Fix – ‘You Need To Fix Your Microsoft Account For Apps On Your Other Devices To Be Able To Launch Apps’ Error

All Windows users benefit from using apps that are in sync and run in a unified network, thereby providing a better user experience. While this union of apps allows the smooth running of Windows, sometimes, a few apps fall out of this network, and the operating system goes out of sync. Therefore, your system flashes the error “You need to fix your Microsoft account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps.” Click here if your Internet is not working even after your wifi is connected.

microsoft account for apps

It is manually taxing for a user to set up all the apps on their system and implement a common theme or setting. Windows, especially the newer version of Windows 10, take care of minor settings that can apply to all apps. A disruption in this natural setting is what causes the error. However, this article will teach us how to fix the Microsoft account and resolve this error.

Delve deeper into your Microsoft account and ensure there is no recurrence of such a problem again!

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Fixing The Problem With The Microsoft Account To Fix Your Microsoft Account For Apps On Your Other Devices

Let’s discuss how to fix the problem with the Microsoft account.

Logging Out And Logging In Again

The simplest and the most traditional remedy for a Microsoft error is to log out from the system and then try getting back into the system. However, It does not entail any software installation or repair. Guide To Buy Windows XP Along With Benefits

  1. Use the key combination of control, alt, and delete, allowing your system to pop a screen with the signing out option. control, alt, and delete
  2. Sign out/log out from the account and log in again by entering the password and account name.
  3. Take a look at all the apps and the problematic app in question.

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Signing Out of The Microsoft Account To Be Able To Launch Apps

Firstly, being a Microsoft error, it makes perfect sense to sign out of Microsoft account on all devices to ensure that there is no error on just one but all devices. 

  1. Open the settings bar and look for the window titled “Accounts.” accounts
  2. Your account information is displayed on the accounts bar, where there is an option to sign in with a local account. sign in with a local account
  3. Enter and validate all local account details while moving on to the subsequent steps.
  4. Finish the process by signing out.
  5. After this, we must get back into the Microsoft system.
  6. Like before, use the settings bar and find the “Accounts” window. This time, Microsoft will display all details on your local account.
  7. Find the option allowing you to sign in by using an account operated by Microsoft. It is usually titled “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.” sign in with a microsoft account instead
  8. Choose that option and proceed. Ensure to submit security details concerning your Microsoft account. Proceed by authorizing all permission sought by Microsoft.
  9. The signing-in process is complete, and Microsoft needs to verify the account details you entered by you.
  10. In the accounts window itself, locate the option for account verification and choose the option that lets you verify.
  11. Enter the mail ID and other details attached to your Microsoft account. mail id on microsoft
  12. Validate using the OTP or any activation link sent by Microsoft. code
  13. This method of getting out and then getting into your account is one the most effective ways to solve the “You need to fix your Microsoft account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps” error. Read this article if you are failed to connect to a window service.

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Tweaking Settings Of Share Across Devices

Turning off the Share across devices has also been found to solve the “You need to fix your Microsoft account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps” error.

  1. Please use the key combination of Windows and I keys to launch the settings tab.  setting in windows
  2. Find the “Apps” option and locate the option containing all apps’ features. share across devices
  3. So, you will find a unique option titled “Share across devices.” Please choose this option and turn it off.

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Remember My Apps To Fix Your Microsoft Account For Apps On Your Other Devices

As discussed before, the need to fix the Microsoft account for apps on other devices stems from the disruption in the pre-existing syncing of apps. But, getting apps back to sync and applying common preferences can rectify the error. Sometimes Microsoft Word does not respond. Along with this, see its solution too.

  1. Use the key combination of Windows, and I keys to open the “Accounts” bar. accounts

  2. Here, you should find an option titled “Windows backup.” windows backup

  3. There are two options operated via the toggle switch, “Remember my apps” and “Remember my preferences.” After that, turn on both these toggle operations. remember my apps and remember my preferences

  4. Take a brief look at other settings, such as language preferences and passwords. If your window showing this error Code 0x80070652, then read this article.

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Tweaking Group Policy To Fix Your Microsoft Account For Apps

  1. Use the key combinations of Window and R and launch the command prompt. 
  2. Type the command “gpedit. msc” in the dialog box and proceed. gpedit. msc
  3. Upon launching the Group Policy Editor, locate the option concerning notifications.
  4. Here, double-click on an option titled “Turn off toast notification.” turn off toast notification
  5. Enable and apply these settings. After that, close the Group Policy Editor and turn off the system. restart the system to be able to launch apps
  6. Restart the system and scan the problematic apps in question. 
  7. It is ideal if you need to fix your Microsoft account on your other devices. Click here to fix broken registry on windows 10.

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Windows Update 

A failure to implement the changes using other methods means that your version needs an update. In addition, It is a sure-shot way of rectifying the “You need to fix your Microsoft account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps” error. Can’t fix this “0x80080008 Error”? Read this article.

  1. Open the Windows PowerShell app and go to its admin option. wuauclt.exeupdatenow to fix your microsoft account
  2. Open the Command Prompt of the PowerShell console and type the following in the dialog box: “wuauclt.exe/updatenow” Allow the updating process. 

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Which Windows tools resolve this error?

The Command Prompt System Configuration Windows Updater Windows Installer DISM and SFC

Is there any other tool apart from Windows which can solve my problem?

If none of the Windows tools seems to work, you can use the Restoro repair tools to solve all issues.

Which Windows version is susceptible to such an error?

This error can occur in any version. However, older versions of Windows are more susceptible to such an error. It is fairly common in Windows 10 and 11 but can be easily rectified. Users are advised to regularly update their Windows, as a prolonged update may increase the risk of such an error.

Can DISM and SFC solve my error?

Corrupted files are a big reason for such an error to happen. So, Identifying such files at specific locations on the system helps to weed them out and restore the system's normalcy.


To sum up, we have successfully cracked the ways to fix the “You need to fix your Microsoft account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps” error. Users are advised to periodically update their Windows Operating system and only use the latest versions. After fixing this, you can do one last thing. Microsoft Teams sometimes does not uninstall. Resolve that error too.

Older versions are highly susceptible to such an error, and updating the OS is the way forward. Further, do not abruptly install any new software or third-party application to solve the error. Above all, this error can be solved by the basic process of signing out and signing in; using a third-party application for such an error brings a whole new list of problems, such as software conflicts and malware.


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