Who Buys Locked iPhones? 5 Trusted Platforms In 2023

You’ve just stumbled upon an old iPhone in your drawer, but there’s a catch—it’s locked. That sinking feeling sets in. What do you do with a device that seems as useful as a brick? Toss it? No way! The urgency to declutter is real, but so is the desire to make the most out of every situation. So, who buys locked iPhones? Keep Reading!

Companies specializing in electronics buyback, independent tech shops, and some individual tech enthusiasts purchase locked iPhones, often for parts, refurbishing, or unlocking purposes.

What if there is a way to this gloomy cloud? It is a solution that clears out a lot of space. Intrigued? Let’s dive in to know who buys locked iPhones.

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What Is A Locked iPhone?

Ah, the age-old conundrum of the tech world: locked iPhones. Imagine this—you’re holding a sleek, shiny device, brimming with potential, but there’s an invisible chain holding it back. Frustrating, right?

A “locked” iPhone essentially means it’s tethered to a specific carrier or service provider. Think of it like a loyal pet, sticking to one owner. This lock ensures that you can’t just pop in a SIM card and expect it to work. There’s also another type of lock, the iCloud Activation Lock, which is Apple’s security feature. If an iPhone gets lost or stolen, the rightful owner can activate this lock, turning the device into a virtual paperweight until they unlock it.

locked iphone

But here’s the twist: while these locks sound like a bummer, they’re there for a reason, be it contractual obligations or security. And, as with many things in life, there are ways around them. Curious? Let’s explore further.

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Why Do People Buy Locked iPhones?

You might be thinking, “Who’d want a locked iPhone?” But, much like those mystery boxes, there’s an allure, a certain charm to locked iPhone buyers that draws people in.

  • For The Love Of Tech: Some folks are tech enthusiasts, always eager to tinker and experiment. A locked iPhone presents a challenge, a puzzle waiting to be solved. And who can resist a good puzzle?
  • Parts And Components: Beneath that locked exterior lies a treasure trove of components. They can salvage parts like the screen, camera, or battery for other repairs.

parts and components

  • Refurbishing Potential: With the right tools and expertise, some locked iPhones can be unlocked and given a new lease on life. These devices can then be resold, making them a lucrative option for businesses to sell locked iPhone.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposition: In a world increasingly conscious of waste, buys locked iPhones can be an eco-friendly choice. Instead of discarding them, these phones can be repurposed or recycled, reducing electronic waste.

So, the next time you come across a locked iPhone, remember: it’s not just a locked device. It’s a world of opportunities.

Top Companies That Buy Locked iPhones

Who buys locked iPhones? Ah, the quest to find the best suitor for your locked iPhone! It’s a bit like matchmaking, isn’t it? You want to ensure your precious device finds the right home, where it’s valued and treated well. So, who are these potential suitors? Let’s know about these top companies.


An online platform that offers competitive prices for locked iPhones. Sell locked iPhone for cash near me? BankMyCell is at help.


The process is straightforward, and they pride themselves on transparency. Their informative blog posts, like “Who Buys Locked iPhones?”, provide valuable insights for sellers.


They’re like the shark of the tech ocean, always on the hunt for locked iPhones. Their process is swift, ensuring sellers get paid quickly.


Their commitment to offering top dollar for devices, even if they’re locked.


One of the pioneers in the buyback industry, Gazelle has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.


It has eco-friendly approach to electronics ensures devices are either given a new life or recycled responsibly.


With a name that speaks volumes, this platform believes every device, locked or not, has value. Well, who buys locked iPhones near me? ItsWorthMore, Yes.


Their user-friendly website and quick quote system make selling a breeze.

Buyback Boss

They’re the boss when it comes to buyback programs, offering competitive prices and a hassle-free selling experience.

buyback boss

Their emphasis on customer satisfaction and a plethora of positive reviews.

Remember, while these companies are the cream of the crop, it’s essential to do your homework. Ensure the deal you’re getting aligns with your expectations. After all, your locked iPhone deserves the best!

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Benefits Of Selling To Buyback Programs

Picture this: you’ve got a locked iPhone, and you’re at a crossroads. Do you let it gather dust, or do you venture into the world of buyback programs? If you’re leaning towards the latter (and you should!), here’s why:

  • Hassle-Free Experience: No need to craft the perfect sales pitch or haggle over prices. Buyback programs offer a streamlined process. You get a quote, send in your device, and voila—cash in hand! No traffic jams, just smooth sailing.
  • Safety First: Meeting strangers from online marketplaces can be dicey. With buyback programs, the entire transaction happens from the comfort of your home. It’s like online shopping, but in reverse. Instead of getting a package, you send one!

safety first

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Instead of ending up in landfills, many buyback programs refurbish or recycle devices. Give your iPhone a second chance at life or let it be reborn as something new as one buys locked iPhones. Circle of tech life!
  • Competitive Prices: These programs often offer prices that show current market value. It’s like a friend who knows the tech market inside out, ensuring you don’t get shortchanged.

