How To Scroll To The Top Of Messages On iPhone Quickly?

Picture this: You’re sifting through a sea of messages on your iPhone, searching for that one crucial piece of information buried deep in an old conversation. Scrolling manually seems endless, almost like searching for a needle in a haystack. This isn’t just inconvenient; it’s a time-consuming roadblock in your fast-paced day. How to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone? But what if there’s a quick, effortless way to leap to the top of your messages, bypassing the endless scrolling?

To quickly scroll to the top of your messages on an iPhone, simply tap the top bar, where the time is displayed. This will instantly take you to the top of your messages or any other app you’re using.

Let’s dive into a simple, yet game-changing solution for how to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone that’ll catapult you to the top of your messages in a flash, transforming your messaging experience on your iPhone.

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Basic Scrolling Method For Older iPhone Models 

For users of older iPhone models (those preceding the iPhone X), navigating lengthy lists or web pages can be streamlined using a simple, yet effective, tap method. For more tips on optimizing your iPhone usage, check out this guide on iPhone features. This involves tapping the top toolbar area of the screen, a feature ingeniously designed for convenience. Upon this single tap, the iPhone instantly responds by scrolling back to the top of the content, whether it’s in messages, emails, or web pages.

How to scroll to top of iMessage? This shortcut eliminates the need for repetitive swiping, saving time and making the browsing experience more efficient. It’s a small, but powerful feature that enhances usability significantly, especially in apps where users often engage with long feeds or documents.

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Scrolling Tips For iPhone X And Newer Models

With the advent of the iPhone X and its successors, Apple introduced some design changes, most notably the notch at the top of the screen. This change slightly alters how users interact with their iPhones, especially regarding scrolling. How to scroll to beginning of iMessage? For these newer models, a helpful feature is the double-tap method. By double-tapping the top part of the screen, right around the notch area, users can quickly scroll back to the top of messages or any other content in apps.

How to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone? This method is a subtle yet efficient way to navigate long pages or lists, enhancing the user experience with a gesture that is both quick and intuitive. This adaptation maintains the ease of navigation that iPhone users have appreciated in older models. Hence, seamlessly transitioning it to the modern design of newer iPhones.

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Using Reachability For Easier Access On Larger iPhones

For users of larger iPhone models, Apple’s Reachability feature is a game-changer in terms of ease of use. To enable Reachability, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Accessibility’, and turn on ‘Reachability’. Learn more about making the most of your iPhone’s features in this article on iPhone usability. Once activated, a light downward swipe at the bottom edge of the screen brings the top half of the display down, making it much easier to reach icons, apps, and other interactive elements at the top of the screen with one hand to scroll to top of iMessage.

How to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone? This feature is particularly useful for those who find it challenging to navigate the entire screen of larger iPhones. Hence, offering a convenient solution to access the full range of functionalities without overstretching their thumbs.

Navigating Messages On All iOS Devices

Navigating through old messages on any iOS device is simplified with the tap-at-the-top trick. How to get to first message on iPhone? Here’s how to use it: when you’re in the Messages app and want to revisit earlier conversations, simply tap once at the top of the screen, right where the time or battery icon is displayed. This action will instantly take you to the beginning of your message list or conversation.

How to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone? For a more controlled navigation, you can keep tapping repeatedly. Each tap swiftly scrolls a significant portion of your messages, allowing you to move backward through your conversations rapidly. This method is especially handy when you need to find a specific message in a lengthy conversation thread. Continuous tapping enables you to traverse your messages efficiently, reaching the desired message without the need for laborious swiping.

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Alternative Methods To Find Old Messages

While iPhones don’t natively offer the option to sort messages by date without third-party apps, users can still efficiently locate old messages using the built-in search function in the Messages app. – Discover additional iPhone tricks in this comprehensive guide. To utilize this, simply open Messages, swipe down, and type in a keyword, contact name, or date. The app will display relevant messages containing the search term as how to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone.

How to scroll all the way up on iMessage? For more advanced sorting and searching capabilities, third-party applications can be a great asset. These apps often provide more sophisticated search options, such as filtering by date range or specific message types. However, it’s important to choose reputable apps when allowing access to your messages. These alternative methods significantly enhance the ability to find specific messages in a sea of conversations, streamlining your messaging experience on iOS devices.


Can I use these methods to scroll to the top of messages on an iPad?

Absolutely! These methods are also applicable to iPads. The Messages app functions similarly on iPads, allowing you to use the same gestures and shortcuts to scroll to the top.

Are these methods applicable to all versions of iOS?

Yes, these methods work on most iOS versions. However, older versions might have slight variations in gestures or accessibility options. Updating to the latest iOS ensures the best experience.

Can I customize the scrolling behavior in the Messages app?

Unfortunately, you cannot customize the scrolling behavior in the Messages app. But the methods discussed will help you efficiently scroll to the top of your messages.

Do I need an internet connection to scroll to the top of my messages?

No, an internet connection is not required for scrolling through messages. The Messages app stores conversations locally, allowing offline access.

Can I scroll to the top of messages in group conversations?

Yes, the methods mentioned are effective to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone to the top in both one-on-one and group conversations in the Messages app .


In this guide, we’ve explored various methods for efficiently navigating messages on iPhones. From the simple tap method on older models to the double-tap technique for iPhone X and newer, and the helpful Reachability feature for larger iPhones. However, these tools make scrolling through messages a breeze.

How to scroll to the top of messages on iPhone? We also delved into using the search function and third-party apps for finding specific messages. We encourage readers to try these methods and see which ones best suit their usage patterns. Hence, enhancing their overall experience with their iOS devices.

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