Airplaying From iPhone To Vizio TV: A Complete Guide

Imagine you’ve captured a perfect moment on your iPhone — a video or photo just begging to be shared. But it’s trapped on your small screen, yearning for the grand stage of your Vizio TV. How to AirPlay from iPhone to Vizio TV? This common scenario stirs a blend of frustration and anticipation. 

To AirPlay from an iPhone to a Vizio TV, ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPhone to open the Control Center, select ‘Screen Mirroring,’ and select your Vizio TV from the list. Your iPhone’s screen now appears on your TV.

The challenge? Bridging the gap between your iPhone and your TV. It’s not just about viewing content; it’s about elevating your experience from the palm of your hand to the heart of your living room. Hence, the solution lies in the simplicity and elegance of AirPlay, a gateway that transforms your TV into an expansive canvas for your cherished memories and favorite shows. How to AirPlay from iPhone to Vizio TV? Let’s unlock this potential and turn your Vizio TV into a window to your iPhone’s soul.

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3 Ways To Check AirPlay Compatibility On Vizio TV 

Before diving into the world of AirPlay, ensuring your Vizio TV is compatible is essential. Most Vizio Smart TVs from 2016 onwards support AirPlay 2, the version required for seamless streaming from your iPhone. How to connect iPhone AirPlay to Vizio TV This includes the V-Series, M-Series, P-Series, and E-Series, among others. Hence, to check compatibility:

  • Identify Your Model: Look for the model number on the back of your TV or in the TV’s settings menu.
  • Visit Vizio’s Website: Go to Vizio’s support website and enter your model number. Look for specifications or features related to AirPlay 2.
  • Check For Updates: If your TV supports AirPlay 2, ensure it’s running the latest firmware. Hence, go to your TV’s Settings menu, select ‘System,’ then ‘Check for Updates.’

How to connect iPhone to Vizio TV AirPlay? Hence, knowing your TV’s compatibility is the first step to transforming your living room into a multimedia hub, bridging your devices effortlessly.

How To Enable AirPlay On Your Vizio TV?

Turning your Vizio TV into an AirPlay-ready screen is like opening a portal to a larger world of content. How to AirPlay from iPhone to Vizio smart TV? Hence, here’s how to enable AirPlay:

  1. Power Up And Connect: Ensure your Vizio TV is connected to your Wi-Fi network — the same one your iPhone uses.
  2. Access Settings: Grab your Vizio remote, press the ‘Menu’ button, and navigate to the ‘Settings’.
  3. Find The AirPlay Option: Look for ‘AirPlay’ or ‘Apple AirPlay’ settings in the settings menu. Hence, this is typically under a section like ‘SmartCast’ or ‘Extras’.
  4. Activate AirPlay: Select ‘AirPlay’ and toggle it to ‘On.’ Hence, this enables your TV to be discoverable by your iPhone.

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How To Connect Your iPhone To Vizio TV Via AirPlay?

Seamlessly streaming content from your iPhone to your Vizio TV via AirPlay can elevate your viewing experience. For more information on similar connectivity features, check out how to mirror iPhone to PS5, which discusses another aspect of connecting your iPhone to larger screens​​. How to AirPlay from iPhone to Vizio TV? Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Connect To One Wi-Fi Network: Connect your iPhone and Vizio TV to one Wi-Fi network. This is crucial for AirPlay to work.
  2. Access Control Center On iPhone: Swipe down from the screen’s upper-right corner on iPhone X or later. On iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the screen’s bottom edge.
  3. Initiate Screen Mirroring: Tap the ‘Screen Mirroring’ icon in the Control Center. Hence, it looks like two overlapping rectangles. A list of available devices will appear. Select your Vizio TV from this list.
  4. Enter The AirPlay Passcode: If prompted, enter the AirPlay passcode on your Vizio TV screen into your iPhone.

3 Alternative Methods For Screen Mirroring 

When AirPlay isn’t an option, there are still ways to mirror your iPhone screen to your Vizio TV. If you’re interested in other methods of screen mirroring, you might find how to screen record Discord calls on iPhone relevant, as it provides insights into different ways to capture and mirror content from your iPhone​​.