So, the next time you’re pondering over that locked iPhone, remember: buyback programs are like the superheroes of the tech resale world, ready to save the day (and your pocket!).

How To Prepare Your Locked iPhone For Sale?

Why should we buy locked iPhones? Ah, the pre-sale jitters! It’s like prepping for a first date, but with your iPhone. So, before you send your locked iPhone off to its new home, here’s a checklist to ensure it’s all spruced up:

  1. Backup Your Data: Ensure all your precious memories and essential files are safely stored elsewhere. It’s like packing up your favorite books before a move. You wouldn’t leave them behind!backup
  2. Disable “Find My iPhone: This feature is great for locating lost phones, but it’s a no-go for new owners. Everyone needs their space!disable find my iphone
  3. Remove SIM Card: Your SIM card is your phone’s identity. Best to keep it with you. It’s like your phone’s little diary. Personal and private!remove sim card
  4. Reset to Factory Settings: Wipe the slate clean, ensuring the new owner gets a fresh start as one buys locked iPhones. It’s like spring cleaning, but for your iPhone. factory settings

With these steps, your locked iPhone is all set to dazzle its new owner. Bon voyage, dear iPhone! Make us proud.

Factors Affecting The Value Of A Locked iPhone

Ever wondered why one locked iPhone fetches a pretty penny while another seems to be worth just a few bucks? It’s like a tech version of “The Price is Right.” But instead of a game show host, we’ve got a bunch of factors determining the value. Let’s unravel this mystery:

  • Model & Age: Newer models generally fetch higher prices. An iPhone 12 will likely be worth more than an iPhone 6. Think of iPhones as cars. A vintage model might have its charm, but a shiny new sports car? That’s where the money’s at!
  • Type of Lock: An iCloud locked iPhone might be valued differently than one locked to a carrier. It’s like different levels in a video game. Some locks are just trickier to navigate than others.

type of lock

  • Physical Condition: Scratches, dents, or a cracked screen can decrease the device’s value. Imagine wearing a fancy dress with a coffee stain. It’s still lovely, but that stain? It’s a bit of a downer.
  • Functionality: If the iPhone has issues like a faulty camera or a non-working button, it’ll impact its worth. It’s like a beautiful cake that’s a tad too salty. Looks great, but there’s a tiny hiccup in the experience.

So, the next time you’re eyeing that price tag on a locked iPhone, remember: it’s not just a number. It’s a story of a model, age, locks, looks, and quirks!

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Risks And Precautions When Selling Locked iPhones

Ah, the wild world of selling locked iPhones! It’s a bit like venturing into a dense forest. There are many treasures. So, before starting, let’s equip you with some information to navigate safely:

  • Scam Alert: Beware of buyers offering good prices. They might be out to scam you. Hence, it’s like someone offering you a golden egg for a pebble. Tempting, but fishy!
  • Personal Data Security: Ensure you’ve wiped all personal data from the device. You don’t want your private photos or messages in someone else’s hands. However, think of it as cleaning out your secret diary before passing it on. Hence, some things are best to be private!

personal data security

  • Meeting Strangers: If selling in person always meet in public places. It’s like going on a blind date. Safety first!
  • Document Everything: Keep records of any agreements made. It’s your safety net, like breadcrumbs in a maze. Helps you trace back if needed.
  • Know the Value: Research the current market value of your locked iPhone to avoid being shortchanged. It’s like knowing the worth of a rare gem as one buys locked iPhones. 

Embarking on the journey of selling a locked iPhone can be thrilling, but remember: with the right precautions, you can ensure it’s not just profitable, but also safe and smooth. Happy selling!


Where can I sell an iCloud locked phone?

Apple requires you to unlock an iCloud locked device before selling it to them. Otherwise, they might assume the device is stolen.

Can I trade in a locked phone?

While you can sell a locked phone, certain payment plans or structures might stipulate that you can't unlock the device until it's paying off fully.

How to Unlock A Google Locked Phone?

There are multiple methods to unlock a Google locked phone, including using the associated Google account or specialized software tools.

What's the major difference between unlocked vs. locked phones?

You can use a specific carrier or provider with locked phones, while unlocked phones can be used with any of them.

How does the iPhone passcode feature impact security?

The passcode that unlocks your iPhone can potentially give thieves access to your personal data and money, making it a critical security feature.


Navigating the maze of selling locked iPhones and knowing who buys locked iPhones can feel like a tech-themed adventure. From understanding the very essence of a locked device to diving deep into the intricacies of its value, it’s a journey has many discoveries. And while there might be challenges and risks lurking around the corner, with the right knowledge and precautions, they’re nothing more than mere stepping stones. 

So, whether you’re looking to declutter, make a quick buck, or simply embark on a new tech endeavor, remember: every locked iPhone has a story waiting. Here’s to unlocking its potential and making the most of every opportunity. Happy selling!

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