Screen Sharing On Google Duo For iPhone: A Tutorial

In the bustling world of digital communication, sharing your screen can be as revealing and intimate as inviting someone into your living room. How to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone? Imagine you’re on Google Duo, engaged in a vibrant conversation, and want to share something on your screen — a photo, document, or quirky app. 

To screen share on Google Duo on an iPhone, start a video call on the app, then swipe up to access the Control Center. Tap “Screen Recording” and choose “Duo” from the list. Finally, tap “Start Broadcast” to begin sharing your screen. This allows the person you’re calling to see what’s on your iPhone’s screen.

But there’s a catch: you’re using an iPhone and need help to bridge this digital divide. How to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone? The frustration mounts as the flow of your conversation hits a barrier. Yet, the solution is more straightforward than you think: a few taps away on your iPhone. Let’s unravel this modern problem.

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Understanding Screen Sharing on Google Duo

How to share screen on Google Duo on iPhone? Here is the understanding about these.

  • Feature Availability: Screen sharing on Google Duo is a dynamic feature, often rolled out through server-side updates. This means it becomes available to users not through a traditional app update from the App Store but via an update on Google’s servers. Hence, keeping your app up-to-date is vital to ensure you have the latest functionalities, including screen sharing. This server-side approach allows Google to implement new features or changes efficiently, providing a smoother user experience. By staying updated, you’re not just keeping up with app improvements but also ensuring optimal security and performance. 
  • Benefits Of Screen Sharing: Screen sharing on Google Duo opens up a realm of possibilities for both personal and professional use. Imagine guiding a friend through a new app, presenting a PowerPoint slide to your team, or sharing live moments with family. This feature transforms your communication, making it more visual, interactive, and engaging. It breaks down the distance barriers, enabling real-time collaboration and shared experiences. How to share your screen on Google Duo on iPhone? Whether it’s a casual catch-up or a business meeting, screen sharing enhances the depth and effectiveness of your interactions.

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How To Initiate Screen Share On iPhone

How to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone? Here is how to initiate screen sharing on an iPhone.

Starting a Video Call

Open the app and select the person from your contacts you wish to call. You can enter their phone number directly if they’re not in your contacts. Once selected, tap the video call button to initiate the call. This simplicity and ease of creating a call make Google Duo an accessible and user-friendly option for staying connected.

Activating Screen Share

During an ongoing call, swipe up to access the Control Center and tap “Screen Recording.” Select “Google Duo” from the list of options and then tap “Start Broadcast.” How to screen share on Duo iPhone? These actions will share your screen with the call recipient, allowing you to display content from your phone. The user interface elements are designed to be intuitive, ensuring even first-time users can navigate this feature effortlessly.

When you start screen sharing, the person on the other end of the call will see your iPhone’s screen in real time. They’ll be able to view whatever you’re displaying- photos, documents, apps, or live actions on your screen. How to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone? For effective screen sharing, it’s advisable to pre-plan what you intend to share and keep unnecessary notifications or private information off-screen to maintain focus and privacy.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

When encountering problems with screen sharing on Google Duo, such as connectivity issues or the feature not working, you can follow several troubleshooting steps. First, ensure that your iPhone and the Google Duo app are up-to-date, as outdated software can often cause compatibility issues. Check your internet connection; a stable and strong Wi-Fi or cellular connection is essential for uninterrupted screen sharing.

How to screen share on Google Duo with an iPhone? If screen sharing doesn’t start, try restarting the Google Duo app and your iPhone. This can often resolve minor software glitches. Also, check if screen recording permissions are enabled for Google Duo in your iPhone’s settings, as this is crucial for the screen-sharing feature to work correctly. 

Tips And Best Practices For Screen Sharing

Plan what you want to share for a practical screen-sharing session on Google Duo. Close unnecessary apps and mute notifications to avoid distractions and protect your privacy. Keep the content organized and ready before the call, mainly if you use it for a presentation or demonstration.

Regarding privacy, be mindful of what’s on your screen. Avoid sharing sensitive information like passwords or personal messages. If you need to access such data during screen sharing, pause the share or switch to another app temporarily.

How do you screen share on Google Duo on iPhone? Remember to guide your audience through what you share, especially if they need to become more familiar with the content. Clear communication ensures screen sharing is as effective and engaging as possible. 


Is the screen share feature available to everyone on Duo?

Screen sharing on Google Duo is rolling out through server-side updates. It's unavailable to everyone immediately and might arrive at different times for different users. Keep your Google Duo app updated to increase your chances of getting the feature sooner .

Why is Google Duo screen sharing not working on my iPhone?

Screen sharing is not currently supported on Google Duo for iOS devices, including iPhones. It is available only for one-to-one calls on Android devices. For screen sharing on iOS, you would have to use alternatives like FaceTime .

How can you share the mobile screen on a video call?

To share your mobile screen during a video call, join the call, tap the screen to reveal options, tap More, and then select 'Screen Share.' Remember, the other person in the call needs to accept your screen-sharing request for it to work .

How can you share the screen on iOS 15?

On iOS 15, you can share your screen in FaceTime calls. Start a FaceTime call, tap the 'Share Content' button, and then select 'Share My Screen.' This feature allows you to share photos, browse the web, or assist others during the call .

Why is screen mirroring not working on my iPhone?

If screen mirroring is not working, check if your devices are on and near each other, and ensure they're updated to the latest software and connected to one Wi-Fi network. If the issue persists, restart the devices you want to use with AirPlay or screen mirroring .


In conclusion, learning how to screen share on Google Duo on your iPhone can significantly enhance your communication experience. Here’s a quick recap of the steps: During a call, tap on the screen to reveal additional options and select the ‘screen share’ icon. It might prompt you to confirm your choice, emphasizing privacy and security. Once you begin sharing, your screen becomes visible to the other party, allowing you to transfer anything from photos and videos to documents in real time. This feature is handy for collaborative tasks, family interactions, or explaining something to someone visually.

Embrace the power of screen sharing in Google Duo to make your conversations more engaging and productive. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that brings a new level of interactivity to your digital interactions. How to screen share on Google Duo on iPhone? Whether you’re guiding someone through a process, sharing memories, or working together on a project, screen sharing on Google Duo on your iPhone can make it all the more effective and enjoyable.

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