Windows Live Mail Won’t Open | 8 Easy Fixes

“Message could not be displayed. Windows Live Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message.”-Windows Live Mail Won’t Open error.

If you woke up to the Windows live mail wont open’ message after installing the new windows live mail update, you are not alone. And we at XXX(insert band portal name) are here to help.

With the new windows update landing last week, the windows user community has been abuzz with the latest update. Unfortunately, with a new update comes new bugs and errors. While being praised for the new and more engaging user interface, the company faced backlash, when various users complained about the windows, live mail won’t start messages being shown by Windows Live Mail. 


The Windows Live mail service is one of the most widely used email services, majorly as it pre-installed with the windows update. Along with offering several new and free features along with reliable encryption for the emails, 

 Although a mini fix-up update is already in the making, users cannot use their emails on the system. But our smart readers need not be frustrated over the much-beloved windows mail, for which. Tips and tricks on solving error messages and fixing the windows Live mail for your usage until the mini update is available for download. Let’s get to it.

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Reasons For Windows Live Mail Won’t Open

Although unlikely, in its statement, Microsoft stands by that the fault in the update for the live mail may be the cause for the popular mailing service’s malfunction. For more information on how to correctly install the new windows version check out our other articles.

If you are confident that this isn’t the cause, you may want to check your internal memory and clean it. We highly recommend the Cleanex software for this purpose, or you can also do that manually. The steps are mentioned below.

Windows live mail

Some in the tech community also believe that the culprit may be incompatible with the mail server. It seems unsupported by some popular email services like windows live mails rival, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc. 

 With Microsoft facing heat on the issue from its users, our sources inform us that a mini patch update is already in the works and could be available for download as soon as the start of the next working week. There is a problem for those who use Windows and want to keep their personal files, such as pictures, music, and documents. Click here to learn how to fix it.

Windows Live Mail Won’t Open Solutions

Here are a few temporary fixes for Windows Live Mail Won’t Open, we recommend you try for the time being.

Method 1 Error 1001B27A

Or the authentication error. The can’t open windows live mail issue is caused when the email you are using on the service is from a different company. Hence the problem in authenticating the servers may present itself.


 A simple solution is to go to your account settings and manually set the mail server or authenticate it.

 In our research, both methods worked, although manual authentication can be tricky for the nontechies out there to recommend the authentication process. More detailed steps on that in this link.

Method 2  Windows Live Mail Won’t Open then Reinstall

Old is rightly gold. This old-time trick can usually reset and resolve the windows live mail not opening problem independently and is one of the first rabbits out of the cap. The simplest one of all, but its credibility is still the highest.

reset pc

And in case you have corrupt software, this is your best and safest bet without losing or risking your data or doing an entire reboot.

Method 3 Shift To A New Service

While windows live, mail service is one of the most popular ones. It is simply convenient because of its easy access.

New service

Although windows live mail is the market winner for the most share in the email category, it won’t be fair to dismiss other services without giving them a try. 

Method  4 Cache

Unexpectedly some people also report that uncleaned cache, which can slow down your computer, can be one reason to be blamed for the latest windows live mail error


Cache hides in notoriously hard-to-find places under various assumed names like app data or temp storage.

This is the culprit for your windows slowing down or lagging, or needing frequent reboots. In simple words-clean your cache, people!

Method 5 Windows Live Mail Won’t Open then Run In Compatibility Mode

  1. Firstly, open the File Explorer and Navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Windows Live Mail’ or ‘C:\Program Files(x86) \Windows Live Mail’ under the Local Disk (C:).’
  2. After this, right-click on the ‘wlmail.exe’ file and open properties.’properties
  3. Open Properties window, click on the ‘Compatibility tab’
  4. Check the ‘Run this program compatibility mode ‘ box and, from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select ‘Windows 7’. Following this, check the ‘Run this program as an administrator’
  6. Confirm these applied changes and then restart the Windows Live Mail client. 

As the name suggests, this is a simple tweak in compatibility settings. Doing so properly can resolve most of the issues that haunt all and are troublesome for the many current Windows Live Mail users. Since Windows 10 has discontinued the support for Windows Live Mail, just switching to a different compatibility mode should resolve the Windows Live Mail Won’t Open issue.

Method  6 Repair The Program

It can so happen that there might be some corrupted files in the program. Hence, it is needed to repair the program as the support has been discontinued, which has halted the necessary updates ensuring the smooth functioning of Windows Live Mail.

  1. Click ‘Start’ or press the ‘Windows key’ on the keyboard and navigate to the ‘Control Panel’.control panel
  2. After opening the control panel, under the ‘Programs’ option, select the ‘Uninstall a program’ option and then right-click on ‘Windows Live Essentials’ and select the ‘Uninstall/Change’ option. After doing so, there will be an option display– ‘Repair all Windows Live programs.unIntall or repair
  3. Click on it, and if done correctly, all the corrupted files are deleted so that Windows Live Mail will function repair

Many of the well-versed users advise this as one of the most-suited remedies for the many problems faced while working with the Windows Live Mail client. Since it is more logical to perform a repair function than reinstalling the whole Essentials Suite.

Method 7 Reconfigure The Windows Live Mail account

The account creation screen is display. And as the WLM program runs with many popular E-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo – the account creation process is easy and upfront. But when it comes to using an Outlook account, the process gets a bit more complex. We can tackle the Windows Live Mail Won’t Open problem by following this method: 

  1. Click on the option Sign in with Outlook account and enter the Username and Password.

log out of icloud from Outlook

  1. Check the ‘Manually configure server setting option and click ‘Next.’
  2. Set the ‘Server type’ to ‘IMAP’ and then change the ‘Server address’ to ‘,’ set the port to ‘993’.
  3. Check the ‘Requires a secure connection (SSL) option.’SSL Settings
  4. Set Server address to ‘’ for ‘Outgoing server information’ and check the ‘Require a secure connection (SSL).’ After this, enter the Outlook email address as the login username and click on ‘Next.’

The email creation is successful. There will be no problems in receiving and sending new emails. In reality, Windows Live Mail runs smoothly on Windows 10, but one may run into some issues while creating an account. Setting the server information manually.

Method 8 Check Firewalls

To troubleshoot any connection-dependant application requires a Firewall check-up. Since Windows Live Mail needs to connect to a dedicated server for accessing the mail inbox and sync, it is mandatory to allow the WLM client to do so. Since Windows 10 and Windows Live Mail are on the wrong foot from the start. The Firewall might block Windows Live Mail.

  1. First, in theWindows Search bar’, search for ‘Firewall’ and open the ‘Windows Firewall.’windows firewall
  2. Upon opening this program, click on the ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’ link.
  3. Then click on the ‘Change settings’ button.
  4. The Allowed apps and features dialogue box. Scroll down and enable the following protocols for both Private and Public network: ‘Windows Live Communications Platform,’ ‘Windows Live Communications Platform (SSDP),’ ‘Windows Live Communications Platform (UPnP).’wlm
  5. After doing so, confirm the made changes and then restart the system.


One temporary error in the popular and beloved windows live mail is not enough to leave the beloved service for good. For a more permanent solution, wait for the update, which is just around the corner. You can also decide to shift to another service, but that’s a discussion for a whole new topic. Meanwhile, try the solutions for Windows Live Mail Won’t Open. We just mentioned above and let us know if they worked for you in the comments. 

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