How To Resize Photos On iPhone Without Cropping: A Complete Tutorial

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the power of an image is undeniable. Whether it’s for capturing memories, enhancing social media presence, or for professional branding, photographs play a pivotal role in our lives. However, the frustration arises when these images don’t fit our desired dimensions. We’ve all been there, trying to adjust a photo, only to lose crucial parts of it through cropping. How to resize photos on iPhone without cropping? This issue not only dampens the visual appeal but can also lead to a loss of important visual information. 

To resize photos on an iPhone without cropping, open the photo, tap ‘Edit’, select the ‘Crop’ tool, and then choose the ‘Aspect Ratio’ button. From there, pick a ratio or use ‘Freeform’ to adjust freely. Save the changes to resize without losing any part of the image.

But what if there was a way to resize your photos on your iPhone without sacrificing any part of them? A solution that maintains the integrity of your images while fitting them perfectly into your desired dimensions. How to resize photos on iPhone without cropping? This is not just a possibility; it’s an easily achievable reality.

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Using The iPhone’s Photos App

In the realm of smartphone photography, the iPhone stands out as a powerful tool, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust features. One such feature is the ability to resize photos directly within the Photos app, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. How to resize photos on iPhone without cropping? For additional insights on enhancing your iPhone photography experience, explore this guide on how to take boudoir photos of yourself with iPhone.

  1. Opening The Photo: Start by launching the Photos app. Navigate through your gallery and select the photo you wish to resize.
  2. Entering Edit Mode: Tap on the photo to view it, then hit the ‘Edit’ button in the top-right corner. This action opens a plethora of editing options.
  3. Accessing The Crop Tool: At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the ‘Crop’ icon. Select it to reveal cropping and resizing options.
  4. Choosing Aspect Ratio: Now, it’s time to resize. Tap on the ‘Aspect Ratio’ button in the lower-right corner. Here, you have the freedom to select from standard sizes or you can choose ‘Freeform’ to manually adjust the dimensions.
  5. Finalizing The Resize: Drag the corners of the photo to adjust its size. How to change photo size on iPhone? The app smartly adjusts the pixel count while maintaining the image quality.
  6. Saving The Changes: Once satisfied, tap on ‘Done’ to save your resized photo.

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Leveraging Third-Party Apps

While the iPhone’s Photos app is a great tool, sometimes you need more advanced features or different resizing options. This is where third-party apps like PicsArt, Canva, and Pixlr come into play. Each of these apps offers unique functionalities and creative freedom, elevating your photo resizing experience. To discover more about creative photo editing, check out how to make AMIIBO cards iPhone, which offers unique ways to utilize your iPhone for imagery.


Renowned for its intuitive design and multipurpose functionality, PicsArt is a favorite for both amateur and professional editors to resize image on iPhone.

  1. Getting Started: Download and open PicsArt. Select ‘Edit’ and choose your photo.
  2. Resizing Your Photo: Tap on ‘Tools’, then select ‘Crop’. Here, you can choose preset dimensions or enter custom sizes.
  3. Applying And Saving Changes: After resizing, tap on the ‘Apply’ button and then ‘Save’ to store your edited photo.


How do I resize a photo on my iPhone without cropping it? Known for its simplicity and design-centric features, Canva is ideal for those looking to add a creative touch.

  1. Initiating The Process: After launching Canva, choose ‘Create a Design’ and upload your photo.
  2. Resizing Made Easy: Select ‘Resize’ at the top of the screen. Enter your desired dimensions and click ‘Resize’.
  3. Final Steps: Once done, hit ‘Download’ to save your newly resized image.


Pixlr is a powerful editor that combines simplicity with advanced editing tools.

  1. Starting Off: Open Pixlr, select ‘Open Image’, and upload your photo.
  2. Resizing Your Image: Choose ‘Image’ from the top menu, then ‘Image Size’. Enter the new dimensions.
  3. Completing The Process: Click ‘OK’ and then ‘Save’ to keep your resized photo.

By leveraging these third-party apps, you can achieve precise control over your photo dimensions, along with access to a wide array of additional editing features, thus enhancing your overall photo editing experience to resize photo iPhone.

