Creating ASMR Videos Using An iPhone: A Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, the quest for relaxation is more urgent than ever. Picture this: millions of people, just like you, lying awake at night, minds racing, seeking a sanctuary of calm. How to make ASMR videos with iPhone? This is where the magic of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) comes in – a phenomenon that has captivated a global audience with its promise of instant tranquility. 

To make ASMR videos with an iPhone, start by choosing a quiet environment. Use the iPhone’s built-in microphone or an external mic for better sound quality. Record using the Voice Memos app or a video recording app. Edit with iMovie or a similar app, focusing on enhancing the audio. Finally, upload it to your preferred platform.

However, the path to creating these soothing soundscapes is often shrouded in mystery, especially for those armed with nothing but an iPhone. But fear not! How to make ASMR videos with iPhone? The solution to unlocking the world of ASMR creation with your iPhone is simpler than you might think, offering an accessible way to spread peace in a world that desperately needs it.

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Basic Requirements: Microphone And Camera 

Creating ASMR content with your iPhone hinges on two pivotal elements: the microphone and the camera. The iPhone’s built-in microphone, often underestimated, is a surprisingly potent tool for capturing the subtle, tingling sounds characteristic of ASMR. Its convenience and accessibility make it an ideal starting point for aspiring ASMR artists. Proximity plays a crucial role here – getting just the proper distance from the mic can make or break your sound quality. Too close, and you risk overwhelming the mic; too far, and those soothing whispers might get lost in the mix.

Handling plosives – those pesky ‘p’ and ‘b’ sounds that can produce harsh bursts of air – requires a bit of finesse. A simple trick is to speak slightly off-axis from the mic rather than directly into it. This minor adjustment can significantly reduce plosive impact while maintaining the intimacy of your whispers.

The iPhone’s camera is another asset, offering high-quality video that complements your audio. Here, balance is critical. You want to ensure that the visual element of your ASMR video is engaging without overshadowing the audio experience. A well-framed, steady shot that captures the essence of your ASMR activity, be it tapping, brushing, or whispering, can enhance the overall sensory experience for your audience.

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Recording ASMR On An iPhone

When it comes to recording ASMR on your iPhone, setup is everything. Positioning your iPhone involves more than just finding a stable spot; it’s about framing your shot to create an intimate and inviting space for your viewers. Consider the angle and height – a slightly downward angle often works best for ASMR, as it mimics the viewer’s natural line of sight. Also, ensure your recording space is well-lit and free from visual clutter, as a serene visual backdrop can significantly amplify the ASMR effect.

How to make ASMR videos with iPhone? While the iPhone’s built-in microphone does a decent job for starters, upgrading to an external microphone can elevate your ASMR game. For iPhone users, lavalier microphones are a great choice. They’re small, clip easily onto clothing, and offer clear sound quality, perfect for close-up whispering or soft speaking. Another excellent option is the Shure MV88. This compact, powerful mic directly connects to your iPhone’s Lightning port, capturing detailed, high-quality sound that can make your ASMR recordings stand out.

How to record ASMR with iPhone? Using these external mics also means you’ll need to consider their placement carefully. The goal is to capture the full range of ASMR triggers without any unwanted background noise. Positioning them close to your mouth but off to the side for lavalier mics can ensure clear voice capture while minimizing breathing sounds. The Shure MV88, on the other hand, offers more flexibility with its adjustable positioning, allowing you to experiment with different angles and distances to find the perfect sound for your videos.

Accessories And Setup For Enhanced Recording

Elevating your ASMR recordings from good to exceptional often requires a few essential accessories. These tools enhance audio quality and add a professional sheen to your video content. Filmmaker kits for iPhones are a game-changer. They typically include a combination of microphones, lenses, and grips – everything you need to transform your iPhone into a mini film studio. This multi-faceted approach allows for greater creativity and control in your recordings.

Lavalier microphones, as mentioned earlier, are a must-have for ASMR artists. They clip conveniently onto your clothing, offering hands-free operation and enabling you to focus entirely on creating your ASMR triggers. Their proximity to the sound source ensures that every subtle whisper and gentle rustle is captured.

How to make good videos with iPhone? An often-overlooked accessory is the audio interface. For those looking to upgrade their sound quality seriously, an audio interface can be connected to your iPhone, allowing the use of professional-grade microphones. This can significantly enhance the depth and richness of your ASMR audio, making the experience more immersive for your audience.

The importance of stable video must be balanced in ASMR content. A shaky or unsteady camera can distract from the relaxing experience. This is where a tripod or stabilizer comes in. These accessories ensure your video remains steady and focused, fully immersing viewers in the auditory experience.

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Utilizing iPhone Camera Features 

Your iPhone’s camera is packed with features that can significantly enhance the appeal of your ASMR videos. Understanding and utilizing these features can add an extra layer of professionalism to your content. Focus and exposure control are fundamental. By manually adjusting the focus, you can draw your viewer’s attention to specific elements, like the gentle movements of your hands. Exposure control helps maintain the right balance of light, ensuring your video is neither too bright nor too dark.

