How To Fix ‘iPhone Makes Weird Noise When Charging?’

Have you ever plugged in your iPhone and heard a strange noise? It’s not just you. These sounds can be a sign of something wrong. Determining what’s causing them to keep your device safe and working well is crucial. 

If your iPhone makes weird noises when charging, it could be due to a damaged charger, debris in the Lightning port, or electrical issues.

This article will guide you through common causes, troubleshooting steps, and how to prevent these noises in the future.

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What Are The Common Causes Of Charging Noises?

These are the common causes of charging noises.

  • Damaged Or Poor Quality Charger Components: Have you ever heard a buzzing sound when charging your iPhone? It might be the charger. Using a damaged or non-Apple-certified charger can cause this. These chargers might not meet safety standards, leading to noise and even harming your iPhone. For more on choosing the right charger, see how to see if someone checked your location on iPhone, which also touches upon the importance of using genuine accessories.
  • Blocked Or Defective Lightning Connector: Another common cause is a dirty or damaged Lightning port. Dirt or debris can block the connection, resulting in strange sounds during charging. Regularly check and clean your port to avoid this issue.
  • Electrical Network Issues: Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your iPhone or charger but the electrical network. Issues like voltage fluctuations or a faulty socket can make your iPhone make odd noises when charging.

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How To Fix iPhone Making Weird Noise?

Here are the different ways to troubleshoot iPhone making weird noises.

  • Testing The Electrical Installation: First, check your home’s electrical setup. Try plugging your charger into a different socket to see if the noise stops. This can help you determine if the problem is with your socket or the charger. Understanding your device’s connectivity can be as crucial as knowing how to see if someone checked your location on iPhone, ensuring all aspects of your iPhone’s use are safe and secure.
  • Testing The iPhone Charger: Next, test your charger. Use a different charger and see if the noise persists. If it stops, your charger might be the culprit. Always opt for Apple-certified chargers for the best performance and safety.
  • Cleaning The Lightning Port: Finally, clean the Lightning Port. Use a soft, dry brush to remove any debris gently. Be careful not to damage the port. A clean port can prevent charging noises and ensure a stable connection.

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When Can You Contact Apple Support?

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and your iPhone still makes weird noises when charging, it’s time to contact Apple Support. Pay attention to the problem, which could lead to more serious issues. For insights on related service issues, consider reading about how much does Apple charge to unlock a disabled iPhone, which provides valuable information on Apple’s service charges. Apple’s experts can help diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring your device’s safety and longevity.

What Are The Preventive Measures?

To avoid charging noises and potential damage, always choose Apple-certified chargers. These chargers meet strict safety and performance standards, ensuring a safe and efficient charging experience. For more tips on maintaining your device, check out how long should an iPhone last, which will help you understand the lifespan of your device and how to prolong it.

Regularly maintain your iPhone and its accessories to prevent charging noises. Keep the Lightning port clean, avoid using damaged chargers, and carefully handle your device. By taking these simple steps, you can extend the life of your iPhone and enjoy a noise-free charging experience.

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Why does my iPhone make a noise when I plug it in?

When plugged in, your iPhone makes a noise to indicate a successful connection to the charger. It's a typical sound, signaling that charging has begun.

Does my charger make noise?

If your charger makes a buzzing or hissing noise, it could be a sign of a damaged or poor-quality charger. It's best to use Apple-certified chargers to avoid any potential issues.

Why is my phone making a crackling noise?

A crackling noise from your phone could be due to a blocked or defective Lightning connector. Cleaning the Lightning port may resolve the issue.

Why does my iPhone buzz when charging?

An iPhone may buzz when charging due to electrical network issues or using a non-Apple-certified charger. Ensure your charger is Apple-certified, and check your electrical network.

What does it mean when your iPhone makes a static noise?

While charging, static noise from your iPhone could indicate a problem with the charger or the Lightning port. Try using a different charger and cleaning the port to see if the noise stops.


Charging noises on your iPhone can be annoying and potentially harmful. By understanding the common causes, following troubleshooting steps, and taking preventive measures, you can ensure a safe and quiet charging experience. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support for professional assistance.

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