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Utilizing Shortcuts in iOS

With the introduction of iOS 12, Apple ushered through the Shortcuts app. Among its plethora of features is the ‘Resize Image’ shortcut, a tool designed to streamline the photo resizing process. How to resize photos on iPhone without cropping? For more information on maximizing your iPhone’s capabilities, see how to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone, which can enhance your overall iOS experience. This shortcut allows users to quickly adjust the size of their images without navigating through multiple apps or menus. Here are the steps to use the shortcut for resizing photos:

  1. Setting Up The Shortcut: First, ensure you have the Shortcuts app installed. Open the app, and search for the ‘Resize Image’ shortcut in the gallery. Add it to your shortcuts.
  2. Choosing Your Photo: To resize a photo, run the shortcut and select the image you want to resize from your photo library.
  3. Specifying The Size: After selecting the photo, you’ll be prompted to enter the desired width. The shortcut automatically adjusts the height to maintain the aspect ratio.
  4. Saving The Resized Image: Once resized, you’ll have the option to either save the image directly to your Photos app or share it through other apps.
  5. Accessibility And Customization: You can add this shortcut to your home screen or as a widget for quick access. Additionally, you can customize it in the Shortcuts app to suit your specific needs.

This feature not only simplifies the resizing process but also demonstrates the power of iOS in enhancing productivity and personalizing user experience.

Resizing Photos Via Cloud Services 

Here is a detailed guide on editing photos on a computer and syncing back to iPhone. How to resize photos on iPhone without cropping? For further reading on effectively utilizing cloud services with your iPhone, consider exploring how to download Cinema Box for iPhone, which provides insights into other aspects of cloud-based applications on iOS.

Here is how to do so using iCloud:

  1. Uploading To iCloud: Ensure your photos are uploaded to iCloud. If not, you can manually upload them via the iCloud website or by enabling iCloud Photos on your iPhone.
  2. Editing On A Computer: Access your photos through the iCloud website on your computer. Download the photo you wish to resize.
  3. Resizing The Photo: Use a photo editing tool on your computer to resize the image. There are numerous free and paid tools available.
  4. Syncing Back To iPhone: Once resized, upload the photo back to iCloud. It will automatically appear in your iPhone.

Here is how to do so using Dropbox:

  1. Uploading To Dropbox: Upload your photo to Dropbox from your iPhone or computer.
  2. Editing And Resizing: Access the photo from the Dropbox folder on your computer and resize it using your preferred photo editing software.
  3. Syncing To Your iPhone: The resized photo will sync automatically across your devices. Access it through the Dropbox app.

By utilizing these cloud services, you can bypass the limitations of mobile editing tools, employing more robust software available on desktops. This method ensures you have more control over the resizing process, especially for detailed edits or batch resizing, while keeping your photos easily accessible on your iPhone.

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Tips And Tricks For Optimal Results

When resizing images, maintaining the original quality is paramount. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Understand Aspect Ratios: Always be mindful of aspect ratios to prevent your photos from looking stretched or squashed. Choose a ratio that best fits the purpose of your image.
  • Use High-Resolution Images: Start with the highest resolution possible. Resizing high-resolution images is more forgiving as they retain more detail.
  • Avoid Over-Resizing: Repeatedly resizing an image, especially enlarging it, can degrade its quality. Try to resize only once and to the required dimensions.
  • Utilize The Right Tools: Choose editing tools that offer good quality resizing algorithms. Some apps and software handle resizing better than others.


Can I resize pictures on my iPhone?

Absolutely! The iPhone offers built-in photo editing tools in the Photos app that allow you to resize and adjust your pictures without needing any third-party apps. It’s a quick and convenient way to optimize your images for sharing or saving storage space on your device .

How do I resize a photo on my iPhone?

To resize a photo on your iPhone, select the photo, tap the ‘Crop’ icon, and adjust the cropping frame to the desired size. Finally, tap on the ‘Aspect Ratio’ button to select a specific ratio and hit ‘Done’ to save your resized photo .

Which aspect ratios are available for cropping on the iPhone?

The iPhone offers various aspect ratios for cropping, including Square (1:1), Portrait, and Landscape options. You can select these ratios to maintain the desired proportions of your image while resizing .

Will reducing the picture size affect the image quality?

Reducing picture size can potentially affect image quality, especially if a significant reduction is made. However, by using the appropriate resizing options and maintaining a balance between size reduction and image quality, you can minimize any noticeable impact on the visual aspects of the picture .

Can I revert the image I resize on Photos?

Yes, you can revert a resized image on Photos to its original state. Open the Photos app, click the image you want to revert, click Edit, then click the Revert option .


In summarizing, we’ve explored a spectrum of methods for resizing photos, each with its unique advantages. From using the native capabilities of the iPhone’s Photos app and the Shortcuts feature to leveraging the power of third-party apps and cloud services, the possibilities are vast. 

How to resize photos on iPhone without cropping? Embrace the flexibility these various methods offer and don’t hesitate to experiment with different techniques. This explorative approach will not only enhance your photo editing skills but also ensure you consistently achieve the best possible results for your images.

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