Copying Instagram Links On iPhone: Easy Steps

There you are, scrolling through Instagram on your iPhone, and stumble upon a gem. A post so perfect, you know you just have to share it. But wait – how do you capture and share this digital treasure with the world? How to copy Instagram link on iPhone? Here lies the problem: copying an Instagram link on an iPhone isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Hence, it’s like finding a secret passage with no map. 

To copy an Instagram link on your iPhone, open the Instagram app and select the post you want to share. Tap the dots and choose ‘Copy Link.’ You can now share the link via message, email, or other platforms. For a more comprehensive guide on managing links and sharing on social media, take a look at our article on how to manage and share links on iPhone.

Fret not! We’re about to embark on a quick yet enlightening journey to unlock this mystery. How to copy Instagram link on iPhone? Say goodbye to screenshotting or describing posts in words and hello to sharing with a simple link.

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Creating And Sharing Your Instagram Profile Link

Every Instagram profile has a unique URL structure, typically following the format “” You need your Instagram username and a key identifier in this digital address to create your profile link. How to copy my Instagram profile link on iPhone? Hence, for more details on creating and sharing social media profiles, see our guide on creating and sharing social media profile links.

  1. Find Your Username: Open Instagram and go to the profile by tapping your profile picture icon. Your username is displayed at the top of the profile.
  2. Create The Link: Combine ‘’ with your username. For example, if your username is ‘john_doe,’ your profile link becomes ‘’
  3. Copy And Share: Manually type out this link or note it for sharing. How do I copy my Instagram link on iPhone? You can share it on other platforms like LinkedIn, in your email signature, or on business cards, inviting others to view your Instagram profile.

Using QR Code To Share Instagram Profile

Instagram’s QR code feature provides a quick way to share your profile without typing URLs. How to copy Instagram link on iPhone? If you’re interested in more ways to use QR codes effectively, check out our detailed article on using QR codes on iPhone.

  • Access QR Code: Open Instagram, go to your profile, tap the three lines on the top-right corner, and select ‘QR Code.’ Your personalized QR code will be displayed.
  • Share Your QR Code: You can show it to others for scanning or share it through various means.
  • Taking A Screenshot: Take a screenshot of your QR code for broader sharing. You can do it by simultaneously pressing the side and volume-up buttons on newer iPhones or the power and home buttons on older models.
  • Where To Share: Share a screenshot of your QR code via email or messaging apps, or print it for physical distribution, like on business cards or flyers. Hence, it’s a convenient tool for networking events or social gatherings.

Using the QR code is an innovative and interactive way to engage with others and grow your Instagram presence.

Sharing Instagram Profile Via Direct Message 

Sharing your Instagram profile in a DM is a personal and direct approach to connecting with others. How to copy Instagram profile link on iPhone? Hence, to learn more about direct messaging strategies and etiquette, explore our comprehensive guide on effective direct messaging on social platforms. Here’s how to do it:

Direct Link Sharing:

  1. Navigate to the profile and copy the URL, as discussed earlier.
  2. Go to the desired conversation in Instagram DM.
  3. Paste the link in the box to send it.

Using ‘Share Profile’ Feature:

  1. Visit the profile and tap the three-dot menu (⋮).
  2. Select ‘Share this Profile.’
  3. Select the contact you wish to share with and send.

How to copy Instagram link on iPhone? Hence, the method you choose depends on the context. For new acquaintances or professional contacts, sending a direct link might be more appropriate. However, using the ‘Share Profile’ feature feels more integrated and less formal, ideal for friends and existing connections.

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Sharing An Instagram Profile On Instagram Stories

How to copy your Instagram link on iPhone? Sharing an Instagram profile via Stories is a creative way to boost visibility.

Using ‘Share Profile’ to Story:

  1. Go to the profile you want to share.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu (⋮) and select ‘Share to Story.’
  3. The profile appears as a sticker in a new Story draft.

Copying the Link into a Story:

  1. Copy the profile link.
  2. Create a new Story and use the text tool to paste the link.

How to copy Instagram URL on iPhone? Whether using the ‘Share Profile’ option or pasting the link, personalize your Story to make it more appealing. The ‘Share Profile’ method provides a neat, clickable sticker, ideal for seamless sharing. Hence, the direct link method, while not clickable, allows for more customization in how the username is displayed. So, choose based on your desired aesthetic and engagement level.

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Alternative Methods To Share Instagram Profile Links

How to copy Instagram link on iPhone? Apart from direct messaging and Instagram Stories, there are several other ways to share your Instagram profile link:

  • WhatsApp: Open WhatsApp and select the contact or group. Paste your Instagram profile link and send it.
  • Other Social Media: On platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can post your Instagram link in your status or bio with a brief message about your Instagram content.
  • Importance Of Privacy: Be mindful of your privacy and audience while sharing. Sharing publicly on social media can attract a wide range of viewers. Hence, ensure that your Instagram content suits broader audiences and consider privacy settings.


How to share an Instagram profile on WhatsApp status?

To share an Instagram profile on WhatsApp status, copy the profile’s URL from Instagram. Then, tap the pencil icon on WhatsApp on the Status tab, paste the URL, and post it.

How do I find my URL for Instagram?

Your Instagram URL is the Instagram website address followed by your username. For example, if your username is 'john_doe,' your Instagram URL will be ''

How do you change the profile URL on Instagram?

To change your Instagram profile URL, you need to change your username. Once you change your username, the URL automatically updates to reflect the new username.

Does Instagram notify you when you share a profile?

Instagram does not notify the other person when you share their profile with someone else.

Can the Instagram profile URL change?

Yes, your Instagram profile URL can change. It is linked to your username, so if you change your username, your profile URL will also change.


In this digital era, sharing your Instagram profile is more than just an act of social engagement; it’s a way to expand your digital footprint creatively and responsibly. Whether through DMs, Stories, WhatsApp, email, or other social platforms, each method has a unique appeal and reach. The key is to choose the method that best aligns with your intended audience and purpose. 

How to copy Instagram link on iPhone? Remember, with great sharing power comes great responsibility – so share wisely and respect your and others’ privacy. Hence, we encourage you to experiment with these methods and invite you to share your experiences or additional tips. Hence, your insights could inspire and help others in their social media journey!

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