How To Take Product Photos With iPhone: Capturing High-Quality Images

You’ve got a fantastic product and want the world to see it. But here’s the rub: professional photography can be expensive and complicated. Your iPhone, a powerful tool already in your pocket, offers a solution. How to take product photos with iPhone? Many refrain from using it for product photography, thinking it can’t match professional standards

To take product photos with an iPhone, use natural lighting and a simple background to enhance focus on the product. Set your iPhone’s camera to the highest resolution. Hence, use a tripod for stability, and experiment with angles for the best composition. Utilise the iPhone’s editing tools or apps to refine the photos post-shooting.

But with the right techniques, your iPhone can capture stunning product photos that captivate your audience. How to take product photos with iPhone? Hence, from lighting to angles, we’ll guide you through unlocking your iPhone’s potential to create those eye-catching, sale-driving images.

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Essential Equipment For iPhone Product Photography 

For iPhone product photography, a few key pieces of equipment can enhance the quality of your photos:

  • iPhone (8 or Newer): A newer model ensures high-quality images with advanced camera features.
  • Compact Tripod: Stability is crucial for sharp images. How to take product photos with iPhone? Hence, a compact tripod holds your iPhone steady, especially in low-light conditions.
  • White Paper Background: A clean white paper background creates a distraction-free environment, highlighting your product effectively.
  • Clothespins: Useful for securing the white background or propping up smaller products for the perfect angle. Hence, for more details on the essential equipment and how to make the most of it, check out this guide.

How to take product photos with iPhone? The right iPhone captures high-resolution images, the tripod eliminates blur, the white background offers a professional look, and clothespins aid in precise product placement.

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Preparing Your Product For Photography

Before photographing your product with your iPhone, ensure it’s in pristine condition:

  • Clean The Product: Dust and fingerprints can detract from your product’s appeal. Hence, clean your product to ensure it looks its best under the camera lens.
  • Remove Labels Or Unnecessary Packaging: Any distracting labels or packaging should be removed to focus solely on the product.
  • Clean The iPhone’s Camera Lens: A clean lens is crucial for clear, sharp images. However, use a cloth to clean the lens gently.

How to take product photos with iPhone? These preparation steps are vital for professional-looking product photos, ensuring your product is showcased in its best light.

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Lighting Techniques For iPhone Product Photography

Lighting plays a critical role in iPhone product photography:

  • Utilising Natural Light: Shooting near windows can provide soft, natural light, offering soft shadows and definition. Hence, this light type is flattering for most products and creates a natural and appealing look.
  • Artificial Lighting Options: If natural light is insufficient, consider using artificial lighting like photo lightbox kits. How to take product photos with iPhone? Hence, these kits provide even, diffused light, eliminating harsh shadows.
  • Using Bounce Cards Or Foam Boards: Bounce cards or foam boards can reflect light onto the product, brightening shadows for a more balanced exposure. To dive deeper into lighting techniques and how to apply them effectively, read more about optimizing iPhone photography lighting.

Experimenting with natural and artificial lighting will help you find the perfect illumination for your product photos, enhancing your images’ overall quality and appeal.

Creating The Perfect Backdrop

Choosing the right backdrop is crucial for iPhone product photography:

  • Solid Backgrounds: Use solid-coloured backgrounds to keep the focus on the product. How to take product photos with iPhone? Simple and discreet backgrounds work best.
  • Colour And Texture Planning: Consider colours and textures that complement the product. Hence, avoid overly bright or patterned backdrops that could distract from the product.
  • Maintain A Clean Backdrop: Ensure the backdrop is clean and free of creases or distracting elements. Hence, a seamless, clean background lends a professional look to your photos. For additional insights on selecting and setting up the perfect backdrop, here’s a helpful article.

Capturing From Various Angles And Compositions

Experimenting with different angles and compositions can significantly enhance your product photos:

  • Experiment With Angles: Don’t limit yourself to one angle. How to take product photos with iPhone? Hence, try various heights and positions to find the most flattering angle for your product.
  • Avoid Digital Zoom: Instead of using the iPhone’s zoom feature, physically move closer to the product. Zooming can reduce image quality, whereas moving closer maintains clarity.

Capturing your product from multiple angles and compositions showcases it effectively and adds visual interest to your images.

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Post-Processing: Editing With Apps

How to take product photos with iPhone? For enhancing iPhone product photos, several photo editing apps are invaluable:

  • Adobe Lightroom: Known for its professional-grade tools, it offers advanced options for adjusting exposure, colour, and detail.
  • Be Funky: A user-friendly app with versatile editing tools, perfect for quick and effective edits.
  • Photoshop Fix: Offers Photoshop’s powerful editing features in a mobile-friendly format, ideal for detailed touch-ups.
  • Snapseed: A versatile app with various editing tools, including selective adjustments and filters. Hence, to learn more about these apps and how to use them effectively, explore this detailed guide.
  • VSCO: Popular for its aesthetic filters and basic editing tools, it adds a final creative touch.


Can I use an iPhone to take good product pictures?

Yes, an iPhone can be effectively used for product photography, especially for web listings and social media posts.

How do you take good pictures with your iPhone?

Ensure ample lighting, take various shots with different styling, and use the camera at table height for interesting angles.

How do I get good indoor lighting for iPhone pictures?

Shoot on sunny days for natural light and use reflectors to bounce light and reduce shadows.

Which camera is best for product photography?

The best camera is the one you have with you. Modern iPhone cameras are sufficient for high-quality product photography.

Can I use my iPhone 7 for product photography?

Yes. The iPhone 7, especially with its portrait mode, is great for product photography, allowing for creative shots with blurred backgrounds.


iPhone product photography is both an art and a skill that can achieve professional-level results. However, with the right equipment, understanding of camera settings, and post-processing, your iPhone can transform into a powerful tool for product photography

How to take product photos with iPhone? Explore different angles, lighting setups, and editing styles to find what best showcases your product. Hence, embrace your iPhone’s creativity and flexibility and watch your product photography skills flourish.

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