How To Find Hidden Notes On iPhone? 6 Easy Ways

Have you ever misplaced a note on your iPhone and felt the panic rise? Fear not! We’re diving into the world of **hidden notes** on your iPhone. 

To find hidden notes on your iPhone, open the Notes app, tap the “Folders” view, and select the “Locked” folder. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or your password to access your hidden notes.

Whether it’s a secret recipe or a private thought, we’ll guide you in uncovering these concealed treasures.

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What Is The iPhone Notes App?

The iPhone Notes App is a powerful tool for jotting down ideas, making lists, and storing important information. It’s more than just a digital notepad; it’s a versatile app that can handle everything from simple text notes to complex documents with images, tables, and checklists. 

With iCloud sync, your notes are accessible on all your Apple devices, ensuring you never lose a thought. So, the app’s search function makes finding specific notes a breeze, and you can organize your notes into folders for even better organization. 

Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone with much to remember, the iPhone Notes App is essential for keeping your thoughts organized and accessible.

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How To Hide Notes On iPhone?

Privacy is critical, and the iPhone Notes App understands that. Hence, hiding notes is straightforward:

  1. Open The Notes App: Navigate to the note you want to hide.
  2. Lock The Note: Swipe left on the note and tap the lock icon. So, you can also open the note, tap the share icon, and select “Lock Note.”
  3. Set A Password: If it’s your first time, you’ll be prompted to create a password. Choose a strong password that you’ll remember. You can also enable Face ID or Touch ID for added security.
  4. Confirm: Once locked, the note’s content is hidden, and the title is blurred. Hence, to view the note, you’ll need to enter your password or use Face ID/Touch ID.

Remember, locking notes is a great way to keep sensitive information private. Whether it’s personal thoughts, financial details, or anything else you want to keep under wraps, the lock feature has covered you.

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How To Find Hidden Notes On iPhone?

If you’ve hidden some notes and need to find them again, follow these steps:

  1. Open The Notes App: Launch the Notes app on your iPhone.
  2. Go To Folders: Tap on the “Folders” view to see all your notes’ folders.
  3. Select The Locked Folder: Look for a folder named “Locked” or “Secure Notes.” Hence, this is where your hidden notes reside.
  4. Unlock The Folder: Tap on the folder, and you’ll be prompted to enter your password or use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it.
  5. Access Your Hidden Notes: Once unlocked, you can view and edit your hidden notes like any other.
  6. Lock Them Back: After you’re done, lock the notes again for security by tapping the lock icon at the top.

Remember, keeping your notes locked ensures that your private information stays private. So, whether it’s a secret recipe or a personal diary entry, your hidden notes are just a few taps away.

How To View Locked Notes on iCloud?

Accessing your locked notes through is a convenient way to view them from any web browser:

  1. Go To Open your preferred web browser and navigate to
  2. Sign In: Enter your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account.
  3. Open Notes: Click the “Notes” icon to access your notes once logged in.
  4. Find Locked Notes: Look for the “Locked” or “Secure Notes” folder in the list of folders.
  5. Unlock And View: Click on the folder, and you’ll be prompted to enter your password. After unlocking, you can view your locked notes.

Viewing locked notes on is especially useful if you’re away from your iPhone but need access to your secured information. Just remember to log out of iCloud when after adding security.

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How To Recover Deleted Notes?

Did you accidentally delete a note? Don’t worry; it’s usually recoverable:

  1. Open The Notes App: Launch the Notes app on your iPhone.
  2. Go To “Recently Deleted”: Tap on the “Folders” view, then select the “Recently Deleted” folder. Here, you’ll find notes that have been deleted within the last 30 days.
  3. Recover Notes: To recover a note, swipe left on the note and tap “Recover,” or open the note and tap “Recover” at the bottom. The note will be present in its original folder or the “Notes” folder if the original folder no longer exists.
  4. Check Other Folders: If you can’t find your note in “Recently Deleted,” check other folders in case it was moved instead of deleted.

How To Set Up Passwords For Notes?

Securing your notes with a password is a wise move for privacy:

  1. Go To Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate To Notes: Scroll down and tap on “Notes.”
  3. Set Password: Tap on “Password.” Here, you can set a password for your notes. So, choose a strong password that’s easy to remember but hard for others to guess.
  4. Enable Face ID Or Touch ID: For added security, you can toggle to use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your notes.
  5. Locking Notes In The App: To lock a note within the Notes app, open the note, tap the share icon, and select “Lock Note.” Enter your password or use Face ID/Touch ID to lock the note.

Remember, if you forget your password, there’s no way to recover locked notes, so remember it or store it in a secure place.

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How do I find hidden notes on my iPhone?

To find hidden notes, open the Notes app, tap on the Folders view, and select the Locked folder. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or your password to access your hidden notes.

Can I lock notes with multimedia content on my iPhone?

No, the Notes app on iPhone does not allow you to lock notes that contain video, audio, or shared content.

How can I recover deleted notes on my iPhone?

To recover deleted notes, go to the Recently Deleted folder within the Notes app. You can recover notes from here up to 30 days after deletion.

Can different passwords be set for other notes on iPhones?

No, all locked notes on the iPhone use the same password. Changing the password will apply to all locked notes.

How do I sync my locked notes across devices?

Ensure you have iCloud sync enabled for Notes in your iCloud settings to sync locked notes. This will sync your locked notes across all your Apple devices.


The iPhone Notes app is a versatile tool for capturing thoughts, ideas, and essential information. With features like hiding and locking notes, it provides good security for sensitive information. 

However, be mindful of the limitations, such as restrictions on locking multimedia and shared notes. Hence, by understanding these nuances, you can make the most of the Notes app, keeping your information organized and secure.

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