Xbox Wireless Adapter Not Working Solved

Xbox wireless adapters are popular among gamers because they enable players to play their favorite games on Windows PCs, tablets, and laptops using any Xbox wireless controller. They can connect up to eight controllers, four chat headsets, and a couple of stereo headsets. However, many purchasers report Xbox Wireless Adapter not working on Windows 10 and other Windows versions despite its popularity and improvement. It may happen because your Windows is really slow.

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xbox wireless adapter not working

When the Xbox adapter frequently fails to connect, causes connectivity problems, or fails to synchronize. Users occasionally report different difficulties and errors related to the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. However, the Xbox wireless adapter not functioning issue is becoming increasingly prevalent. Some customers are unable to connect the adapter, while others are unable to synchronize. Many of them are concerned and have no idea what occurred.

As a result, in this article, I will categorise various Xbox Wireless adapter not functioning issues and how to solve them to resume using the Xbox Wireless adapter on Windows 10.

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Most Common Xbox Wireless Adapter Connection Errors

  1. The Xbox Wireless Adapter is not working properly.
  2.  Adapter for Windows 10 did not auto-install, and the controller would not connect to the Adapter.
  3. It was formerly operational but is no longer functional.unable to connect
  4. Controller disconnects from the Adapter regularly.
  5. These are some of the Xbox Wireless adaptor connectivity issues that customers are experiencing.

Adapter driver is missing, corrupted, or incompatible with Windows 10, which is the most common cause of the Xbox Wireless adapter not working and other connectivity issues.

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Fix For Xbox Wireless Adapter Not Working

The following are few methods to solve the issue

Method 1 Download And Install The Most Up-to-Date Device Driver

You may experience the Xbox wireless adapter not functioning issue if you have installed outdated or incompatible drivers. As a result, you must upgrade your driver to the most recent version. It is possible to do so in Device Manager.


The specific stages are as follows:

  1. Go to the internet and download the most recent driver for your wireless device. Then, unzip and save the downloaded file.
  2.  Click Win + X to bring up the Start menu. Then choose Device Manager.
  3.  In Device Manager, expand the Network adapters category by double-clicking it.device manager
  4.  Select Update driver from the context menu of your Xbox One wireless device.
  5.  Browse my computer for driver software in the pop-up box. Choose Browse and browse to the spot where you saved the driver. Then, to complete the process, follow the onscreen tutorial.

After installing the most recent driver, you may test whether the Xbox One wireless adapter is still not working.

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Method 2 Xbox Wireless Adapter Not Working Then Link The Controller To The Adapter

If you have successfully connected the Xbox One wireless adapter, but the Xbox One wireless adapter still does not function, you must sync your controllers with the adapter. Ensure you’re inside the adapter’s range (maximum 6 meters), and then proceed with the troubleshooting procedures below.

  1.  Press and hold the Sync button on the receiver until it on sync
  2. When it begins to flash, hit both the Connect button on the console and the Connect button on the controller.
  3. If the controller binds, you’ve resolved the Xbox wireless adapter is not functioning issue. Then disconnect your Xbox One adapter, reset the device, and plug it back in or into another port.usb port
  4. In case you plugged the adapter into a USB 3.0 port and the Xbox One wireless adapter did not function, try connecting it into a 2.0 USB port. 

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Method 3 Modify The Power Settings

If the controller does not sync after restarting your device and the Xbox wireless adapter is still not working, something is probably wrong with your power management settings. You must modify the power settings to resolve the issue.

  1. Click Win + R to open the Run dialogue box. Then, in the box, you must type devmgmt.msc and press OK to start Device Manager.
  2. Right-click your wireless adapter in the pop-up box and choose Properties from there.settings
  3.  Navigate to the Power Management section. Disable the Selective Suspend box. 
  4.  Then, Click OK to confirm the changes you have created.

Following that, your Xbox wireless adapter should function normally.

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Well, Xbox Wireless Adapter is not functioning properly on Windows 10 is a significant issue that must be resolved as soon as possible to begin utilizing it. So, in this article attempted to cover some of the most common Xbox Wireless adapter connection issues in Windows 10 along with comprehensive solutions.

Check that you have followed the instructions completely and connected your adapter to the controller and Windows appropriately. It is expected that the methods provided will work for you, but if you are still unable to connect or the adapter is not working, you may need to change the adapter and purchase a new one.

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