How To Fix Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing?

Windows 10 was released as the Windows NIT OS (Operating System). It was developed by Windows and launched in July 2015. It provides many features, including the startup menu, which is to be dealt with here. In this article, we will be discussing the problem of the Windows 10 startup menu missing.

A start menu is a primary location in windows that allows one to look out or locate all the installed programs, files, or folders present in the computer system. , The start menu was replaced with the new start screen for Windows 8 and 8.1, but it was returned for default use in the Windows 10 version of the NIT Operating Systems provided by Microsoft. The startup menu comprises all the programs and files, including the settings and FAQs.

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Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing

Are your start menu and Cortana search not working? This blog will discuss the top eight effective methods to fix start menu issues on windows 10. 

Method #1 Restart Your PC

The start menu or taskbar not working issue sometimes arises because we are continuously using our PC or forget to shutdown our pc and then after a long time we again start working on it. An effective and quick fix to this problem is to shut down your pc, wait for 5-10 min and then restart your PC. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try out the following method.

Method #2 Restart Windows Explorer

  1. Firstly, to restart windows explorer, open task manager. You can right-click on the taskbar and choose task manager. If you cannot right-click on the taskbar, you can press the control alt and delete button ( ctrl + alt + del )
  2. Select task manager from there
  3. Finally look for windows explorer select it clicks on the restart button. This should fix the issue.

Method #3 Start Your PC In The Safe Mode

  1. Open the task manager, click on the file menu, select the run new task, type ‘ ms config,’ and press enter. You will see the system configuration window go to the boot tab, tick the safe boot box, click apply, and ok
  2. now restart your pc in safe mode again
  3. after your PC has restarted safely; follow the above steps to open the system configuration
  4. untick the safe boot box, then restart your pc again
  5. now check if the start menu is working. If not, move to the following method.

 Method #4 Run SFC Command

  1. to run the SFC command open task manager ” Ctrl + Alt + Delete.”
  2. Then click on the file menu and select the run new task
  3. type ‘ PowerShell.’
  4. now tick the below box to run it as administrator. PowerShell will open in administrator mode.
  5. Now type this command ‘ SFC /scannow ‘ then press enter
  6. wait until verification is 100%.
  7. It will take some time, in the end, you will see some problems or maybe not
  8. only. If you get problems, then type the below command on Powershell
  9. ‘ Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth ‘
  10. then press enters, it will again take some time. You have to be a little patient it will fix the issues with system files
  11. now check if the start menu is working.

Method #5 Reset All Apps 

This is another method to fix the problem of Windows 10 startup menu missing. ( note that if you reset all the apps, you will lose all the data in those apps )

  1. to reset all apps, open the PowerShell as administrator mode using the below steps
  2. open task manager ” Ctrl + Alt + Delete “
  3. then single click on the file menu and select the run new task
  4. type ‘ PowerShell ‘
  5. now tick the below box to run it as administrator. PowerShell will open in administrator mode.
  6. copy this command 
  7. ‘ Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.XML”} ‘
  8. paste it on Powershell; now press enters if you see some error in red, ignore them
  9. check if the issue is fixed. If not, try the next method.

Method #6 Create A New User Account

if none of the above-mentioned methods work, you can always create a new user account and start working on that. hopefully, that will resolve the issue open PowerShell as administrator mode (see method 4 for steps)

  1. type
  2. ‘ net user newuseraccountsusername password /add.’
  3. eg ‘ net user SumiitYadav [email protected] /add ‘
  4.  and press enter now restart the pc and log in with the new user

Method #7 Run An Antivirus Scan

If you are constantly on the internet and do a job that deals in finance or work for a large company in high positions, you are constantly lookout by hackers. These hackers will access your PC remotely and wait for a few months to get all your valuable data. Fix to these is run well-published antivirus on your PC and consult with the antivirus company regarding settings to make your PC and wifi are least vulnerable to hackers.

After running the antivirus, it will automatically remove the virus, and your problem will get fixed.

 Method #8 Reset Your PC

  1. the last step to fix the start menu not working is resetting the pc for this open task manager, ” Ctrl + Alt + Delete.”
  2. then click on the file menu and select the run new task
  3. type ‘system reset’ in the text field and press enter
  4. choose now how you would like to reset your pc
  5. if you want to keep all your files
  6. then click 1st option saying
  7. Keep My Files (removes windows app and settings, but keeps all your files)
  8.  it will then display the apps that are going to be released. You have to reinstall them after the reset
  9. if you want to erase everything, then choose the second option saying Remove Everything (Removes all personal files, apps, settings)

Note: make sure you take your backup before choosing option 2


Therefore, follow the instructions to reset your pc, which will undoubtedly fix the start menu.


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