5 Methods To Fix Messages App Keeps Crashing On Android

Has messaging app ever stopped abruptly? There’s a full-size downside of apps now no longer responding to the golem tool. This motivates intense hassle in an emergency or after you deliver the incorrect text, and therefore, the app freezes at the wrong time. The golem tool can get bored with it and reset the telecall smartphone. Your device gets stuck even as you want in an emergency. In this article, we will see how to fix messages app keeps crashing on android.

messages app keeps crashing on android

“Apps keep flaming golem” and “Apps crash Android” are of the most common area Google searches the one’s days. Android is a special software program application that is very hip among clients. It permits us to download, install, and run some of the packages now, no longer absolutely from the Google Play store but furthermore from possibly unknown sources. These apps perform laudably on the golem platform.  Windows settings are personal files that you should not share with others. If you want to keep your Windows settings private, check out this article.

Why Would The Messaging App Constantly Shut And Restart?

Why would the notification usually stop? It is possible that perhaps the Messaging program has collected a substantial percentage of cache folders, that yet another SMS management application downloaded on the device is incompatible with the functioning of the normal Messages program, or that there is an issue with the phone’s primary firmware. This section describes a few of the likely reasons for the issue so that you would avoid problems in the long term.

  1. Aggregation of messaging platform’s cache.
  2. The program is incompatible with that other SMS management solutions.
  3. Android firmware malfunction.
  4. An incorrectly carried out operating system upgrade.android firmware malfunction

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However, we often pay attention to courtroom docket instances regarding the flaming of Golem apps. That’s correct. Apps crashing on golems have ended up in more common areas, often inflicting difficulty among many. When all, who desires to personal an app or, er, oh, I do now no longer know. Some of the apps that crash finally any other? Apps that crash are risky are the final verdict. So the common area question is, “However,” does one heal this hassle? This text gives you a few tips and hacks to save your virtual messaging app from getting bally. 

Follow the below methods to Fix Messages App Keeps Crashing On Android.

Restart Phone

Begins the troubleshooting method with the resource of restarting your telecall smartphone. At times, it’s minor trouble, and an easy resuscitation may restore the app to its operating condition.

restart phone (fix messages app keeps crashing on android)

Press and preserve the power, home, and quantity down buttons to restart your telecall smartphone. The telecall smartphone will restart, and your app will include artwork again. 


Modern-day messages The Messages app crashing trouble especially takes area due to whether or not or now no longer one of your message threads is too long. Therefore, you would like to delete modern-day messages.

delete messages app updates (fix messages app keeps crashing on android)

Begin with the resource of the use of checking the message threads. If a talk has many messages, then delete it. However, if there isn’t any specific thread, you need to delete some messages. 

Grant Necessary Permission

An app will no longer be artwork if it doesn’t have the favored permissions. The Messages app calls for forgetting the right of getting the right of entry to storage, SMS, and contacts to make contact with an appropriate function. To ensure the one’s permissions are allowed to keep away from ultimate all at once.

grant necessary permissions (fix messages app keeps crashing on android)

Register at the App Developer internet web page so you can put together add-ons to your device. The registration will no longer be priced and offer you a special right to get the privilege of entry to the apps you’ve developed. 

Clear The Software’s Message Cache and Records Of The Software

The antique remedy for troubleshooting Android phones can also come to your rescue for messages. You need to smooth the cache of the Messages app. “Clear cache” will now no longer delete your messages or records from your tele-molecular telecall smartphone. It handiest receives rid of temporary files. To smooth the cache, examine steps 1 and a couple of the above methods.

clear messages cache

That is, go to Settings > Apps & notifications. Tap Storage in preference to Permissions. Press the Clear cache button. 

Update Any App Is At Risk Of Having Bugs

 Is equal to the case with the Messages app. Several times, the hassle is in the app itself. Google developers quickly repair the trouble, so you would like to update it. For that, open the Play Store and hunt for Messages. Tap on the app from Google and hit the Update button.

Reset App Preferences

Another component to don’t forget is resetting app alternatives. Doing so might not delete any understanding out of your telecall smartphone, and it’ll entirely repair all of the settings in your telecall smartphone to their default values.

reset app preferences

To reset app alternatives, head to Settings > Apps & notifications. Underneath the “All apps” option, face down the three-dot icon. Choose Reset app alternatives from the menu, ensure the selection and restart your telecall smartphone.


In this article, you got to know about the methods of h0w to fix Messages App Keeps Crashing On Android. Follow all the steps correctly and I hope all your issues are resolved.

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