How To Completely Remove RoboKiller From iPhone: Step-By-Step Process

In a world where our phones are constantly buzzing with unwanted calls, RoboKiller promises a haven of silence and peace. But what if this guardian becomes the intruder? How to completely remove RoboKiller from iPhone? Understanding the complexities of call blocking technology can be crucial. What happens when an app designed to block spam calls starts feeling like spam itself? The constant notifications, the background running – it becomes a new source of digital annoyance, a problem dressed as a solution.

To remove RoboKiller from your iPhone, open Settings, go to ‘Phone,’ then ‘Call Blocking & Identification.’ Disable RoboKiller. Next, delete the app from your home screen by pressing and holding its icon, then tapping ‘Delete App.’ This stops the service and removes the app from your device.

You’re not alone in this. Many iPhone users find themselves wrestling with the decision to remove RoboKiller. It’s like a digital tug-of-war: on one hand, the desire for peace from spam calls. On the other, reclaiming your phone’s simplicity and control is necessary. How to completely remove RoboKiller from iPhone? The solution? Removing RoboKiller from your iPhone is a step towards digital tranquility and reclaiming your device’s autonomy.

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Everything You Need To Know About RoboKiller Subscription 

RoboKiller operates on a subscription basis, a standard model in the app world. When you first sign up, you rent peace from spam calls. But here’s the catch: this rental renews automatically. It’s like a magazine subscription that keeps showing up unless you explicitly cancel it. Managing subscriptions is a key aspect of digital hygiene. Our detailed guide on how to update apps on Vizio SmartCast TV includes tips that could apply broadly to managing app subscriptions and updates.

This brings us to a crucial point: simply deleting the RoboKiller app from your iPhone isn’t enough. Why? Because your subscription is akin to a separate agreement between you and RoboKiller. It’s an ongoing handshake that says, “Yes, keep the peace coming.” If you don’t formally end this agreement, the charges will continue as stealthy as some spam calls you want to avoid.

So, before you remove the app, cancel your subscription. This step is vital to avoid unexpected charges on your following credit card statement. Think of it as tying up loose ends before you say goodbye to RoboKiller for good. It’s about ensuring a clean and cost-effective departure from the service.

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How To Cancel Your RoboKiller Subscription?

Here is how you can cancel your RoboKiller subscription.

Cancelling On iPhone:

  1. Open Settings: Start by opening your iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Your Name: This takes you to your Apple ID.
  3. Subscriptions: Navigate to ‘Subscriptions’. Here, you’ll find a list of all your active subscriptions.
  4. Find RoboKiller: Scroll to locate the RoboKiller subscription.
  5. Cancel Subscription: Select it and then choose ‘Cancel Subscription.’ Confirm your choice.

How to completely remove RoboKiller from iPhone? This method works if you subscribe directly through the Apple App Store. But what if you took a different route? For further assistance on managing app subscriptions and ensuring your digital environment is streamlined, explore how to uninstall apps on Vizio TV, which provides additional insights into maintaining control over your digital subscriptions.

Cancelling From Other Platforms:

  • Via RoboKiller Website: If you subscribed through the RoboKiller website, log into your account there. Look for a subscription or billing section to cancel.
  • Through Another App Store (e.g., Google Play): Access the store you purchased from. Go to your account, find subscriptions, select RoboKiller, and cancel.

Remember, each platform has its nuances in handling subscriptions. The key is to navigate to the subscription section of the respective service. Ensure you do this well before your next billing cycle. This process is your digital seal on ending the relationship with RoboKiller.

Different Ways To Remove The RoboKiller App From Your iPhone 

Uninstalling RoboKiller from your iPhone is straightforward, but it’s crucial to ensure that all associated app data is also removed. Here’s how:

  1. Find The App: Locate the RoboKiller app icon on your home screen.
  2. Delete The App: Press and hold the icon until a menu appears. Tap ‘Remove App’ or ‘Delete App’ (depending on your iOS version).
  3. Confirm Deletion: A prompt will show up asking for deleting the app. Confirm to proceed.

However, deleting the app doesn’t automatically remove all app data stored on your device. How to completely remove RoboKiller from iPhone? To ensure complete removal:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘General,’ then ‘iPhone Storage.’
  3. Find RoboKiller in the list and tap it.
  4. Select ‘Delete App’ again if necessary.

This process ensures that the app and all its residual data are completely wiped from your iPhone.

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How To Disable Call Blocking & Identification? 

After uninstalling the app, another crucial step is disabling RoboKiller from your iPhone’s call-blocking and identification settings:

  1. Open Settings: Go to your iPhone’s main settings.
  2. Phone Settings: Scroll down and select ‘Phone’.
  3. Call Blocking & Identification: Navigate to ‘Call Blocking & Identification’.
  4. Disable RoboKiller: You’ll see a list of apps with access to your call blocking and identification. Find RoboKiller and toggle it off.

This step is vital because even after deleting the app, RoboKiller could still have permissions that affect your call management. Turning it off in the settings ensures that the app no longer has any control over your calls, completely removing RoboKiller’s functionality from your iPhone. This action is like turning off the last switch to ensure the machine is completely shut down.

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3 Ways To Troubleshoot Common Issues 

Encountering issues during the uninstallation of RoboKiller is uncommon, but let’s cover some bases just in case. If the app doesn’t uninstall properly or you’re still receiving calls as if the app is active, here’s what to do:

  • Restart Your iPhone: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve uninstallation glitches.
  • Check For Updates: Ensure your iOS is up to date, as outdated versions may cause compatibility issues.
  • Reinstall And Uninstall: If the problem persists, reinstall RoboKiller, then go through the uninstallation process again.

How to completely remove RoboKiller from iPhone? If these steps don’t resolve the issue, it’s time to seek help. RoboKiller support can offer more tailored assistance. Visit their support website or contact them directly for specific guidance. If you’re experiencing issues with app removal or functionality on your device, our article on how to fix cancelled calls on iPhone may offer useful troubleshooting tips that could apply to a variety of app-related challenges.


Why isn't RoboKiller blocking calls?

RoboKiller might not block calls due to incorrect setup or updates needed. Ensure the app is appropriately set up and updated.

How can I update my email on RoboKiller?

Enter the app's settings and change your email information to update your email.

Will RoboKiller work if I change my carrier?

Yes, RoboKiller should work with a carrier change, but you may need to update app settings.

Will RoboKiller work if I change my phone number?

If you change your number, update this in the app to maintain RoboKiller's functionality.

How can I contact RoboKiller Customer Support?

Email RoboKiller at [email protected], as they offer assistance via email.


Successfully removing RoboKiller from your iPhone involves a few key steps: canceling the subscription, uninstalling the app, and turning it off in call settings. How to completely remove RoboKiller from iPhone? If you encounter issues, a quick restart or contacting RoboKiller support can help.

Also, consider alternatives like Truecaller, Hiya, or your iPhone’s built-in features for handling unwanted calls. Is this guide helpful, or do you have your own experience to share? So, feel free to drop your thoughts or queries. Sharing insights helps you and aids others in their digital journey!

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