Fix The Error “Windows Not Recognizing Headphones”

Everyone likes to listen to music, providing a calming atmosphere to work. Headphones have become useful for that. What if you have plugged in your headphones with your PC, but it’s not working so, this article explores the error windows not recognizing headphones.

headphones not working in windows

There can be many reasons why your headphones might not work in windows. But before that, you need to test your headphones by plugging them into another device and see if the headphones are faulty.

Adding on to the problems you already have, is your audio system of the laptop also troubling you? With the issues like windows not recognizing headphones, headphones jack not working, and many more. Don’t worry, try to become a tech pro as soon as possible.

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Easy Fixes For Windows Not Recognizing Headphones

If your headphones don’t work on the other device, then you have your solution, but if they are working fine, the problem might be in the aux port of your PC, or it could be some faulty software settings. Check out the following possibilities that could also help to fix your problem:

Check The Connectivity

Be wired headphones or wireless; a proper connection is a must.

internet connectivity

Otherwise, it can create static or unclear sounds. It might result in your laptop not recognizing your headphones. So, make sure you have connected them properly.

Clean Your Headphones And PC

If there is dust in the jack of the PC or over the headphone cable, it might hinder the connection between the two. So, you should clean all the dust over and in-between the devices to ensure smooth connectivity and practice this regularly.

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Set Your Headphones As The Default Device

For this, you need to follow some steps.

  1. First, right-click the volume icon and click on the ‘Open sound settings. A screen will open in front of you, showing the Sound heading, under which you will find an Output option. sound settings
  2. There you can choose your headphones from the drop-down menu. bluetooth
  3. And then, you can enable them and click on set as default.

This is an easy way to fix the error windows not recognizing headphones.

Reinstall Or Update The Sound Drivers

Sometimes the fault could also be from the software’s end, by which the sound from the PC is not delivered to us or the headphones. To fix the software problem, right-click on the start menu and click on Device Manager from the box that appears.

device manager

A window will appear, and you will find an option as “Sound, Video and Game controllers.” Double click on this category and check if your audio driver is there. When you see your driver, right-click on it, select UPDATE DRIVER, and then select “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

If it does not work, then right-click on the driver to disable the device and then try rolling back the driver upon selecting “Properties,” then “Driver” tab, where you will find “Roll Back Driver” click on that and choose OK.

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Check Your Bluetooth Connectivity

This is for wireless or Bluetooth headphones. First, check if your headphones’ Bluetooth version is compatible with your laptop’s Bluetooth.

  1. You can check your laptop’s Bluetooth version by going to START > DEVICE MANAGER > BLUETOOTH. device manager
  2. Expand the Bluetooth to check the latest version. bluetooth
  3. Ensure that you have enabled your Bluetooth before connecting your headphones.

This is the simplest way to fix the error if windows not recognizing headphones.

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Run Audio Troubleshooter

It would help if you had an active internet connection to get recommendations regarding troubleshooting.

  1. Press WIN (window logo) +I to launch the settings and select the Updates and Security from the menu tiles. update
  2. Click on the option of Troubleshoot on the left side. Then, click on the “additional troubleshooter link.” You will see some options on the screen; select “playing audio,” then click on “run the troubleshooter.”


A dialog box will appear, from which select the audio device you want to run the troubleshooting for. After this, your PC will scan the connected audio devices and make recommendations. You can apply those recommendations and then test the sound from the appeared dialog box.

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Check For The Windows Update

If you are working on an outdated version of the Windows operating system, it can affect the working of your headphones and make them incompatible with the PC.

  1. Open the settings either using WIN+I or using search in the start menu.update
  2. Select the ‘Update and Security and click on ‘Windows update.’ win updates
  3. Then check for the recent updates and install them.

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Change The Default Sound Format

Another way to fix your headphones problem is to change the sound format. For this, open the control panel and click on the Sound option.

control panel

You will find an option as ‘Playback,’ under which you will see an option ‘default playback device.’ Double click on the opportunity and then switch to the Advanced tab. There you can change the default sound format from the drop-down menu. You can select the sound quality per your preference or choose’ 24-bit, 48000 Hz (studio-quality)’. And then test the headphones afterward to check the good quality.


When your device stops working in the middle of a task, it can be a little frustrating, but it can be fixed using a little troubleshooting. Sometimes, the audio issue can be fixed just by restarting your PC with the headphones plugged in. If the headphones still do not work, you can try some of the above techniques to figure out the problem in your system, or you can always check it by an expert or a professional. That will also enable you to have your device repaired if you face any issues with headphones or a PC.

I hope these techniques above might help in some way or the other! But windows itself provide several measures so that you can resolve any potential software issues. Hoping this article has helped you to solve the error windows not recognizing headphones.

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