How To Use Draggan AI Tool: A Comprehensive User Manual

Do you have any pictures where you wish you were smiling? Well, now you can enhance those photos and make your smile shine. Introducing the Draggan AI photo editing tool, designed to modify your images realistically. Packed with a range of beta features, this tool lets you change hair color, eye color, and even outfits. Still wondering how to use Draggan AI tool? Read on for a complete guide to simplify your editing journey!

To use the Draggan Al tool, upload the picture, place pointers, and use the Drag function. Now, take control to transform the structure and pixels in a revolutionary manner, using 3D Image Transformation, along with size and form adjustments as needed. Save and Export the image and impress your followers.

Let’s take you through this comprehensive manual for the revolutionary AI tool. This article will highlight its key features and guide you on installation and usage with beginner-friendly tips.

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How to Use Draggan AI Tool: Exploring Key Features

If editing is time-consuming and often gets stuck, this article is tailored for you. With the latest tool, you can effortlessly transform images with just a few clicks and drags, regardless of the shooting angle or subject appearance.

Understanding the Draggan AI Editing Tool

“Dragan” stands for Drag-based Generative Adversarial Network, aptly representing its foundation in the mighty deep learning algorithm, Generative Adversarial Networks or GAN. draggan ai tool

 GAN is renowned for producing real-time images from curated datasets. This AI-powered photo editor introduces a groundbreaking point-tracking technique and feature-based motion supervision. These facets ensure precise control of handle points, guaranteeing a seamless editing experience.

The tool features 3D model integration, enabling users to modify item shapes, stances, emotions, and layouts within images while preserving logical realism.

AI ToolDrag Your GAN (DragGAN AI)
Supported OSWindows and Linux 
System Requirement1–8 high-end NVIDIA GPUs with at least 12 GB of memory
App VersionLatest Version
CategoryPhoto Editing
All Features– Point Marker for Accurate Editing
– Interactive Picture Manipulation Mechanism
– Drag Tool for Realistic Results
– 3D Image Transformation Technique
Official GitHub
DevelopersMax Planck Institute
Main CompetitorPhotoshop

Prerequisites for the tool 

  • A robust and reliable server
  • Tesla T4 GPU or a comparable GPU
  • Installed Nvidia drivers for your GPU
  • Anaconda 3 installation

Now, let’s delve into its features in detail:

Incredible Features of Draggan AI: Transforming Photo Editing Forever

Interactive Point-Based Editing: Bring Your Ideas to Life 

With Draggan AI, you’re the boss! This excellent tool lets you put unique points on your pictures, helping you change and improve them precisely. point based editing

Want to change a face or how something looks? These special points make sure you can do it just the way you want.

Easy Dragging for Perfect Changes: Make Your Ideas Real 

Imagine being able to fix your pictures with a simple move. Draggan AI has a magic dragging feature that helps you adjust the marked parts of your pictures exactly how you like.

It’s super easy and ensures your pictures look just like you imagine. Stick till the end of the article to learn how to use Draggan AI tool. easy dragging

Get Creative with Artistic Edits: Be a Picture Wizard 

Forget about boring old editing tools! Draggan AI lets you get creative. You can try out fun edits that go beyond normal stuff. Want to change faces or backgrounds? edit photos

This tool is all about having fun and making pictures that stand out.

Colors that Pop: Make Your Pictures Shine 

Add some excitement to your pictures by changing the colors. Draggan AI lets you switch up the colors of things in your photos. draggan-ai

Turn a blue jacket into a red one, or give your surroundings a new look. You can make your pictures as exciting as you want! 

New Backgrounds, New Stories: Tell a Whole New Tale 

You can tell a completely different story with a simple background change. background change

Draggan AI helps you switch backgrounds super easily. Now, your subjects can be in different places or even magical lands. Making your pictures fresh and exciting has never been simpler.

Realistic Changes Every Time: Like Magic! 

Guess what’s cool? Draggan AI makes your changes look natural, even when things are tough. This tool is really smart and uses special tricks to make sure your changes fit perfectly into your pictures. enhance picture

Turn Images into 3D Art: Create Your World. 

Have you ever heard of 3D? Draggan AI lets you play with it! You can reshape, move, and change things in your pictures like they’re in a new world. 3d art

Adjust how things stand or feel and even the way they look. It’s like magic for your pictures!

Size and Shape Tweaks: Small Changes, Big Impact 

Tiny changes can make a picture go from good to fantastic. Draggan AI gets this and lets you change the size and shape of things. draggan ai photo editor

Now, make your pictures stand out because this tool helps you get your photos looking perfect. Jump into the world of creativity with Draggan AI. It’s like having an incredible friend who helps you make awesome pictures, whether you’re new to this or already a pro.

So don’t wait! Let your imagination run wild, have fun taking pictures, and see the magic of Draggan AI unfold as your pictures tell incredible stories without even using words.

How Draggan AI Photo Editor Functions

DragGAN operates through a two-step process. Initially, it extracts image features using a convolutional neural network (CNN). These features lay the groundwork for constructing a 3D image representation.working of draggan ai

 The subsequent step introduces a second CNN, trained on a dataset altered by human experts. This second CNN can manipulate the 3D model based on desired alterations.

Researchers from Max Planck Institute of Informatics, Google, and MIT CSAIL are still working on the Draggan Code. They have recorded its working in this research paper, which you may access in developer mode.

