YouTube Cast To Roku Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do

Hey Folks! Today in this post, I will help you with one of the widespread problems people face with YouTube on Roku. Unaware about what Roku is precise? Let me introduce Roku to you before addressing the problem. If you face the problem of Youtube cast to Roku not working, then here is what you can do!


Roku is a sort of streaming gadget that allows you to turn any TV into a smart TV. YouTube is one of the many streaming apps available for Roku.

But isn’t it true that not everything always works as it should? So, what should be done if someone is having trouble using YouTube on Roku? In this post, I will be suggesting some possible solutions to the same issue.

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Fixes For YouTube Cast To Roku Not Working

The Following are few methods to fix YouTube cast to Roku Not Working

 Method 1 Reboot Your Device

The most common and first solution a person can think of is to restart the device, which is causing trouble. Restarting Roku requires following a few steps, which are mentioned below:

  1. Press the home button (x5) on your Roku remote.
  2. Click the up button (x1) and the rewind button (x2). youtube cast to Roku not working
  3. Touch the Fast Forward Button (x2)
  4. Force restart Roku.

 Method 2 YouTube Servers Are Down

You may try YouTube on other devices, such as your smartphone or laptop, to see if it’s unavailable there as well. All you can try to do entry in this instance is wait for the servers to come back online. youtube cast to Roku not working

If you follow this site on social media, such as Twitter, they may notify their fans when YouTube will be available again.

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 Method 3 YouTube Cast To Roku Not Working Then Check Your Wi-Fi Router

You can also watch YouTube on other devices that utilise the same Wi-Fi as Roku, such as your smartphone or laptop. You may test your internet connection.

And if it’s low, you may do one of the following things:

Bring the router closer to the device. youtube cast to Roku not working

Reconnect the router by disconnecting it for a few minutes and plugging it back in. It will take a few minutes to reset fully, but this should allow Roku to run YouTube.

To remedy the issue, contact your internet service provider.

 Method 4 Update Roku On Your Device

Another possible solution is checking for updates on Roku and if there are updates available, make sure you go through them. Maybe YouTube is not compatible with the current version on Roku now and is looking for an updated version.

To achieve that, follow the following steps:

  1. Hit HOME button
  2. Scroll until you see the SYSTEM youtube cast to Roku not working
  3. In System, go to SYSTEM UPDATE
  4. Check for RokuOS updates. ( if available )

 Method 5 Re-install The Application

Locate your YouTube app on the Roku main screen. Then, on your remote, press the asterisk “*” button to access the Channel Menu. 



After that, the Remove Channel button should appear. Wait for it to be removed from your device before clicking OK. Simply return to the Streaming Channels area and install YouTube again.

An Important note: Remove only the YouTube App, not the YouTube Tv App.

 Method 6 Try YouTube TV App Instead

For many consumers, the YouTube TV app performs far superior to the YouTube mobile app. When it comes to utilising your Roku, there aren’t many changes between the two, but you can still watch all your favourite YouTube material. youtube cast to Roku not working

The YouTube TV app is intended for use with streaming devices such as the Roku. You may add it to your device by searching for it in the Streaming Channels menu. Then, click Add Channel to have the app display on your homepage.

 Method 7 YouTube Cast To Roku Not Working Then Lower The Video’s Streaming Quality

If the videos aren’t loading properly or are taking a long time to buffer, you should reduce the streaming quality. The bandwidth required by high-resolution movies may be too much for your internet connection. youtube cast to Roku not working

To reduce the video quality, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Roku home page
  2. Then to the settings menu.
  3. You should be able to access the Display Type section there.
  4. Reduce the screen resolution to 720p

watching video

You might also wish to choose “Auto Detect” so that the device can adjust the resolution without your intervention. Simply decreasing the parameters has a significant impact on video buffering.


Did you discover a solution that worked for you in this post? Make sure to leave us a comment and tell us how you fixed your Roku device! I hope you have got the solution to the problem youtube cast to Roku not working.

We’d also want to hear if you discovered a workaround that wasn’t mentioned above. What steps did you take to make your YouTube app run on Roku? 

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