Google Duo Screen Share Not Showing On iPhone: 6 Solutions

Imagine being in the middle of an important virtual meeting, ready to showcase that presentation you’ve worked on for weeks. You tap on the screen share button on Google Duo, but nothing happens. Panic sets in. However, you’re not alone in this digital quagmire. The solutions for Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone are discussed.

The solutions for the error include updating the app, allowing screen sharing permissions, ensuring a stable internet connection, updating the iOS version, enabling all necessary permissions, and restarting the iPhone.

Many iPhone users have faced the perplexing issue of Google Duo’s screen share feature playing hide and seek. Hence, you can ensure that this never happens again. However, a way to always be prepared and never let technology let you down? Read to learn about Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone. Let’s unravel this Google Duo issue.

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Reasons For Google Duo Screen Share Not Showing

Ah, technology! It’s like that friend who’s mostly reliable but occasionally throws a curveball just to keep things interesting. So, you’re trying to share your screen on Google Duo, but it’s acting elusive? Many times the issue occurs of “Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone 13“. Let’s know the possible reasons behind the Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone 11 and other iPhone models and more:

  • Outdated App Antics: Just like how we sometimes need a coffee boost, apps need updates to function at their best. Hence, update that app!
  • Screen Sharing Stage Fright: Maybe you’ve accidentally toggled off the screen sharing option. Hence, it’s like wanting to sing but forgetting to turn on the mic. Hence, check those settings!
  • The Internet’s Playing Hard To Get: A shaky internet connection can disrupt screen sharing. Think of it as trying to chat in a noisy cafe. Sometimes, you just can’t get through.
  • Older OS Blues: Running an older iOS version? It might not perform well with the latest Google Duo features. Hence, it’s like trying to read a new book in dim lighting. Hence, time for an upgrade!

older ios version

  • Permission Slip-Ups: Perhaps you haven’t granted all the necessary permissions to Google Duo. Let’s get you in!

So, while it might feel like your iPhone’s playing a game of hide-and-seek with the screen share feature, with a bit of detective work, you can get things back on track. Onward, tech detective!

Solving The Issue

Alright, tech enthusiast! How to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone 11? So, Google Duo’s screen share is playing hard to get on your iPhone? No worries. Let’s roll up our sleeves and tackle this with some Julia-esque flair and practical steps:

  1. Update Dance: Ensure your Google Duo app is wearing its latest outfit. Select the App Store and look for updates. Hence, it’s like swapping out old dance shoes for shiny new ones. Glide smoother, faster! upgrade google duo
  2. Permission Party: Dive into your iPhone’s settings. Ensure Google Duo has all the permissions it needs, especially for screen recording. Think of permissions as VIP passes. Google Duo needs its golden ticket! grant permissions
  3. Stable Internet Symphony: A strong and stable internet connection is key. Maybe switch to Wi-Fi if you’re on mobile data or vice versa. Imagine streaming music. However, you wouldn’t want any hiccups in your favorite song, right? stable internet symphony
  4. iOS Update Adventure: Check if your iPhone’s operating system is up-to-date. An older version might not be in sync with Google Duo’s latest features. However, it’s like updating your adventure gear. Ready for the next quest! ios update adventure
  5. Restart Ritual: Sometimes, the age-old trick of restarting the system can work the best. A fresh start for Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone! restart google duo
  6. Screen Sharing Settings Safari: Open Google Duo and explore the settings. Hence, ensure screen sharing is toggled on. It’s like checking your backpack before a hike. Got everything? screen sharing with google duo

Following these steps, you’re all set to conquer the screen sharing challenge. Go on, show that tech who’s boss! The same goes for how to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone 12. Happy troubleshooting!

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Tips For Efficiently Running Google Duo Screen Sharing

Entering the world of screen sharing can sometimes feel like decoding a secret code. How to screen share on Google Duo on iphone? But with a sprinkle of Julia-esque charm and some handy tips, you’ll be a Google Duo screen sharing pro in no time!

  • Wi-Fi Wonderland: Always prefer a Wi-Fi connection over mobile data for a smoother experience. Think of Wi-Fi as the VIP lounge of internet connections. More exclusive, less crowded!
  • Background Buzzkill: Close unnecessary background apps. Hence, they can hog resources and affect performance. It’s like decluttering your workspace. Less mess, more success!

background buzzkill

  • Brightness Boost: Increase your screen brightness to ensure the shared screen is clearly visible to others. Shine bright like a well, iPhone screen!
  • Disturbance Detox: Activate “Do Not Disturb” mode to prevent unwanted notifications during screen sharing. Peace and quiet!

With these extra tips in your arsenal, you’re not just screen sharing; you’re sharing like a tech-savvy superstar! Go on, dazzle them with your Duo skills for Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone!


How do you activate screen sharing on Google Duo for iPhone?

To activate screen sharing on Google Duo for iPhone, start a video call, tap on More options at the bottom, and then select Screen share.

Is screen sharing available for group calls on Google Duo?

Currently, Google Duo allows screen sharing only for one-to-one calls on iPhone.

Does screen sharing on Google Duo also share audio?

Yes, when you share your screen on Google Duo, it can also share the audio if you select the appropriate checkbox.

Why can't I see the screen share option on my Google Duo app?

Ensure to update the application to the recent version. If it's still not visible, it might be due to device compatibility or network issues.

Are there time restrictions on screen sharing on Google Duo?

No, there isn't a specific time limit for screen sharing on Google Duo. It's dependent on the call duration.


Embarking on the Google Duo screen sharing journey on your iPhone might have felt like deciphering a cryptic puzzle at first. So it was all for Google Duo screen share not showing on iPhone. But with a dash of determination, and the right tools in your tech toolkit, you’ve cracked the code! 

Remember, in the ever-evolving world of technology, hiccups are just stepping stones to becoming a tech maestro. So, the next time you’re ready to share that hilarious meme or crucial presentation, you’ll do so with confidence and flair. Here’s to seamless screen sharing and many more tech adventures ahead! Cheers!

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