How To Read Through Black Marker On iPhone?

Have you ever encountered a photo obscured crucial details by a black marker? It’s frustrating, right? Fear not! 

To read through the black marker on an iPhone, open the photo in the Photos app, tap ‘Edit,’ and adjust exposure, brilliance, highlights, and shadows to maximum values. This will lighten the image and reveal details under the black marker.

In this article, we’ll unveil a simple yet effective method for revealing hidden information on your iPhone. So, say goodbye to mystery and hello to clarity!

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What Are The Initial Steps And Basic Adjustments?

Below are the initial steps and basic adjustments.

  1. Opening The Photo: First, launch the Photos app on your iPhone. Now, locate the photo you wish to edit. This app comes standard on all iPhones and offers various editing tools.
  2. Accessing Editing Tools: Next, tap ‘Edit’ in the top-right corner. You’ll now see several options for tweaking your image. These include exposure, brilliance, highlights, and shadows. Hence, these tools are crucial to unlocking the hidden details beneath the black marker.

What Are The Detailed Adjustments To See Through Black Marker?

Here are the further details.

  • Adjusting Exposure And Brilliance: Boost the exposure and brilliance to their maximum of 100. Hence, this will brighten the entire picture, including the area covered by the black marker. Doing so makes you more likely to uncover the hidden details beneath the marker. It’s like turning up the lights in a dim room to see better.
  • Modifying Contrast, Highlights, And Shadows: Let’s fine-tune the image further. Set the contrast to its lowest at -100. Then, crank up the highlights and shadows to their max of 100. So, these changes will help to bring out the obscured content even more. It’s like adjusting the settings on your TV to get the perfect picture. Playing with these settings enhances the visibility of what’s hidden under the black marker.

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What Are The Ethical And Legal Considerations?

When peering through the black marker, it’s crucial to consider the ethical implications. Ask yourself why the information was hidden in the first place. It’s essential to respect the privacy and legal boundaries that may be in play. So, just because you can reveal something doesn’t always mean you should. It’s like finding a locked diary. Sure, you might be able to pick the lock, but is it the right thing to do?

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Can you remove the marker from a photo on an iPhone?

Use the Photos app to adjust exposure and brilliance to lighten the image and reveal details under the marker.

How do you get markers off a screenshot?

Increase exposure and brilliance in the Photos app to make the marker transparent and allow users to view underlying content.

How do you remove Sharpie from a picture?

In the Photos app, adjust exposure, brilliance, highlights, and shadows to reduce the Sharpie's visibility and uncover hidden details.

Can you edit out the black marker on the iPhone?

Yes, you can reduce the black marker's appearance by modifying exposure, brilliance, and other settings in the Photos app.

How do you remove black lines from iPhone photos?

Use the Photos app to adjust exposure, brilliance, contrast, highlights, and shadows to diminish black lines and enhance photo clarity.


In conclusion, while reading through a black marker on an iPhone is possible, it’s vital to tread carefully. Always consider the ethical and legal implications of uncovering hidden information. Hence, use these tools responsibly, and remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

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