Read Someone’s Text Messages Without them Knowing [Complete Guide]

Text messages are a treasure trove of information. Read someone’s text messages without their phone. This is likely to give you the insight you need to look after your interests:

  • Is your spouse acting aloof? A look at their text messages may shed some light on their change in behavior.
  • Are your kids always away from home? Please take a look at who they are texting to see why.
  • Does a close business competitor always seem one step ahead of you? One of your employees may be a mole. Taking a look at their texts will help you find out.

Plenty of apps and services supposedly allow you to read text messages from another phone for free. Unfortunately, many of them are scams or phishing attempts. This article gives you a reliable, user-vetted way to read someone’s text messages without their phone – with mSpy!


Here are some of the features of mSpy for spying on their targets are:

female looking at features

  • Call monitoring: Using mSpy, users may see a target’s incoming and outgoing call history, including the time, date, and duration of each call as well as the identity of the recipient.
  • GPS tracking: With mSpy, you may examine a map of the target’s past whereabouts and track them down in real time.
  • Monitoring text messages: mSpy lets you view all incoming and outgoing text messages from the target, even if they delete them.
  • Social media monitoring: The software can monitor activities on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, among other social media sites.
  • Keylogger: The keylogging function of mSpy captures all keystrokes performed on the target device, including usernames and passwords.
  • App blocking: The mSpy program allows you to remotely ban particular applications and URLs on the target device.
  • Stealth mode: The program hides on the target device and runs in the background, making it harder to find.

MSpy – The Hidden Road To Anyone’s Text Messages

If you want to read someone’s text messages without their phone, the last thing you want is for them to know you’re doing it. They’re bound to get angry. You may also end up in legal hot water.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about finding out if you use mSpy. mSpy is a top-rated, super-stealthy phone spy program. The app works in the background to fetch text messages without the user’s awareness.

mspy sms and text messages spy app for mobile devices

Over a million people around the world subscribe to mSpy currently. mSpy includes parents, employers, and people in relationships. This app is in use in 190+ countries. You can trust mSpy to work as advertised!

Visit: mSpy

You can set up mSpy Quickly

mSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS target devices. And you don’t need any technical skills to set up mSpy or use it. Here are the simple steps to follow to get the app up and running & read someone’s text messages without their phone:

Step 1: Register for a mSpy account. You’ll need an email ID to use as the username.register on mspy

Step 2: Follow the provided setup instructions. To read the texts on an Android device, you must download and install a 2MB app. For target iOS devices, you can set up mSpy entirely remotely.

mspy signup

Step 3: After the software installation process completes – it takes ten minutes – you’ll get access to the mSpy dashboard. You can quickly access the text messages on the target device from here. Look for the “Messages” option in the selection panel to the left.

Now that you’ve installed mSpy, you can use it from any smartphone and PC browser. The app is web-based and provides you with regular updates.

MSpy effortlessly fetches anyone’s texts.

With MSpy, you can get full access to someone’s text messages & read someone’s text messages without their phone:mspy fetching any data

  • Read messages: You can read all incoming and outgoing texts with mSpy. All messages get saved to your mSpy account on a private server & you get to read someone’s text messages without their phone. For iOS devices, mSpy is also capable of fetching iMessages.
  • See time and date: Texts will be accompanied by timestamps, which let you tell when a particular conversation occurs. You can also check messages exchanged by a person on a date when they were acting suspiciously.
  • Recover deleted messages: The likelihood of someone deleting an incriminating message is high. Luckily, mSpy will back up all messages before they get deleted, so you can always access them.
  • Look at media files: Has the target exchanged media files with someone? With mSpy, you can download all videos, audio files, and pictures.
  • Find contact information: Finally, you may be curious about who your target is texting. mSpy will show you the contact’s name, display picture, address, job description, contact history, contact frequency, and more!

mSpy fetches all this information for you discreetly. The target won’t realize you read their text messages without their phone.

Useful Features of mSpy

Of course, nowadays, people use instant messengers and social media more than text messaging to communicate. To read someone’s text messages without their phone is primary, but there are more things.mspy features

Happily, mSpy is more than a simple message reader app. It was designed to be a full-blown phone monitoring app. Consequently, mSpy offers the following extra features in addition to text message reading:

Social Media Tracking

mSpy is capable of monitoring apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. It can do so without rooting or jailbreak, a feature only a few other apps on the market are capable of, making mSpy pretty unique.

mspy social media tracking

Location Tracking

Where has your target been to these past few weeks? mSpy will show you the target’s present and past movements.

mspy location tracking

You can see addresses, location history, timestamps, geographical coordinates, and a 3D street view.

Web Browser History

What kind of websites does your target visit daily? You can see your target’s web browser history, website visit frequency, and online chat activity with mSpy.

mspy web browser history

Call Logs

mSpy shows you all the call-related information about the target. You can see incoming calls, outgoing calls, call frequency, contact information, call duration, timestamps, SIM card details, carrier info, and more!

Installed Apps Viewer

What apps have been installed on the target device? The apps can tell you about your target, including their likes and dislikes. You can also block access to the objectionable ones.

mspy app viewer

In addition to the features above, mSpy has much to offer – like a built-in keylogger that records every keystroke on the target device. mSpy is unique because it doesn’t need you to jailbreak or root the target device to get it working.


How to read someone's text messages without their phone is free?

The answer for reading someone's text messages without having their phone includes several apps available for spying on someone, but they are not free and take subscription fees. So if you are willing to pay, one of them is mSpy follow our article above to get more info about it.

Can they hack my WhatsApp?

If someone tries to access your WhatsApp account, they need the SMS verification code sent to your phone number. This code is necessary for anyone wanting to use your phone number for WhatsApp verification to be able to do so. As a result, your WhatsApp account is safe and secure.

How can I use an app to see who my boyfriend is messaging?

One of the most excellent applications for monitoring your significant other remotely is mSpy, which makes it simple to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend. You may easily view all of their messages. You may also use it to view the targeted phone device's GPS position.

Is it prohibited to read another person's texts?

The answer to Can I see someone's text messages without their phone, without their consent or a legal reason, is a violation of their privacy and can lead to legal consequences as it is prohibited under the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

How to spy on someone for free?

Spyware software is the greatest way to read someone else's messages, as we've already mentioned. Still, they cost money, so there is only one way to read someone's text messages: installing software on their phone for free. There is only one way to spy for free: to ask them directly, which is impossible.

How to read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone for free?

mSpy is one effective app for reading someone else's SMS messages. Also, they don't need to download any software (that costs money) on their phone to use it. Thanks to the phone monitoring program, you may get all the information from the target phone. This includes their text messages, voicemails, pictures, and other stuff.


The app is dependable, user-friendly, and bursting with helpful features. You can conveniently read someone’s text messages without their phone from any smartphone or PC web browser with mSpy. Lastly, you never risk being found out if you use mSpy.

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