How to use Draggan AI: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a stepwise method to perform image Manipulation using an AI-powered tool

Step 1: Upload or Generate the base photograph

Begin by importing a photograph from your device or generating an AI-based image using the device’s innovative abilities.upload the image

This could serve as the place to begin your image manipulation journey.

Step 2: Place pointers and make use of the Drag function

After your photograph is loaded, place area pointers or markers on specific photo regions you want to alter. Those markers will assist the AI in understanding which elements of the photo you need to work on. add points

The drag function allows you to interactively regulate the marked areas by dragging and reshaping them as needed.

Step three: Resetting factors for Flexibility

If you’re unhappy with the changes you have made, you can reset the factors you’ve placed again by selecting the “Edit flexible area” alternative at the left-hand side of the interface. flexible edit area

This allows you to rework your adjustments and start anew if essential.

Step 4: Visualizing practical changes

The AI will realistically render these modifications as you manipulate the recommendations and make adjustments. image changes accordingly

This step previews how your adjustments change the picture and helps you decide whether additional changes are wished.

Step 5: Unleashing creativeness – converting Facial Expressions

Right here’s where your creativity comes into play. You could regulate the facial expression of a person in the image. change facial expressions

Turn a frown into a grin or test with different emotions to see how the AI transforms the authentic expression while preserving realism.

Step 6: Change background – Set a new scene

Change the background of the photo completely. Transport the subject from a city avenue to a tropical beach or locate them in a fantastical setting. editing background

This step permits you to redefine the context of the photo, growing a whole new visual narrative.

Step 7: Posing Transformation – objects and humans

With this selection, you can control the pose of the item or human within the photograph. pose changer

For human beings, alternate their posture or stance; experiment with angles and orientations for objects. This step allows you to discover numerous compositional possibilities.

Step 8: high-quality-Tuning and adding Filters

Refine your modifications by high-quality-tuning the picture. adAdjustighting, assessment, and coloration to make sure your changes seamlessly integrate with the relaxation of the photograph. add filters

Additionally, test with filters to apply artistic results, enhancing the general visible effect.

Step 9: Saving Your Masterpiece

When you’re satisfied with the modifications you have made and the image seems precisely as you estimated, it’s time to save your work. save

Click the “save” button to keep your masterpiece in the tool’s interface. This step guarantees you’ve got a model to revisit and modify in the future.

Step 10: Exporting the final image

In the end, export the edited image as a record that can be used and shared throughout various platforms. Select the preferred record format (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and resolution before exporting. export

Now, your photograph is prepared to be showcased to the sector, reflecting your innovative imagination and the power of AI-driven photograph manipulation.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Unlike traditional editing tools that manipulate existing pixels, Draggan can generate entirely new content based on user inputs. For instance, when adding a smile, the tool stretches the lips and generates teeth and facial expressions for a realistic appearance.draggan ai creates realistic image

The tool is constructed on a user-friendly foundation, convenient for both newbies and pros.


While the app is still in development, its demo version was released in June 2023. Some developers have already tested DragGAN using the GitHub version on the Ubuntu 22.04 server.github and ubuntu

Also, it is not accessible on mobile phones. It can only be downloaded through the Draggan AI website on the Windows or IOS interface. 

Tips for beginners

  • Use a lower step size to observe each frame during the dragging process.
  • Opt for a higher step size to expedite the process.higher steps
  • Experiment with a wide range of seed numbers to generate several new images from scratch.
  • Employ creativity in adding points for desired modifications.
  • Utilize the reset button to begin anew or discard changes.
  • Leverage the edit flexible area feature to define regions unaffected by the editing process.

Installing Draggan AI 

Draggan AI is accessible on both Mac and Windows platforms. It performs optimally on gaming laptops equipped with a Tesla T4 GPU or a similar GPU. Ensure Nvidia drivers for your GPU are installed.draggan ai tool for editing

For detailed installation instructions, refer to this article on downloading the Draggan AI tool to your PC. It will assist you during your Draggan AI download journey.

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How do I use the Google DragGAN AI tool?

To use the Google DragGAN AI tool, you can follow the comprehensive user manual provided in this article. It explains the steps to upload or generate images, place pointers, utilize the drag feature, adjust various elements, and make creative edits. You will know how to transform your ideas into reality through interactive point-based manipulation, and also delve into additional features such as altering colors, backgrounds, and more.

How do I set up DragGAN?

Setting up DragGAN requires a strong and reliable server, a GPU like Tesla T4, Nvidia drivers installed, and Anaconda 3. Make sure you have the prerequisites ready, and then follow the provided links to download and install the tool on your Windows or Linux system.

How to use AI in photo manipulation?

Using AI in photo manipulation is made simple with tools like Draggan AI. It involves placing points, dragging to adjust, and exploring various editing features. This tool utilizes AI algorithms to understand and execute your edits while maintaining realism. By following the step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to harness the power of AI to enhance and transform your images.

What are the other AI Photo editors?

While Draggan AI is a revolutionary tool, there are other AI-powered photo editors available in the market. Some popular alternatives include Photoshop, GIMP with AI plugins, and various online platforms that offer AI-driven image enhancement and manipulation features.


In a world where image editing has taken a giant leap forward, Draggan AI emerges as a game-changer. We hope this article helped you learn how to use Draggan, an AI tool. Its innovative features open doors to endless creativity, from interactive point manipulation to 3D image transformation. With this tool, you’re not just editing but sculpting and crafting stories with pixels.

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