Returning An Audible Book On iPhone: The Complete Guide

Ever felt stuck with an Audible book that just isn’t clicking? Imagine the anticipation of starting a new audiobook, only to find it doesn’t meet your expectations. The narration grates, the story drags, or it doesn’t resonate. How to return audible book on iPhone? Frustration mounts as you think of the wasted credit or money.

To return an Audible book on an iPhone, visit the Audible website in your browser, as the app doesn’t support returns. Log in, go to ‘Purchase History’ under your account settings, find the book, and click ‘Return Title.’ So, choose a reason for the return, and submit. Your credit or refund will be processed.

Here’s the silver lining: Audible understands that not every book perfectly matches every listener. That’s why they’ve made it possible for you to return a book that doesn’t hit the mark. How to return audible book on iPhone? With a few steps, you can reclaim that valuable credit and find a book that truly captivates you. Let’s turn that frustration into satisfaction by learning how to return an Audible book from your iPhone!

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How To Return An Audible Book On iPhone?

Returning an Audible book on your iPhone is straightforward, albeit not directly through the app. How to return audible book on app? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Your Web Browser: Open Safari or any web browser on your iPhone.
  2. Visit The Audible Website: Go to the Audible website and log in with the login credentials.
  3. Access Account Settings: Navigate to the ‘Account Details’ section once logged in.
  4. Head To Purchase History: Find and select ‘Purchase History’ in the account settings. However, this is where all your Audible purchases are listed.
  5. Locate The Book: Scroll through your purchase history to find the book you want to return.
  6. Initiate The Return: Next to the book, you’ll see an option to ‘Return Title.’ Click on this. You’ll be asked to select a reason for the return. Choose the one that best fits your situation.
  7. Confirm The Return: After selecting your reason, confirm the return. Audible processes the return and immediately refunds your credit or payment method.

Note: Audible’s return policy allows returns for any reason but within a certain time frame after the purchase. For more details on managing your Audible account, you can read this comprehensive guide.

What Happens After Returning An Audible Book?

How to return audible book on iPhone? Once you’ve successfully returned an Audible book on your iPhone, here’s what to expect:

  • Immediate Credit Refund: Audible typically reinstates the credit to your account immediately if you used a credit for the purchase.
  • Monetary Refunds: The refund process starts as soon as you complete the return for purchases made via other payment methods. The time it takes for the refund to reflect in the account varies depending on your payment method.
  • Book Removal: The returned book will be removed from your Audible library. However, you will only have access to listen to it if you repurchase it.
  • Browse For New Titles: With your credit back or expecting a refund, you can explore other titles in Audible’s extensive library to find a book better suited to your tastes. Hence, for additional tips on making the most out of your Audible experience, consider exploring this helpful resource.
  • Limitations And Restrictions: Audible might limit the number of returns if the feature is overused, as it’s intended to ensure customer satisfaction rather than a way to ‘borrow’ books.

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Key Considerations Before Returning A Book 

How to return book on audible app? Before initiating a return on Audible, it’s essential to know if your book meets the criteria:

  • Time Limit: Audible generally allows returns within 365 days of purchase. Hence, this generous window offers ample time to decide if the book is right for you.
  • Membership Status: You must be an Audible Premium Plus member in good standing to be eligible for returns.
  • Usage Limit: There isn’t a specific percentage of the book you must listen to before returning. However, Audible does monitor for abuse of the return policy, such as frequently returning titles after prolonged listening.

How to return audible book on iPhone? Meeting these conditions is crucial for a successful return. Hence, it ensures you can freely explore Audible’s vast library without worrying about being stuck with a book that doesn’t match your taste.

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Returning a Book After the 14-Day Period

How to return audible book on iPhone? Returning an Audible book after the standard 14-day period is still possible under Audible’s flexible policy:

  • 365-Day Return Window: Audible allows returns up to 365 days from the purchase date, giving you plenty of time to evaluate your purchase.
  • Partial Refunds: While Audible’s policy is accommodating, no explicit conditions for partial refunds are mentioned. Returns typically result in full credit or refund based on the original payment method.
  • Member Status: Ensure your Audible membership is active and in good standing to process the return.

Audible’s return policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction, even if you decide to return a book long after the initial 14-day period. For more insights on Audible’s policies and how to navigate them, this article may be of interest.

Additional Support And Resources 

How to return audible books on iPhone? If you need help with returns or any other Audible-related queries, customer support is readily available:

  • Contact Methods: Visit the Audible website and navigate to the ‘Help’ section. Utilize the ‘Contact Us’ option, which offers phone, email, or live chat support.
  • Returning Books Via Website: Log in to your Audible account on the website for returns. Go to ‘Purchase History’ in your account settings and follow the return process outlined there. Audible’s customer support team can handle a range of issues, ensuring a smooth experience for all users. However, for further assistance, check out Audible’s support options.


Can I return an Audible book after listening to it?

Yes, you can return an Audible book even if you've started listening to it, as long as it's within the return period.

How long do I have to return an Audible book?

Audible typically allows returns within 365 days of the purchase date.

Do I need to be an Audible member to return a book?

Yes, you must be an Audible member to return audiobooks.

How do I get a refund after returning an Audible book?

If you paid with a credit, you get a credit back. The refund then processes to your original payment method if you paid another way.

Can I return an Audible book purchased by mistake?

Yes, books purchased by mistake can be returned following the same process.

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Navigating Audible returns is straightforward and user-friendly. How to return audible book on iPhone? However, remember these key points for a hassle-free experience:

  • Understand The Criteria: Be aware of the eligibility criteria for returns, including the 365-day return window and membership status.
  • Utilize The Website: Use the Audible website for returns, as the app doesn’t support this feature.
  • Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to contact Audible’s customer support for any questions or issues.

Hence, embrace this benefit to discover audiobooks that truly resonate with you.

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