Windows Media Player Can’t Find Album Info? Here’s How To Fix

Traditionally users can get album info in Windows media player by right-clicking an album and selecting find album info. Still, some users have also stated that this simple way does not work for them.

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Ways To Fix This Problem

  1. Refreshing windows media player database
  2. Reinstall windows media player
  3. Troubleshooting windows media player
  4. Enable windows media player
  5. Edit the host’s file
  6. Delete art cache
  7. Change value date

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Refresh Windows Media Player Database

To refresh the database, the user needs to open run; for windows 10 and 11 users, first type the run inside the search bar. Moreover, press open from the pane on the right.

And for Windows 7 users, click the start button and type the word run in the start menu search box, then open the run command window.

However, a simple command can also be done, i.e., window key + R, a keyboard shortcut.

  1. Open run. 
  2. Then enter %LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftMedia Player in the box and click
  3. File explorer will be opened.
  4. Then, the user needs to select all the files in the folder by holding the ctrl key while not selecting subfolders.
  5. Then delete the selected folder content.
  6. Opening WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER will then rebuild the database. windows media player

Reinstall Windows Media Player

  1. Open run window
  2. Enter appwiz.cplin the box that opened. run
  3. Click ok
  4. Then click turn windows features on or off. click turn windows features
  5. Expand media features
  6. Deselect the windows media player check box and click ok
  7. Then restart windows after turning off windows media player
  8. After that, open the windows features again. windows features
  9. Select windows media player check box
  10. Click ok to reinstall WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 

Troubleshooting Windows Media Player

  1. Open control control panel
  2. Search troubleshooting. troubleshooting
  3. Click on view all at the right pane
  4. Find WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER setting and WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER library troubleshoot
  5. Run each of them

Enable Windows Media Player

  1. Firstly, open control panelopen control panel
  2. Change view by drop-down to small icons
  3. Search for defender firewall of windows defender firewall of windows 
  4. Select Allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall on the right pane.
  5. Click change settings
  6. Search for WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and its network services
  7. Check both public and private boxes
  8. Finally click ok

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Edit The Host’s File

  1. Firstly, open file explorer
  2. Enter C: WindowsSystem32driversetc in the address bar of file exploreenter c windowssystem32driversetc
  3. Then press return.
  4. Right-click hosts.txt and select open with -> notepadhosts.txt
  5. Then find the line in the hosts’ file that has:
  6. If the numbers precede, edit that number to Therefore, the line should then be
  7. Click file. Go to save as option
  8. Right-click the hosts.txt file on the desktop and select rename
  9. Delete the txt extension from the file title
  10. After that, right-click the hosts file on the desktop
  11. Select copy
  12. Open the path C: > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc in the file explorer again
  13. Then right-click a space within the host’s folder and select page

Delete Art Cache

  1. Firstly, close the windows media media player
  2. Press and hold the windows = E key to open windows explorer or find the windows explorer through the search bar.
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player\Art Cache
  4. Delete all the files inside the art cache folder
  5. Finally restart windows media player

Change Value Date

  1. Open Run dialog box, with the suitable way as mentioned at the beginning of this article
  2. Type regedit into a Run dialog boxtype regedit
  3. Clock ok to open the registry editor
  4. Navigate to the tree located in the left side pane: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\TunerConfig
  5. Find the PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER on the right side of the pane and then double click on it.
  6. Change its value date from “pmpMusicMatch” to a blank value
  7. Then save that
  8. Finally, restart the windows media player, and the software will make a restoring
  9. Then everything will work.

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Those are seven solutions that will probably fix the windows media player can’t find album info problem. However, Microsoft has confirmed it has stopped supporting the metadata service for windows media player in windows 7. So, windows 7’s media player no longer displays a new genre, title, cover art, director, and artist metadata.

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