How to make an ASMR video on iPhone? Slow-motion video is a fantastic tool for adding a dramatic flair to your ASMR content. Capturing movements like pouring water or flipping pages in slow motion can intensify the visual experience, complementing the audio component. Similarly, time-lapse video can be used creatively to show the setup of your recording space or the preparation of ASMR materials, adding a fascinating behind-the-scenes look to your content.

Lastly, pay attention to the portrait mode. While traditionally used for photography, it can be creatively repurposed for ASMR videos to blur the background, keeping the viewer’s focus squarely on the subject. This depth-of-field effect can make your ASMR triggers stand out, adding a cinematic quality to your videos. Each of these features, when used thoughtfully, can make your ASMR content more engaging and visually captivating.

Achieving High-Quality Audio In ASMR Videos

High-quality audio is the cornerstone of any ASMR video. Minimizing background noise, which can be distracting and detract from the ASMR experience, is crucial. Start by choosing a quiet environment for recording. Soft furnishings and curtains can help absorb sound and reduce echo. How to make ASMR videos on iPhone? If you’re recording in a boisterous atmosphere, consider using a noise-canceling app or software in post-production to isolate and remove unwanted sounds.

How to make ASMR videos with iPhone? Controlling audio levels is another crucial aspect. Ensure your microphone isn’t too close to your mouth to avoid distortion and monitor your recording levels. If the levels peak too high, they can cause clipping, leading to poor audio quality. It’s a delicate balance – you want your whispers and sounds to be audible without overwhelming the microphone.

Experimenting with sound effects can add depth and variety to your ASMR videos. This could include layering different sounds or altering the pitch and tone of your recordings. However, always keep your audience in mind – the sounds should be soothing and not jarring.

Using headphones while recording is also highly recommended. They allow you to hear exactly what the microphone picks up, helping you adjust your technique in real time. This immediate feedback is invaluable for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your ASMR triggers.

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Editing And Enhancing ASMR Videos On iPhone 

Once you’ve captured your ASMR content, the next step is to edit and enhance the videos to perfection. iPhone users have a variety of editing apps at their disposal, such as iMovie and Adobe Premiere Rush. These applications offer a range of tools to refine your videos, from basic trimming and cropping to more advanced color correction and sound editing.

How to make ASMR videos with iPhone? When adjusting colors and lighting, aim for a soft, calming palette that complements the audio. Avoid overly bright or harsh colors, as they can be distracting. Adjusting the brightness and contrast can benefit creating a more visually soothing environment, enhancing the overall ASMR experience.

Incorporating ASMR triggers in post-production is where you can truly get creative. This might involve syncing visual triggers with the audio, adding gentle background music, or layering different sounds to create a more immersive experience. 

Remember, the goal of editing is not just to improve the technical aspects of your video but also to enhance the sensory experience for your audience. Take the time to learn different editing techniques to find what works best for your style of ASMR. With practice, you can transform your iPhone recordings into professional-quality ASMR videos that captivate and soothe your viewers.

Exporting And Sharing Your ASMR Videos

Once your ASMR video is polished and ready, exporting and sharing it is a breeze with an iPhone. To export, select your video in the editing app and choose the export or share option. Opt for the highest quality setting to preserve the audio and video integrity. Sharing your masterpiece is just as straightforward. Most apps offer direct sharing options to popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Can you record ASMR with iPhone? Alternatively, you can easily save the video to your camera roll and upload it manually to your chosen platform. Add relevant tags and descriptions to help your audience find your content easily.

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Can I make ASMR videos with my phone?

Yes, you can make ASMR videos with your phone. Modern smartphones, especially iPhones, have quality microphones and cameras suitable for recording ASMR content.

Do you need a good mic for ASMR?

While a good mic enhances audio quality, it's not mandatory. Starting with your phone's built-in microphone is a viable option for beginners.

What do I need to start making ASMR videos?

You need a quiet space, a recording device like a smartphone, and essential editing software to start making ASMR videos. Accessories like external microphones and tripods are helpful but optional initially.

How do I make my ASMR videos better?

Improve your ASMR videos by ensuring good audio quality, experimenting with different sounds, using a stabilizer for steady recording, and editing for visual and auditory harmony.

What triggers ASMR?

Common ASMR triggers include whispering, tapping, soft speaking, and ambient sounds. Each individual may respond differently to various triggers.


The journey of creating ASMR content with your iPhone underscores a powerful message: creativity trumps expensive equipment. Your most valuable asset is your willingness to experiment and express your unique style. Starting with tools you already possess, like your iPhone, opens a world of possibilities without the burden of heavy investment.

How to make ASMR videos with iPhone? This approach fosters creativity and makes ASMR content creation accessible to many. So, embrace the simplicity of using your iPhone, and let your creative spirit guide you. Your flair and innovation will genuinely connect with and soothe your audience, turning simple whispers and gentle taps into a sanctuary of calm in the chaos of everyday life.

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