How To Access Windows 10 Advanced Power Settings Along With Benefits

Most of our activities are carried out on our computers. You can maintain optimal performance using the most reliable and trustworthy operating system, Windows 10. With the default performance level of the OS, we can achieve a balanced level of performance. This article explores windows 10 advanced power settings.

windows 10

Our work may require us to execute at higher levels in some cases. You may need to tweak your Windows 10 power options to enjoy higher performance levels. The methods outlined on this page will help you optimize your advanced power settings and make them more efficient.

Few settings could be done even without access to advanced settings. You can fix it if file explorer is not working, even when you don’t get access to advanced settings.

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Methods To Access Windows 10 Advanced Power Settings

Advanced power settings on Windows 10 are often easily accessed. Here is what you ought to do to find them:

  1. Click on the Windows logo icon available on your bar
  2.  In the search bar, search for ‘Control Panel’ and click on it.control panel
  3.  Click on ‘Hardware and Sound’ and click it.
  4.  Select ‘Power’ Options.
  5.  Navigate to the ‘Change plan settings.’advanced
  6.  Locate and click on ‘Change Advanced Power Settings.’

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Benefits of Windows 10 Advanced Power Settings

Here is a list of features you can modify to your liking.

Hard Disk

During continuous data reading and writing, a hard drive consumes power.

hard disk

The hard drive will stop spinning after a specified time to save energy. It is imperative to note that this option only affects PCs with hard drives, and PCs with SSDs (solid-state drives) will not be affected.

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Internet Explorer

Considering Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10; I do not understand Microsoft’s decision to keep this option on Windows 10.


It lets you manage how Internet Explorer handles Javascript in the browser.

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Desktop Background

You can turn on or off the slide show feature that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper every few seconds. This option should only be tweaked if you use slideshow wallpaper.


Wallpaper constantly changing consumes a lot of PC resources, even when the PC is idle, and depending on the quality, power consumption can be substantial. By choosing Paused, you can disable this feature; if you select Available, it will enable.  

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Wireless Adaptor

If you choose this option, you can control whether the network adaptor stays awake, keeps receiving packets from the network, or falls asleep when the WLAN 802.11 power save mode enabled network turns to rest.


However, there is one big problem with this option. If the network from which you are receiving the signal does not support the 802.11 power-saving protocol, this might result in your network connection dropping and poor performance when you put it on the power-saving settings.

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Windows 10 is most used and at times it is necessary to get to advanced settings. In advanced settings, you can modify the system needs as per your necessities. Access the advanced settings and complete the needed necessities. Hoping this article has helped you to reach your desired goals.

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