access Windows 10 advanced boot options from settings option

  • Go to the main menu from Windows logo at bottom left and click on settings.
  • From settings, click on Windows update and security option.
  • Here, now click on recovery option from the left side menu.
  • various recovery options are now displayed on your screen. Click on Restart Now button under Advanced startup options tag.
  • our PC gets restarts and displays the menu. click on Troubleshoot, then advanced options from displayed menu’s.

You can now access windows 10 advanced boot options. Use arrow keys to navigate between options. and Enter button to select them.

3. Access Windows 10 advanced boot options by typing command in PowerShell/command terminal.

  • While on the desktop, press windows button and X button from your keyboard..
  • Click on open Windows PowerShell(admin) to open command terminal with administrator rights.
  • Now type the following command on Powershell terminal.
    shutdown.exe /r /o
  • Windows now restart and show you a recovery menu. Click on troubleshoot and then advanced options.

You can now access windows 10 advanced boot options and recover your PC on the go for free.

While you can access these options only from the booted system. But what about when your PC won’t boot and you wanted to access these options? Let’s check.

How to access Advanced boot options when the computer won’t boot

This is super easy. While you cant boot the system, windows have the feature that automatically enables and shows you advanced boot options. This setting triggers when PC cant be booted for 3 successive tries.

But if you still can’t get the advanced options, You can create a situation for triggering these settings. Just do following steps.

Turn on your computer and as screen show booting screen, turn of the PC or remove the power cable. Again repeat the same procedure for 3 times and on 4th booting, you can see windows 10 advanced boot options.

How to enable Window 10 Advanced Boot Options screen permanently

One can permanently enable advanced boot options screen that displays every time when you boot ( start, restart) your computer. please note that this should not be necessary and only do if you really want to.

  • At first, you have to open command terminal / PowerShell with admin rights. To do this press Windows button and X button from your keyboard and select Windows PowerShell (admin).
  • Now type or copy paste the following command line and hit enter.
    bcdedit /set {globalsettings} advancedoptions true
  • This command line will enable advanced boot menu by default for every start.
  • To disable this default feature, you can type following command line in PowerShell.
    bcdedit /set {globalsettings} advancedoptions false

The same methods apply to windows 8 also. You can use these methods to enable and access advanced boot menu for Windows 8/8.1.

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