Step-By-Step: How To Block Apps At Certain Times iPhone?

Picture this: Your iPhone, a gateway to endless information and connection, becomes a siren of distraction, relentlessly luring you away from productivity and presence. How to block apps at certain times iPhone? You’re not alone in this digital whirlpool, where apps constantly vie for your attention, fragmenting your focus and devouring your time. 

To block apps at certain times on your iPhone, use the Screen Time feature. Go to Settings > Screen Time > App Limits. Add limits to specific apps or categories, and set the time frame for these restrictions. This helps manage usage, fostering focus and productivity.

But what if you could harness control, turning your device from a master of distraction into an empowerment tool? How to block apps at certain times iPhone? The solution lies in the art of digital discipline – a way to block apps at specific times, transforming your iPhone into an ally for focus and efficiency.

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Using Screen Time For App Limits 

Unleashing the power of Screen Time on your iPhone is like appointing a personal digital coach. It’s designed to foster self-awareness and discipline in your app usage. If you are also looking to manage other aspects of your iPhone usage, our article on how to see through marker on iPhone offers additional tips for maximizing your device’s potential. To set App Limits, start by diving into the ‘Settings’ and tapping ‘Screen Time’. It’s like opening a window into your digital habits when iPhone block apps at certain times.

Once in, tap ‘App Limits’ to begin. Here’s where you take the reins. You can limit categories like social media or entertainment or zoom in on specific apps. It’s your call. Choose the app or category, and then set the timer. You decide how many hours or minutes you want to allocate to these apps each day.

A friendly reminder pops up when the clock ticks to zero, signalling that your allotted time is up. But don’t worry, it’s not a digital lockout. You can always extend the time if needed. It’s more of a nudge, a reminder to stay on track with how you spend your screen time to block iPhone apps at certain times.

How to block apps at certain times iPhone? By setting App Limits, you’re not just managing your digital consumption but cultivating a more mindful and intentional relationship with your technology. It’s about finding balance in a world where screens often dominate our attention.

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How To Set Up Downtime In Screen Time?

Downtime in Screen Time is your digital sanctuary, a designated period when only the essential apps and phone calls are accessible. For more insights into customizing your iPhone experience, consider reading our guide on how to connect iPhone to Sonos, which can enhance your understanding of iPhone functionalities. To set it up, head to ‘Settings’, then ‘Screen Time’, and tap ‘Downtime’. Here, you embark on crafting your digital quiet hours to block apps at certain times iPhone.

Scheduling Downtime is straightforward. You select the start and end times, creating a routine that suits your daily rhythm. Whether during family dinner hours, study sessions, or those precious moments before bed, Downtime ensures your iPhone aligns with your life’s priorities.

But what about those essential apps or contacts you need access to during Downtime? No worries. You can customise your ‘Always Allowed’ list. Maybe it’s your messaging app for family, a meditation app, or an emergency contact – these can stay accessible even as the rest of your digital world pauses.

How to block apps at certain times iPhone? Activating Downtime is like drawing a digital curtain, creating a space for focus, relaxation, or connection without the usual bombardment of notifications and distractions. It’s about taking back control and designing a tech experience that aligns with your well-being and lifestyle. With Downtime, you’re not just blocking out apps; you’re opening up to more life.

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Customising Communication Limits

Screen Time’s Communication Limits are like a bouncer for your digital life, deciding who gets the green light to reach you. For those who want to delve deeper into managing iPhone communications, our article on how to know if someone is on a call iPhone provides further useful information. To set these limits, head into ‘Settings’, tap ‘Screen Time’, and then ‘Communication Limits’. Here, you decide who to call, text, or FaceTime with during allowed screen time and downtime.

How to block certain apps on iPhone? You can allow communication with everyone, only contacts, or specific contacts. This feature is convenient during Downtime, allowing only essential contacts through. Imagine it’s your focused work hours, but you still want to ensure the family can reach you. Communication Limits make this possible.

You can also restrict communication on specific apps like Messages or FaceTime. Whether limiting social chats during work hours or ensuring quiet evenings, these settings empower you to control your digital interactions. Hence, ensuring your time on your iPhone is as uninterrupted or connected as needed.

Guided Access For Focused App Usage 

Guided Access is your iPhone’s focus feature, turning it into a single-app machine, perfect for staying on task without distractions. For additional ways to optimize your iPhone’s functionality, our guide on how to connect iPhone to Uconnect offers helpful advice and steps. To activate it, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Accessibility’, and then ‘Guided Access’. Turn it on, and set a passcode – your digital gatekeeper to stay within one app.

How to block apps at certain times iPhone? Once enabled, open the app you want to focus on and triple-click the side or home button to start Guided Access. You can circle areas on the screen you wish to disable or limit the app’s length. It’s like putting blinders on your iPhone, keeping it laser-focused on one task.

This feature is a boon for those moments requiring undivided attention, be it a presentation, a reading app, or a meditation session. Guided Access ensures that you stay in the chosen app, free from the lure of notifications or other apps. It’s your tool for cultivating deep focus in a multitasking digital world.

How To Manage Different User Restrictions?

Embrace the power of Family Sharing in Screen Time to tailor app restrictions for different users. If you’re interested in exploring more about managing your digital environment, our article on how to make a countdown your wallpaper on iPhone could provide more insights. It’s a godsend for parents or anyone managing multiple devices. Through Family Sharing, you can set up unique Screen Time settings for each family member. This means age-appropriate app limits for children, distinct downtime schedules, or specific app allowances.

How to block a certain app on iPhone? It’s a seamless way to ensure that every family member’s iPhone use aligns with their needs and lifestyle. Whether safeguarding children from certain content or managing screen time for teenagers, Family Sharing in Screen Time brings personalised digital wellbeing to the whole family.

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Can I block specific apps on my iPhone?

Yes, you can block specific apps on your iPhone using the built-in feature called Screen Time. This allows you to set limits and restrictions on app usage on your device.

How do I block a specific app on my iPhone?

To block a specific app on your iPhone, go to the Settings app, tap on Screen Time, select App Limits, and then tap Add Limit. Choose the app you want to block, set a time limit or select Block at the end of Limit for continuous blocking, and confirm the changes.

Can I set different app restrictions for other users?

Yes, with iOS 13 and later, you can set different app restrictions for other users using the Family Sharing option within the Screen Time feature. This allows the customisation of app limits for individual user profiles.

What if I want to unblock a previously blocked app?

To unblock a previously blocked app, go to Settings, select Screen Time, then App Limits. Tap on the app you want to unblock and swipe left on the time limit, or tap on Delete Limit to remove the restriction.

Are there any third-party apps available to block specific apps on iPhones?

Yes, in addition to the built-in Screen Time feature, various third-party apps on the App Store offer advanced app-blocking and parental control features. Hence, providing more customisation options and flexibility in managing app usage.


Navigating the digital world with discipline and mindfulness is crucial in our tech-driven lives. This exploration of iPhone’s Screen Time, third-party apps, and Family Sharing unveils powerful tools at your fingertips to cultivate healthier digital habits. How to block apps at certain times iPhone? Whether customising app limits, setting focused downtime, or leveraging advanced features in apps like Freedom, these strategies are instrumental in shaping a more balanced digital lifestyle. So, dive in, experiment with these features, and tailor your digital experience to bolster productivity, enhance focus, and create a more harmonious digital life.

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