  • Third-Party Apps: Apps like AirBeamTV or Mirror for Vizio offer screen mirroring to Vizio TVs via your Wi-Fi network. Download the application on the iPhone, connect to the same Wi-Fi as your TV, and follow the app’s instructions for mirroring.
  • Digital Adapters For HDMI Connection: Use Apple’s Digital AV Adapter to connect the devices via HDMI. Plug the adapter into your iPhone’s charging port and connect an HDMI cable.
  • Screen Mirroring Without Wi-Fi: With the same Digital AV Adapter and HDMI setup, you can mirror your screen without Wi-Fi. This method is excellent for locations without Wi-Fi but requires carrying the adapter and HDMI cable.

How to AirPlay to Vizio TV from iPhone? Hence, these alternatives provide flexibility, ensuring you can enjoy your iPhone’s content on your Vizio TV, regardless of the available technology.

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How To Use AirDroid Cast For Screen Mirroring? 

AirDroid Cast is a versatile alternative to AirPlay, especially for users seeking broader compatibility across devices. Hence, it allows for screen mirroring from iPhones, iPads, and even Macs to Vizio TVs. How to AirPlay from iPhone to Vizio TV? Here are the steps to use AirDroid Cast:

  1. Download And Install: Get AirDroid Cast on your iPhone and the corresponding receiver application on your Vizio Smart TV or a connected device.
  2. Connect Your Devices: Open AirDroid Cast on your iPhone. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Vizio TV, or use a USB cable for a direct connection.
  3. Start Mirroring: Follow the in-app instructions to start mirroring. You may need to enter a code or scan a QR code displayed on your TV.

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Troubleshooting Common AirPlay Issues 

Can you AirPlay to a Vizio TV? When AirPlay with Vizio TVs hits a snag, here are some solutions. So, understanding the longevity and maintenance of your devices is crucial for troubleshooting, and you can learn more about this in how long should an iPhone last, providing valuable information on the lifespan and care of your iPhone​​.

  • Check Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure both devices are on the same network. A weak Wi-Fi signal can disrupt AirPlay.
  • Restart Devices: Restarting your iPhone and Vizio TV can sometimes solve connection issues.
  • Update Software: Keep your iOS and Vizio TV firmware up-to-date for optimal compatibility and performance.
  • Reset Connections: If issues persist, try resetting the network settings on your iPhone (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) and restarting your TV.
  • Check AirPlay Settings: Ensure AirPlay is enabled on your Vizio TV (Settings > AirPlay).
  • Alternative Audio Route: If you have audio issues, try routing the audio through your iPhone instead of the TV.

Hence, these steps can help resolve most AirPlay issues, ensuring a smoother streaming experience.


Why won't AirPlay work on my Vizio TV?

If AirPlay isn’t working, ensure both devices are on one Wi-Fi network, check for any software updates on your iPhone and Vizio TV, and restart both devices. Also, confirm that AirPlay is enabled in your TV’s settings.

How do I AirPlay from my iPhone to my TV?

Connect your iPhone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone to access Control Center, tap 'Screen Mirroring,' and select your TV from the list.

How to do screen mirroring on Vizio TV?

For screen mirroring on Vizio TV, enable AirPlay in the TV’s settings. Then, use the 'Screen Mirroring' feature in your device’s Control Center to connect your device to the TV.

Can you use AirPlay on Vizio without WIFI?

AirPlay typically requires a Wi-Fi connection. However, some Vizio models may support direct streaming from an Apple device via AirPlay without a Wi-Fi network.

How do I pair my Vizio TV with my phone?

Connect both devices to one Wi-Fi network to pair the phone with a Vizio TV. Use your phone's 'Screen Mirroring' option to find and select your Vizio TV.


Exploring various methods to use AirPlay with Vizio TVs, including alternatives like AirDroid Cast, opens up a world of seamless streaming experiences. Whether sharing photos, watching videos, or presenting work, these solutions bridge the gap between your small-screen devices and your big-screen TV. How to AirPlay from iPhone to Vizio TV? So, embrace the convenience and joy of this technology, and let your content take center stage on the big screen in your living room. Happy streaming!

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