How To Fix The Zedge App Warning Notification Issue?

Zedge is a popular Android app with a large user base. The app offers a variety of options for nice HD wallpapers, ringtones, backgrounds to its users. Besides this, one can also download live wallpapers from it. Zedge comes with the premium version and the free version. Under the premium version, users can benefit from the high-quality exclusive features.

zedge ringtone app
zedge ringtone app

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It is a popular app as it allows you to customize your android devices. Don’t waste your time downloading wallpapers, alarms, or ring tones from different websites. You can find all this in one app. Otherwise, you may have to download other apps for it. You can also get the latest ringtones you might be looking for through this app. Thus, the app remains up-to-date with the options it offers. Undoubtedly, it’s very famous among Android users.

Why Do You Receive Warning Notifications From Google Play?

May users receive a warning from Google play that the Zedge app is unsafe to use. The users got scared and worried. Therefore, the notice was issued because of some bug (possibly malware or virus) invading the app. Google play warned users that their devices might crash because of the Zedge app on their phones. The app uses the user database to make them accessible to the app. Hence, the cause of concern was that the app might hack the users’ devices. So, the warning was issued because of security reasons (zedge may be harmful).

zedge warning notification
zedge warning notification

 It was recommended that the users uninstall and delete the app. Many people claimed that the problem was caused because of some third-party application. Also, many say that the ads that pop up while using the app may have caused some issues.

The app was also taken down from the Google Play store for some time. Developers looked into the problem. The exact problem that led to this crash is still unknown. But, developers were able to eliminate the pain caused by the app.  

What to do to fix it So, now, if you are looking for what to do when you receive a warning notification, then don’t worry, there is a solution. The easiest way to fix such issues when you receive such notifications is to uninstall the app and delete it immediately.

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To Uninstall The App ( Zedge May Be Harmful )

  1. Go to Google play store.
  2. Search for the Zedge app on top of the search bar
  3. As Zedge app appears in the search list, tap on the Zedge app.
    zedge app
    zedge app
  4. Now you will see the uninstall option 
  5. Then tap on the uninstall option
  6. After uninstalling the app from Google play, delete the app on your phone devices.
  7. After doing this, you need not worry further.
  8. Once you have uninstalled the app, then again go to the google play store
  9. Open the app
  10. And, now tap on the install option

Once you re-install the app, you will get the updated version. Henceforth, you won’t receive any warning notifications on your phones.

You should not panic when you get the notification; you should not panic and follow the abovementioned instructions. The warning does not mean that now your phone will crash, and the notice is sent to ensure safety to its users. 

zedge mobile app
zedge mobile app

Re-installing is the best way to reboot your phone. Once you download the updated version, there are very few chances of any further problems. If you are still wary of using the app, then you can go for uninstall option only. When you have done proper research, re-install it only that the app is free of any malware or spyware. When the app contained any bugs, it was removed from the store immediately.

Should We Use It Now? (Zedge May Be Harmful)

Many users still worry about using the Zedge app for security reasons. Zedge was removed from google play immediately after some problem was detected. The developers worked on the bug and then got fixed it. The updated version without any malware or virus was put back into the google store. 

Hence, the newly updated app is safe to use. The problems were detected and worked onto it. The app is working smoothly, and no further issues are reported. It would help if you did not worry about crashing your phone now.

should we use it now
should we use it now

Additionally, it’s an excellent app that enables you to customize your devices personally. The premium version is safer as there are no ads, and you can seamlessly use the app. The ads are mostly said to have viruses. Zedge app has been in the market for so long, and it has worked smoothly. However, the warning notification was for users’ safety purposes and zedge may be harmful.


Whether to use this app or not, the choice remains with you. Everything has its pros and cons. Zedge asks you for some permissions like most of the apps. Like, location permission, reading( access to some of your files), or contact permission. Many users are reluctant to share the contact permission for privacy purposes. Suppose you are too concerned about not sharing all this information with some app. Then, the choice is yours.

On the other hand, Zedge is a useful app for customization purposes. Also, the issues were resolved by developers. Any of the apps can cause a bug. But, now the app is on Google store with the fully updated version and fully threat-free. Just make sure you are not using the previous version of the app.

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